Posted by: Zane Maser | September 5, 2011




Zane Maser


Heaven and earth are one.
Inner and outer are one.
The Whole and the part are one.

The Garden of Eden is here.
Paradise is now.
Ageless Wisdom is eternally present
and available.

Standing in my heart’s center
I behold the unity—the reality.
The Divine signature of one
is the vibrational match of the other.

A Holistic Pattern underlies all.
It is the timeless foundation.

The Light of Aquarius shines.
The Veil to Pure Awareness fades.
The Infinite Design revealed.

Those purified in the alchemical crucibles
pass through the High Gateway.
The triumph of self-mastery won.
The mirror of self reflects Self.

Life elevated.
Karmic reckoning resolved.
Perfect peace and unconditional kindness
reside in the Golden Dawn.

A Divine Promise fulfilled.
A New World commences.
Love only resides here.

The spiritual harvest of Aquarius waters and feeds all.
The Great Light shines undiluted.
Heaven and Earth are One.

Above is Below.
Below is Above.
Alpha and Omega.
Thy Holy Kingdom is come.


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