Posted by: Zane Maser | October 21, 2011


In the Teachings of Abraham®, much is said about the importance of “alignment.” Being in simultaneous vibrational alignment with our little self of every day and our Inner Being. Essentially, when we are in alignment “the power that flows to you and through you” is unimpeded. This is the fundamental, idyllic relationship “between you and You,” between who-you-truly-are and the “Broader Perspective of Source,” as Abraham puts it. Thus, we remember, first and foremost, our perfect co-Oneness with All That Is and Ever Will Be.

I have found, as have multitudes of others around the world, a very quick and simple way to be in joyous alignment. Have a momentary interaction or long-term relationship with an animal! Animals are the ultimate frequency aligners on the Planet, a term coined by my husband, Chris. As their gift, animals help us to be in almost instantaneous alignment, because they immediately invoke within us happiness, love, and a wonderful feeling of unity. An animal carries no sense of duality or resistance within; nor do they have any feeling of separation of them self from a “Non-Physical Perspective.”

Animals teach alignment from their very beingness.

Chris has seen me instantly light up whenever one of our cat kids walked into the room. My attention automatically shifted to the furry child as a blissful delight spread across my face and my aura suddenly went into full glow. Immediate alignment! How could it be easier than this?


Whenever one of our black babies—Ronnie or Reba crows—arrives on the power line or roof of the garage for a snack of almonds and dog crunchies, I am a beam of gleeful energy. Out the door I go to put their favored morsels on the wood beam above the back gate. In those special crow moments, every cell of my being remembers and enacts who I really am. I am a divine being on a Divine Mission! It is exactly the same when I see any of the many bird inhabitants and visitors in our garden sanctuary. It’s the Maser Paradise of Feathered Alignment!

Dogs are marvelous frequency aligners that bring people together like magnets. One of our neighbors has a black and white Cardigan Welsh corgi, not a commonly seen breed but a handsome one, and all he and his dog have to do is go walking for people to line up to get aligned! Many a time have I seen a person(s) stop to visit with the SunDog, even when they are driving by in a car, so magnetic is his appeal. Animals are a blessing wherever they go! When we are receptive to their constant radiation of love, our vibrational frequency is heightened and the Universal Flow of Energy pours through us on all levels of our being.

Have you had the privilege today to be with an animal frequency aligner? If not, take a lovely walk and send out an inner call for the nearest dog aligner to come your way. Then bask in alignment and experience how fabulous that primary alliance between you and You feels.

The beauty of nature is another frequency aligner.

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