Posted by: Zane Maser | October 13, 2011


The choice is a simple one. Do you want to be amongst the herd seeking outer validation on the Path of Fool’s Gold, where in an instant all will turn to dust? If so, then choose the fork named “Validation” and be satisfied with results that will feed you for a moment and leave you forever empty and continuously seeking fulfillment from the outer world of consensual reality and transient forms.

Or do you long to be among those solitary, self-directed, inwardly guided pioneers who courageously walk the rarified Path of Soul’s Gold, where in the eternal present your cup will runneth over and a joyous contentment will permeate every particle of your being? If this is the desire of your soul, then choose the fork named “Wisdom.”

The choice is a simple one—the results inevitable. In The Teachings of Abraham, he puts it like this: “The Law of Attraction simply and accurately reflects back to you in a myriad of ways an accurate response to your vibrational output.” Shall it be an outwardly driven fool’s quest or your radiant soul’s quest? Remember, when you consistently choose to walk the Path of Ageless Wisdom, you are more powerful than the millions who wander aimlessly in search of external validation—those who seek but never find.

You can only serve one Master. Which will yours be—fool’s gold or the eternal gold of the soul?


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