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An ancient symbol of the Great Mother is the Tree of Life.
Feel how the trees enfold us like an attentive mother.


Day by day, as 2011 wanes, it’s the season for many things. For festive gatherings with friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family. For choosing meaningful gifts for loved ones. For sharing our gratitude and abundance with a big plate of home-baked muffins to those in our lives who provide much-needed services, like those cheery ones at our Honda dealership or the faithful workers at our doctor’s office. For putting extra change and dollars in the red Salvation Army bucket at the grocery store. For finishing tasks and review of this momentous year in its accomplishments and blessings. And for balancing the outer, hectic rush with adequate moments of restful tranquility and reflection.

In this self-created quiet and peace, we are able to touch the purity and sweet innocence of this ancient festival of the newly born child—of our own tender inner self—when the Great Mother is worshipped and our feelings so warmly kindled. It is from the Divine Mother, the Mother aspect of God, that the beautiful Christ child (and all form) comes into manifestation. Throughout these sacred days, there is a great stimulation directed onto Earth and all her inhabitants, indeed a mystical blessing of Spiritual Light. Christmas is, after all, the Season of Lights, known in antiquity as the Festival of Lights, when humanity anticipated, with childlike joy in their hearts, the Return of the Sun/Son-Light.

The spiritual emanation or essence behind or within our physical Sun is the Heavenly Light, the great Inner Light of Life, which gives birth (and annual renewal) to the Cosmic Child of Love within our heart. But it is the gentle Mother who receives and conserves the Solar Light, and through her great protection and devotion, she cradles and nurtures the growing child in every heart. In her soft presence, there is complete understanding and compassion for our evolving soul and human fragilities.

She is the Soul of the World, the feminine or intuitive aspect of life, who feels our deepest pain, suffering, trials, grief, longings, hopes, and joys. Divine Mother calms, comforts, steadies, reassures, strengthens, and heals us, enfolding all in Her grace, wisdom, and endless love. She smiles at the beauty and joy we create. She knows the true needs of our soul and all the love we desire to give. And She helps us to open our hearts more fully in order to build the inner bridge between earth and Heaven, between our little, striving self and our Higher Self. When we call on Great Mother, She is the serene, inner mother who faithfully responds to our request, showing us that Love is the Way.

A few portrayals of Divine Mother

In myth and world scriptures, we are taught about the Holy Mother and her Son (the Sun). Each of these embody the Mother archetype in all its kindheartedness, what Einstein called the “ widening circle of compassion.” For example, there is a description of a Madonna—the very first Divine Queen of Heaven—in a Pyramid text of 2500 BCE. Her name was Nut, and she was the “great starry goddess” arching overhead in the night sky as the Milky Way, which put her at the center of the Galaxy. Encompassing the earth and all things within her wide-reaching celestial arms, it was her role as the Great Lady stellar goddess to protect, love, and care for her earthly children, promising them immortality on their death.1

The Egyptian mysteries represented the Divine Mother as Isis. On the winter solstice, Isis gave birth to the Sun God, Horus, for she was known as both the creator and destroyer of form. Another Sun God, the Grecian Apollo, was celebrated during the solstice, as did the Persians who honored their God of Light, Mithra.2 The Greeks worshipped Diana as their Holy Mother, as the Hindus did their Great Goddess. Sophia is one of the graceful faces of the Mother, whose name in Greek means “wisdom.” The Virgin Mary is Christianity’s Great Mother, whose qualities of purity, gentleness, wisdom, and love are those that tend and support humanity. She brings forth the greatest creation of love—the child. Like the Divine Queen of Heaven, Mary is often portrayed with stars on her veil or with a crown of stars.

The Moon as archetypal Mother

The planet associated with the archetypal Mother and our personal image of mother is the Moon. The Moon rules the water sign of Cancer, the sign of Cosmic Mother, who is the source of spiritual sustenance, for which there are no earthly substitutes. As the Great Mother, who births and governs the form side of life, the Moon’s half-circle symbolizes not only the outer, limited personality of daily living but also the soul. Esoterically, the half circle reveals the unfinished form of our Soul Temple, which is gradually completed and perfected as signified by the Moon’s exaltation in Taurus, the earth sign of the master builder.

The Lunar influence suggests how we are recognized and appear to others with our unique gifts and shortcomings (in combination with our Ascendant), and it shows our feelings, receptivity, instinctive behaviors, and reactions. Karmic and subconscious patterns of thought and habits, created in past incarnations, are those that reside in the dark, lunar part of our nature. The Moon also represents the psyche and the inner, hidden soul life of the individual, as well as the invisible side of life behind the ever-changing patterns and cycles of practical, everyday living. The Moon is said to be the significant factor in the chart that relates to what is operating under the surface in the dark, interior, subconscious level of our being.

Everything to do with the mothering influence, with the gentle, vulnerable, sensitive, perceptive, nurturing, and protective side of our nature falls within the Moon and Cancer’s purview. In addition, the Moon is more broadly the “womanhood” of the world, which could be described as the “intuitive heart” of humanity. The archangel Gabriel heads the angels of the Moon—the angels of motherhood, birth, and those who are in attendance when the immortal soul passes from the physical body, born once again into the inner world of Light, where those awaiting the soul cheer and celebrate. This continual creation and destruction of form is symbolized by the waxing and waning phases of the Moon. Known as the mistress of the tides and of magic, the Moon’s realm is the etheric and soul world, where we return Home for rest and refreshment after the work of a lifetime.

Our Great Mother, who supplies the forms of life and who is the “container” for our experiences, nourishes all humanity equally at Her breast, without a hint of favoritism towards kinsfolk. She feeds unconditionally—not for what she may receive but for what she can give. As the archetypal conduit of Love, She provides all our needs when we ingest from the spiritual level of life, because emotional cravings and hunger are only satisfied at this inner level. The tremendous egalitarian outpouring of Her Heavenly blessings, especially at the magical time of the Winter (and Summer) Solstice bestows a Divine Infusion to all life on Mother Earth.

Bathed in the Moon’s Rays

The Moon’s Rays of Maternal Love are often of a shimmering, pearlescent “mother” quality that is deeply gentle yet powerful as her reflected Light blends softly with all the colors. The Moon has always been associated with silver light and with violet, such that the underlying quality of the Ray of the Great Mother is amethyst. No matter what the need may be, within this serene “pearl” vibration, there is an all-encompassing feeling of love and tender understanding of our current need and humanness.

In combination with the Angels of Divine Mother, the Pearl Ray brings sympathy, peace, stillness, and a deeply nurturing love. In a subtle but protective way, the Pearl vibration is one of harmony and release, and when required, this Light assists those who are passing from one level of life to the next at the time of physical death.

In quiet pauses from the holiday’s busy activities, it is restorative to take time for still and silent interludes that help to raise our thoughts to the Higher Mental and Spiritual planes. In this tranquil place, away from the stress and hurry of the outer world, where we breathe a little more slowly and peacefully, we can imagine being enfolded in soft hues of rosy pink, another color much associated with the Divine Feminine.

Rose light is one that opens and awakens our heart to greater love and to the healing ministrations of the Angels who comfort, strengthen, reassure, and work to re-balance us. The warmth of the Rose Ray helps to gently release emotional strain, hurt, resentment, criticism, loneliness, heartbreak, and grief (which often surfaces during the season of Christmas when we sorely miss people and animals now gone from our physical life).

As you enter this deeply peaceful, inner place, you may be aware that your vision is clearer than normal. You, and perhaps the others who are drawn to gather round for some quiet moments, notice an exquisite rose in the center of your circle. The Rose is yet another ancient and sacred symbol of the Great Mother. Its delicate fragrance is like a Spiritual Essence that soothes the heart and supplies the need of each person present. Inhale the fragrance of this beautiful rose, gently breathing in the love of God. The rose expands ever so slowly as it grows to include the whole earth and all its inhabitants. The entire globe and all levels of life are bathed in the Rose of Divine Mother’s Love. For a few restful moments, time ceases to exist.

Stay peacefully in the delicate perfume and balm of this Rose for as long as you feel comfortable. If you wish, you may offer prayers of compassionate support for others or a situation or specific area in the world, because these prayers are well known and rise like incense. Each prayer adds its own special measure of love and healing for the person, animal, or circumstance you are praying for.

In the Rose, the blessings are amplified and far-reaching. Individually and collectively, the cumulative effect of our prayers is huge. Furthermore, we can assimilate the peace and power of the Mother Rose into our everyday life. Whether we are consciously aware or not, in our hearts we can continue to pray ceaselessly for any person, animal, or condition.

For a few further moments, your heart may simply want to commune with Divine Mother. Visualize Her Presence, the form in which She comes to you, as clearly as you are able. She opens her right hand and within it is a softly radiant pearl. You take this pearl and place it in your left hand. Notice that it is now glowing with the color you most need, such as blue for inner peace, which quiets the overly active outer mind. Or perhaps it is a lovely shade of green for steadiness and strength, or a deeply healing amethyst for spiritual upliftment. Take all the time you want, for this pearl of love is giving you the precise healing you most need. Just allow yourself to breath slowly and gently and to relax all the cells of your body. Be aware of the gift Divine Mother is bringing to your heart at this time. Her precious gift will strengthen and sustain you for the opportunities and growth that lie ahead in the year to come.

Then, if you feel guided to do so, you can also ask Gabriel, the Ambassador of the Moon, for additional clarity in what your soul and spirit call you to give birth to in 2012.

As you feel ready to slowly bring yourself back, take a deeper breath and ground yourself firmly in outer consciousness in the room that surrounds you, feeling yourself sitting in your chair wonderfully renewed and re-birthed! Feel a protective light enfolding you like a cape of Mother Love.

May this Season of Divine Mother bring Heavenly beauty, harmony, and peace to all life on earth. And let us radiate the fragrance of the rose while living each moment as if Love is the Way.


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1. Visual Astrology 2010 Dec.:

2. Stephanie Austin, from the Mountain Astrologer, Issue #160, Dec/Jan 2012, page 104.

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