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I got the dreaded call on the evening of the 20th. It’s never easy when we do. I held my breath, waiting for the words. My sister was on the other end, sobbing her aching heart out. Her beloved Tazzie, a wee Yorkie, had just died. He was ready for his new adventure ahead, slipping easily from the outer world to the inner, awaited by those there to meet him. Though I knew he was about to go as an elderly gent of 13 1/2 years old and thought myself prepared, as the evening hours passed the wave of sadness and grief enveloped me, too. Sleep mostly escaped me, empathizing with great pain my sister was feeling.

My heart was heavy. The effect of any sort of loss during the holidays is always magnified. It hits harder at such a family-oriented time. Plus, ancient losses that remain buried and unresolved are triggered by any new loss. Feeling out of control, the vibrational charge gets re-activated whenever any major, emotional issue remains unhealed. It is cumulative grief, like the buildup of sediment behind a dam, which is suddenly released in an overtaking tidal wave, crushing us to bits in the torrential waters of our emotions.

Our own Zoe, the last of our five cat kids, died on Christmas two years ago. In recent days, I had been missing the physical presence of our furry kids and recalling what brightness they added to our life. After my sister’s call, it resurfaced into my consciousness later that night that some dear friends had also died on December 20th, now 36 years ago. It was a tragic plane crash that took the lives of four adults and four children. Two days after Christmas that year, I attended a funeral with two adult caskets and two small child-sized coffins.

That was a horrific moment, one of the worst times in my life. Those days and weeks after that funeral were a blur. I was amongst the walking dead after such an enormous loss. On the strictly human level, death and the ensuing grief is the rock-bottom pit. It capsizes our emotional boats. And for a time life goes flat, gray, unidimensional, and bleak. Life feels meaningless. Yet somehow we daily find the inner reserves to go on, some days with better results than others!

The Ageless Wisdom tells us that, on the spiritual level, there is no death but simply a continuity of life. We pass from the physical level into the more subtle Inner Realm of Light. Each incarnation is a gradual, unfolding remembrance of our lack of separation from God, from our Divine Source. We remember our original perfection—and unity—through our fully awakened consciousness gained over the course of much human trial and error.

Zoe’s death twenty-four months ago was my impetus to start writing to honor her and the importance of animals in our lives. It became my personal journey through gnawing grief and gradual healing.

My first entry on SunnyCat Astrology, posted on December 30, 2009, shared with our family and friends the news of Zoe’s death—titled “Grieving for the Loss of an Animal Friend.” At the bottom of it, if you click on “Next Entry,” it takes you to the next piece called “Thankfulness.” Then if my Path back into joyfulness speaks to you, if you click from next entry to next entry, in your own appropriate timing, you can follow my footsteps of recovery.

Every person’s journey through grief is unique but also contains similar, resonant themes and moments, like the ones I’ve experienced. If you are in the aftermath of some recent, momentous loss (of a loved person, animal, or another significant loss, such as a job, divorce, or home), I have been where you now are. I offer my road map that it may help you in some small way to know you are not alone. Your loss is understood and honored. If you would like, I invite you to take my hand. I will walk with you in deepest support.

Here are some of the titles you can choose from (and many more). Type the title into the Search box:

On the Cusp of a New Beginning
Food Not of the Earth
Coming to Life
Getting My Bearings
The “Firsts” since Zoe’s death
Venturing Out
Sudden Deaths Come Calling
Tiny and Large Remembrances
Return to Animal Healing
The River of Grief
Shrouded in “A Dark Night”
Sharing Heals the Heart
Approach and Avoidance
The Gift of Release
Silver, my Teacher
Sacred Ashes
Life Circulates
Families in Spirit
In Remembrance of our beautiful Zoe (written on the anniversary of her      death)
How Would You Be Remembered?
Life Survives
The Global Heart
Frequency Aligners
Homeward Her Journey
Remembrance Day
Commemorating Ylana

In this overly driven, technological world of today, it is not always easy to find a quiet oasis wherein to simply sit and be with yourself to feel and let go, especially in such an unnerving process as the deepest waters of grief that may engulf you. Many people avoid these dark, frightening passages—the classic “dark night of the soul.” They feel the emotional pieces they hold tightly together will shatter if they allow their real feelings and pain to come up naturally. But it is true “we can only heal what we can feel.” We can only resolve what we allow to come up into the light of our consciousness. And we can only know we do not walk these steps of healing alone if we invite the Grace of the Divine to accompany us. If you are in the wake of some noteworthy loss, I warmly encourage you to read the signposts (choosing amongst the entries given above) that helped me to mend after Zoe’s death, as I took one step at a time to yet a higher level of integration and return to the full beauty of living.


One thing that comes out in myths is that
at the bottom of the abyss comes the voice of salvation.
The black moment is the moment when the real message
of transformation is going to come.
At the darkest moment comes the light.
Joseph Campbell

Tazzie sleeping peacefully, taken when we visited in mid September.
I always called the little guy “Tazmania.”

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  1. You’re awesome. Thank you for blog on Taz.

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