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The Light of life is eternal. Life was, life is, life ever
continuing upward and onward.

During this significant time of year when the Sun is in Scorpio, the Veil is thin and virtually transparent to those who see with eyes of spirit. There is a greater than normal closeness and blending between the inner world of spirit and the outer, mortal world. As we become more still and quiet, just like the slowing pulse of nature as it begins to rest and sleep, we are more easily able to commune with our loved family, friends, and animal companions who now inhabit a Heavenly World of eternal, immeasurable beauty and harmony. Our higher consciousness can tenderly open so that we are able to experience firsthand the Eternal Light within all life—the spark of the Divine no longer secreted within the heart but now ablaze.

On the last day of October, the old Celtic festival of Samhain—pronounced SOW-wen—marked the magical time when the two worlds intermingled most closely, later to be known as Hallowe’en (All Hallows Eve), and now our modern Halloween. Interestingly, the celebration of Samhain comes on a “cross quarter” day, which is a significant astrological “midpoint” between the Autumnal Equinox and the darkness of the upcoming Winter Solstice. Leaves are turning shades of deep golden, orange, and burgundy, falling silently, and rotting in soil to make a new seedbed. Exposed trees stand bare and brown.

In early November, three further festivals follow one after another, including Mexico’s Day of the Dead. “In many cultures,” notes astrologer Simone Butler, “this period is seen as a time when the ancestors return to walk the earth and commune with the living.”1 The first event is All Souls, an ancient festival once celebrated in Egypt as their “Festival of Remembrance,” a time when the ceremony of communion was celebrated with its serving of the bread and fruit juices to pay special tribute to loved ones happily residing in the Beyond. In later Christian tradition, All Saint’s Day honored those devoted, selfless saints through the ages who served humanity with such humility and gentle kindness. It is said that wherever these illumined ones resided and worked, whether alone or communally, a remnant of spiritual fragrance permeates the very particles of the earth and surrounding area—truly left as a spiritual legacy that blesses and offers a renewing sustenance for anyone who visits such a holy place today—as Love lives on without end.2

The modern festival of Remembrance Sunday is a day of gratitude and spiritual reunion with all those in the inner life with whom we share the deepest connections of heart, whether those with two legs, fur, fins, or feathers! In such peace-filled moments, there neither has been nor ever will be any separation when links of love unite us.

You must allow the world of spirit to live for you by your faith,
for when you hope your loved one is close by,
he[she] is at your side. As your faith is, so is your world.
If you believe in your heart that your loved one is living
in a beautiful world, you can go there at any time and
be with him[her] in spirit—that is, if you provide the
right spiritual and mental conditions. Thus you are
building your spiritual state of life.
White Eagle

Scorpio, sign of the release of the soul into the Oneness of Life

During this entire Scorpionic period of power and wisdom (which ends early November 22 when the Sun enters Sagittarius), there is an added glorious outpouring of Light from the Higher Realms when all our loved ones (the everyday “saints”), the angels, and the Illuminati come to assist us to work steadfastly toward and create the spiritual renaissance of our whole Planet as we move more fully into the Aquarian Age. From the invisible dimensions of life, they bring us the noble Truth of Everlasting Continuity.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Scorpio as a sign and annual monthly “intensive” is a truly demanding Path, because the very nature of it as both a Fixed and a Water sign implies a potentially relentless, on-going process of gain and loss, change and adaptation, sorrow and joy, turmoil and peace. The three enlightening symbols of Scorpio—the scorpion, eagle, and phoenix—demonstrate the strong desire that internally motivates all of us (in smaller or larger measure, if Scorpio, Pluto, or the 8th house are emphasized in one’s birth chart) to probe into and experience life in all its facets, coupled with the need to heal and regenerate our self through periodic stages of suffering “little deaths.”

The light is in the darkness that you have been avoiding.

Thus, symbolically and literally, the occasional transformative ordeals and subsequent resurrection experiences we all undergo are part of Scorpio’s (seasonal and personal) pattern of destiny and evolution. They take us past superficialities to the brink of this world and into the deeper Mysteries of “transitional states,” well described by Mary Plumb.3 Though not at all easy, these sorts of fallings away or “re-makings” are within the life stream of Scorpio. They are the waters of breakdown, of letting go, of transmuting selfish desires, and of subsequent inner renewal, because wherever Scorpio and Pluto are in our chart is where we undergo our major suffering, tests, metamorphoses, and initiations. Therein we arise from the deadened ashes of the outer self, based strictly on ego and so-called solid tangibility. Achieving inner tranquility—the deep, still, cleansing, restful, magnetic, eternal waters of Scorpio—is a great spiritual attainment.

Yet another symbol for Scorpio is the dove. If you care to travel with me, let us fly up on gentle wings like a dove, up, into the inner world of healing Light. And we a-light quietly on the shoulders of those we love so dearly. We with them, they with us—intertwined forever more. Our remembrance is complete.

Ask in trust for your loved ones and radiant friends to come close,
and you will feel their companionship, and they will
whisper words of love to your heart.
White Eagle


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1. Simone Butler’s article on the Scorpio New Moon

2. Stella Polaris, October-November 1989, page 162. The White Eagle Publishing Trust.

3. Mary Plumb’s excellent article about the mysteries and hidden forces of Scorpio

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