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Chris Maser

It’s strange, given choice, as people are, how they gravitate to the Dark Kingdom of fear in The Future, where the perceived enemy has no face. There, people strengthen fear by giving credence to its demands of absolute surrender as though it was a concrete entity, rather than a self-created monster of negative energy in one’s own mind.

Be that as it may, what exists in the country of The Present, this eternal moment, now, is all we can be certain of. The future is only as a figment of our imagination based on the illusion of time, which is also a figment of our imagination. “Time” is not real. It does not exist beyond our intellect. All that is real is this eternal moment in the country whose name means “love, peace, and God”—The Present.

But to experience the certainty of the eternal moment means to be totally immersed in this day, now, with no escape clauses. Everything else is represented by the uncertainty of illusion. By analogy, you are real and touchable, but your shadow, which appears real, is forever beyond your grasp as a light-induced figment of yourself, a shadow puppet, as it were.

Let a single blemish mar our acceptance of what is, a single second of our time be spent away from this moment—now—in either The Past or The Future, and we enable fear to dominate our life in a negative, self-reinforcing, codependent relationship. Thus, every expectation, to which we become firmly attached, imbeds itself as a condition in our thoughts that can project us into a no-win, psychological relationship with fear: if negative, we’re afraid our expectation will be met, but, if positive, we’re afraid it won’t.

Either way, fear causes us to become increasingly self-centered in our search for outer security, which, of course, does not exist. The irony is that love and fear are merely shades of the same dynamic, our human emotions. Nevertheless, by our choices, we create an almost irreconcilable dichotomy in our minds between love and fear:

Where love reaches out, fear shrinks within.
Where love gives, fear takes.
Where love sees, fear is blind.
Where love believes, fear doubts.
Where love understands, fear comprehends not.
Where love learns and grows, fear holds fast to ignorance—the
     status quo.
Where love accepts, fear resists.
Where love is patient, fear is restless.
Where love risks, fear withdraws.
Where love is calm, fear is agitated.
Where love is content, fear can never acquire enough.
Where love holds lightly, fear clings in desperation.
Where love is self-knowledge and self-mastery, fear knows not
     itself and is out of control.
Where love is rational, fear is irrational.
Where love knows it can choose, fear is a fatalist.
Where love sets free, fear owns.
Where love is free and cannot be purchased, fear has a price.
Where love forgives all and lets go, fear carries a grudge and
     passes it on.

How, then, do we prevent ourselves from becoming enslaved by fear? There are two ways. One is to live forever in the eternal moment, in the here and now, for by doing so we imprison fear in the only place it exists, but cannot leave—the Dark Kingdom of The Future. With fear thus imprisoned, there neither is nor can there be any fear in The Present—this moment, now—for that is where love, peace, and God are found. After all, fear is only a flight of fantasy into the dark side of The Future.

The second way to foil the power of fear is to simply accept life as it is given in this eternal moment because fear feeds on, and is nourished by, resistance to that which we do not want. Unconditional acceptance of a circumstance is to deftly sidestep fear and allow it to rush harmlessly past, like the clumsy brute it is.

Life becomes perfect, despite its pain, when we accept its circumstances as lessons and opportunities for personal growth, which in turn, bring increasing immunization against fear. With this in mind, I think we humans can elevate ourselves by so refining our own nature that it reflects what is behaviorally possible when we raise our consciousness to its highest potential, where fear cannot tread, even as a stranger.

It is, after all, our choice—to live in peace with love and God in the eternal moment of The Present or with fear in the dark side of The Future. If we do not make a conscious choice, fear will choose for us. It always does, if we let it.

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This piece is excerpted from an essay by Chris Maser titled The Countries Of Our Mind, which is a section in his “Conversations with Fear.”

Text © by Chris Maser, 2011. All rights reserved worldwide.

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