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We create the future in this moment. See and feel it,
as if it is already created. Imagine your full Divine Potential.
Allow it to come forth with gratitude.

A vital, enjoyable endeavor you can engage in, as the 2011 page turns, is to start dreaming. With the Sun remaining in Sagittarius until December 20th, set aside some time for inspired daydreaming about the good fortune you desire to create in 2012. Sagittarius, as the sign of Kings, is an open-minded, carefree energy that excels when pursuing long-held dreams, those aiming for the heavens. Confident Jupiter, ruler of this bright-spirited sign, is associated with faith, opportunity, success, rewards, abundance, blessings, and charity. The largeness of far-seeing Jupiter symbolizes not only benevolence and expansion—the willingness to take a risk—but also becoming quiet enough to access the wisdom of the Higher Mind. Tapping into Jupiter is communing with your inner guru and then taking dictation of your heart’s wishes.1

The process of creating a “Dream List” is a meditation of awareness about how you are currently using your time, resources, and focus—essentially the budget of your precious life’s energy. How are you investing these? Are there changes you could make in your priorities to choose more wisely? Then, begin to sense and clarify the deepest longings in your heart as to what it is—exactly—you want to bring into your life in the freshness of a newly born year.

Making a “true” list of what you want to manifest is a totally different process than outlining resolutions, based on good intentions, those that typically last, at best, a couple of weeks of grueling effort wherewith you profusely sweat it out. Resolutions infer supposedly unshakeable declarations of willpower, absolute determination, firmness, and fortitude. Resolutions are rarely successful, because they are falsely “head-centered,” only to diminish and disappear when the deprived ego reasserts itself to gobble an alluring slice of chocolate cake. New Year’s resolutions are seldom derived from your autonomous self—those motivations that actually speak to authentic inclinations born from who you really are.

A Dream List incorporates part of the meaning of resolution, which is the “process of reducing things into simpler forms.” By giving up wavering, distractions, and excuses, this straightforward list is meant to focus clearly and precisely on every aspect of that which you intend to create, because there is great power in succinctly defining your desired outcomes. Moreover, your outer world of circumstances is a detailed reflection of your inner world of thought, and thus an exact vibrational match. Put another way, you can’t be an orange and get apples as offspring! James Allen wrote, “mind is the master weaver, both of the interior garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance,” while Charles Haanel added, “thought concentrated on a definite purpose becomes power.” We get the essence of what we think about, whether we are aware of it or not, whether we actually want it or not! The Law operates undeviatingly to our benefit or not.

Above all, a Dream List is “heart-centered.” It is built on firm faith, unfaltering confidence, and expectation of the outcomes, as though they are already a present reality. Through its exact detail and clarity, it is like a condensed prayer list that activates and draws Universal Substance to you in the form of your highest ideals and intentions for 2012. Your written list becomes a positive, concrete magnet saying, “these are my true desires, and I will do my part as co-creator by allowing them to unfold. I see and feel it inwardly and thus I know it.” It can be even more helpful to write your list as if it has already occurred, and include how you felt when each desire happened. It is like a concrete déjá vu experience watching all your dreams come true!

In her book, “The Millionaires of Genesis,” Catherine Ponder describes a formula for success that worked brilliantly for a chiropractor and his wife.2 When he finished his schooling, the couple found themselves with nothing, materially that is. In spite of this, they believed, if they consistently wrote a list of what they specifically wanted in the New Year, they would just as surely receive it. Their list was not one of New Year’s resolutions or hopes of what the year might bring their way, but rather comprised what they definitely expected by year’s end.

Once their list for the upcoming year was finalized in detail, they placed it in their Bible and “simply gave thanks for perfect results throughout the year.” From that initial endeavor, this powerful method invariably worked for them. They found in subsequent years that definite results of the major items on their list, even the desire for their first child (born that year in October), came by midyear, while others waited until December. But appear they did!

Last December, I tried their success formula, titling it “Manifestation List for 2011.” This process put me into the Great Stream of Positive Thought and kept my boat on course all year. I retrieved my “M” list from our Bible to check and confirm my current results. Virtually every tangible request on my list has already manifested, a few in an even larger, cup-running-over way than I earlier conceived!

Another simplified variation of this method is to choose a “one-word theme” as a point of attraction to set your own boat on course for the pivotal evolution and greater shifts coming our way in 2012 and beyond. Your chosen “word” is then the immoveable center around which your energies (vibration) are focused. My 2011 word is “unity.” I invite you to select a word. The Ageless Wisdom and Spiritual Scriptures validate how much power is held in a single word, like Jesus or love. Truly, every word we say we’ll get back!

Shift your thoughts and speech,
the words you use—what is sent out.
Shift the entire trajectory of your life—
what is received back.

Will you join me in a focus of intent for 2012? If you were to become definite and favorably expectant—on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of your life—what do you want to create? How might your dream list make your personal world, immediate community, and the global web of life a better place to inhabit by next year’s end? The transformative Uranus/Pluto square will culminate then (for the first time), and we’ll be deeper into the crucible of testing, unexpected changes, and awakening in order for the non-essential dross to burn away and the pure soul’s gold to remain. A Dream List is a skillful tool for clarity, sanity, and the impetus to keep steadily keeping on.

The imaginative power to dream and create is Neptune’s magical realm. Next February, there will be the added grace of Neptune re-entering its own dream-weaving sign of Pisces, combined with the healing energies of Chiron in Pisces—the one who can mentor us as we travel our Path of Dreams.

Like my glorious outcomes, if you experiment with the power of getting definite and writing your annual lists, by 2020 you too can have tangible evidence over nearly a decade of how your life has become enriched through feelings of positive expectancy.

The future belongs to those who believe
in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt


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1. This article was published in Drumbeat, Journal of the White Eagle Lodge (Canada), Volume 19, Issue 3, pages 8-10 (2011).

2. Catherine Ponder. 1976. The Millionaires of Genesis. DeVorss & Company.

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