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Yesterday, at 12:16 pm (PST), the Full Moon crested at 18° Taurus while it opposed the Scorpio Sun at the same degree. The Moon has given her maximum gift, that of unconditional Light. Now, over the upcoming two weeks until the next New Moon in Sagittarius on the 24th, it is for us to deeply internalize and assimilate the Moon’s pearls of wisdom meant solely (soul-ly) for us.

Larger shifts and upgrades in our consciousness are afoot with today’s significant “11-11-11” portal of Spiritual Energies touching and elevating the very substance of the Earth and all its inhabitants. Over the next few weeks, we have increasingly powerful days leading up to the Solar Eclipse and Super New Moon (a Moon that is both perigee, its closest approach to the Earth, and syzygy, in this case conjunct the Sun) on that day. With greater electromagnetic and gravitational pulls affecting not only the Earth’s tectonic plates, weather, and tides but also our physical body and psyche, this is a superior opportunity to unite with those Higher Realms of Unfoldment and Integration. In these exceptional days of grace until Thanksgiving (and beyond), we are called to recognize and be grateful for every small and great blessing in our lives. Let us endeavor to bless all life we meet each day.

As symbol of Divine Mother, yesterday’s Full Moon was exalted in the Fixed sign of Taurus, a sign of steady calmness, great willpower, and emotional depth. The qualities of the Moon flourish and tend to operate powerfully in their highest expression when the Lunar Lady is in Taurus, the fertile sign associated with the perfection of physical form. Ruled by Venus (planet of harmony and beauty), the Moon in Taurus often indicates an especially warm, receptive, caring, peace-loving nature with greater-than-normal abilities to attract through the gentle power of love.

When this sensible and sense-oriented sign is active, Taurus highlights the Element of Earth. This grounding Element represents all concerns related to the physical, material level of life in which our Higher Self or spirit “descends” to undergo important lessons related to setting a safe, sure, true course as a foundation. The Fixed phase of the Earth trinity—Taurus—signifies matter in its densest, most solid form vibrating at a slower, painstakingly deliberate rate. Precision and excellence are hallmarks of Taurus not only on the physical plane but also inwardly as we mold and shape our self into a work of profound beauty and grace.

When Taurus is emphasized, it suggests that a significant part of the Path is through the body and the outer, physical senses, especially that of touch. In terms of what are called the soul initiations, Earth is the final one wherein perfect use of energy and self-mastery must be attained. The specific soul lesson for the Earth signs is servicein all its varying ways on all planes of being so that eventually matter is spiritualized.

And Taurus, sign of the builder, teaches us that an applied continuity of effort always brings gradual, tangible gains, thus progressively constructing a sense of solid footing before going forward to encounter the greater complexities and deeper mysteries described by its “other half”—Scorpio, the magical sign of the seer. The fundamental essence of Taurus is clear: to put conscious awareness into the simple, small, practical acts in our everyday affairs and concerns. Taurus endows us with such virtues are naturalness, simplicity, stability, serenity, and contentment.

Level-headed Taurus is one of the serpent signs associated with the kundalini energy coiled silently at the base of the spine awaiting development. It is worth noting that some of the spiritual opportunities for Taurus are related to learning non-attachment and a true sense of values through cultivating a strong, spiritual center of trust and unwavering faith—knowing rightfully what belongs to Caesar in all the varying “fatted, golden calves” of the external world—and what belongs to the eternal realities of God, the One who provides the nourishing, sustaining food of the Spirit.

In bygone ages, the sign of the Bull generally signified the physical body, which housed the spiritual light meant one day to rule, glorify, and illumine the very atoms of the physical “temple.” At the inner level, Taurus is associated with the building of the soul temple, the soul’s permanent and unchanging habitation on the inner planes. The perfect cube is the symbol for Earth signs, wherein each person, sufficiently tried, tested, and initiated fits superbly into their agreed place in the Grand Temple of the Universe. Plus, Taurus rules the higher creative throat center, and on an advanced level, the power to create operates through the voice and speech. The throat is the power center of will (willpower) and choice. Self-empowerment (the domain of Scorpio and its rulers, Mars and Pluto) and creative expression (the domain of Taurus and its ruler Venus) are side-by-side partners.

Yet another part of the learning of Taurus relates to accepting the necessity for ongoing change through the natural rhythmic cycles of growth and destruction, of the process of first acquiring and gaining and then of letting go and fully releasing, to know when to build and support things and when to accept that it’s time to tear them down and let them die to make way for new growth. This complete, evolutionary cycle brings in the opposing, but vital, symmetry of the secreted forces of Scorpio, the mystery sign of the healer and divine alchemist making the inner “soul” gold. Considered an occult sign, Scorpio is associated with probing the innermost reaches of the psyche, the mysteries of generation and regeneration (symbolically and literally), with the inner planes of life and the after-life, and the ability to penetrate and investigate these hidden realms. The Sun will remain in Scorpio until November 22. The veils are thin! All manner of inward discovery is available now. Connect with these potent energies wisely.

And as the soothing Light of the Taurus Full Moon begins to slowly wane, use the Silvery Lady’s loving bequest to engage in the highest forms of kindly service for the betterment of those in your own life and community and then beyond to ALL LIFE on this, our precious Mother Earth. And so it is!

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