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Leslie Edgington ©



I walk the desert where they walked, tall and brave. I touch the soil they touched, soft and fertile. I love the rocks they loved, strong and powerful. I drink the water they drank, cool and quenching.

I walk over the same trails. I move over the same hills and valleys as they did.

Are they watching me? Are they still here? Do I see their faces in a rock or tree? Are they the sentinels that sit on the hills? Do they hear my songs? Do they know my praise and joy in them?


Leslie Edgington of Sparks is a native Nevadan and a retired postal worker of 28 years. Winning Third Place in a 95-word contest (published in “Reno News & Review”), this piece came from her flights of imagination that arise from the natural surroundings of the Black Rock Desert, which she and her husband frequently explore. In this special area of Nevada, Leslie senses the presence of the spirits of the Native Indians watching her, like sentinels that welcome her to their sacred place. She is also a fine artist and drew the illustrations in the book The World is in My Garden: A Journey of Consciousness. Leslie is, I am proud to say, my sister.


Text © by Leslie Edgington, 2011. Photos © by Chris Maser, 2011. All rights reserved worldwide.

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My editorial guru and technological wizard is Chris Maser, my delightful husband. (Photograph by Barbara Shaw)

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