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On the material level of life, I am what I tell myself I am.
No less but no more either.

If you think about and/or meditate deeply on this Psycho-Spiritual Principle, you will realize it is a fundamental cornerstone around which you live your life, whether with conscious awareness or otherwise. It has the power to change your life profoundly in a very short time. If you work with the Principle and persist in shifting your patterns of thought and feelings, you are the master and director of your life.

Consider, for a moment, the predominant thoughts you tell yourself repeatedly, whether in the silent recesses of your mind or periodically talking to yourself out loud. Here are a few examples to get you started. Then hear the ones in your own head—the way you truly treat yourself inwardly.

Thank God it’s Friday, I am always tired by the time Friday comes.
I am miserable today.
I’m sure I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! It      ruined the whole day.
I am always late.
I’m always in a hurry.
I am terrified by change.
I’m lousy dealing with money.
I am not as good as she is at this work.
I am not good at directions, so I’m always lost.
I am not good at math.
I am always nervous when I speak in front of a group.
I am always nervous prior to flying.
I’m fat.
I’m ugly.
I’m not artistic.
I’m the black sheep of the family, the one without any talent.
I’m not lucky at games.
I’m not coordinated, so sports were never my thing.
I’m sick of having to do the same thing over and over again.
I am crabby in the morning.
I am much better after I’ve had a cup of coffee to get me going.
I am not a person who likes vegetables.
I’m not very good with people.
I’m not a good driver.
I’m not a good housekeeper.
I’m not a good shopper.
I’m not a good swimmer.

And so it is. We create these story lines of our life one repeated thought at a time, over and over until we become mindlessly unconscious in the present moment. Our mind is then set on cruise control on a road that is pre-determined—the line of least resistance and the most well known! Above all, it entrains what kind of actual experiences we bring into our daily life, as though there is no driver at the wheel.

Some of the above examples, as well as your own, may seem trivial since they appear to signify the more superficial level of life. They are, nevertheless, important because the mindfulness with which you use words can transform your life. Anything that begins with the words “I am” carries more potency than any other words, because I am is the vibration of God, the Divine Essence. It is akin to the high vibratory energy encrypted in the word “enthusiasm,” which is derived from the Greek en and theos—meaning “God.” With what enthusiasm do you meet your life, moment by eternal moment?

Now, let’s switch to the most common variant of I am, which is the version that comes at us from an outside source: You are…. Think back now on what you were told you are. How were you programmed externally? Then, consider what you absorbed (without thinking) whereby you repeatedly program yourself day after day after day?

Here are a few examples to get you started. Note how this list feels when you read it. From pre-birth to this day, how many times in your life were you told this or something similar—and believed the negative self-reinforcing feedback loop without reservation? Let those remembrances arise into your memory:

You are spoiled.
You are lazy.
You are so hyper.
You are a big eater.
You are such a picky eater.
You are too skinny.
You are stupid.
You are too fat.
You are always getting colds in the winter.
You are a slow learner.
Why are you so dense?
You are such a little brat.
What a moody person you are!
You are too noisy.
You are so careless with money.
You will
[another common variant] never get that right no matter      how many times I show you!
You have
[another common variant] such an irritating voice.

AND, fortunately, there is this form also. Notice how different it feels to be on the receiving end of this “you are” and what a positive self-reinforcing feedback loop it is:

You’re so smart.
You’re always so beautifully dressed.
You are uncanny in your taste.
You’re the most thoughtful person I know.
You are a wonderful role model for me.
You are the one who figures things out first.
You are excellent at finding your way around towns.
You are phenomenal at working with your hands.
You are blessed with a marvelous memory.
You are the best speller I know.
You are a superb writer.
You are so comfortable doing that task that I greatly admire your      skill.
You are so well behaved.
You are courageous.
You’re the one with the best intuitive hunches!
You’re endowed with a special gift for coordinating colors and      design.
You’re a great cook!

Now, try these out as the Captain of your Life. See how they feel. Add your own. Affirm yourself! However inconsequential some of these may seem, they (and those you personally craft) actually represent a predominant mindset or pattern of thought that is worth every effort to cultivate:

I am a fast learner.
I am a good and faithful friend.
I am cheery the moment I get out of bed.
I am willing to make changes that are uncomfortable.
I am responsible for what happened.
I am always full of energy.
I am happy virtually all of the time.
I am happy on my birthday.
I am really good at writing.
I am well organized and disciplined.
I am a superb cook!
I am a talented seamstress.
I am uncanny at how I can always pick out a juicy, delicious      watermelon.
I am creative with promising ideas bubbling up all the time.
I am amazed how many times my financial hunches turn our      splendidly.
I am confident. I can do that.
I am a kind, loving person.
I am eager to get at my work and projects.
I am dedicated to eating correctly and to my exercises.
I am a creation/child of God/the Divine, perfect in all ways, on all      levels.

So, the question becomes: which thoughts and voices do you choose to listen to. It’s a Cosmic Law that you cannot go beyond where you think you are. As you think you are, so you are. As you believe you are, so you are. Are you the Captain of your Life?

Use your powers, not your reflexes of the past. …To choose
to change every experience we are having into one
we would prefer is the epitome of self realized consciousness.
You choose. You are the Creator. You are able to move
the energy in whatever direction you desire. …whatsoever
you choose now, is going to greatly affect the experience
you have next. Take your life slowly. Breathe.
Maureen Moss from her May 2011 Newsletter


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