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Peace is a section from the book “Patterns of Oneness”

© Second printing 1994 by Linda Saurenman

Zane: In keeping with the theme of peace from the last post—“Dove of Peace”—and the dove’s associations with purity, truth, love, and peace, the post below is shared from my friend Linda’s book, drawn from several places within the text. Linda’s piece follows on perfectly as we move into 2012 with the feeling of peace in our own hearts creates Peace in the Heart of the World.

Unfortunately, much of the “2012 hype” depicted by the mainstream media has played to the worst-case scenario for humanity’s survival at the next Winter Solstice (yet another end-of-the-world prediction), distorting the true information and heightening people’s irrational fears and forebodings. The Long Count Mayan Calendar, lasting 5,126 years, does in fact “turn over” next December, but this merely signifies the end of one larger cycle and the beginning of the next evolutionary cycle of humanity’s consciousness. The Mayans proclaimed no end in sight!

The other noteworthy newsmaker is the legendary interaction of Uranus with Pluto, a dynamic square aspect (an angle of 90°) that has been building and will become exact in 2012: on June 24 and September 19, the first two culminating squares that will repeat a whooping five more times through March 16, 2015. This far-reaching planetary alignment is a potent combination that points to collective upheaval, radical change, and regeneration on a “grand scale” personally and globally. We have already previewed the dramatic surge of this “era-changing” energy in the “Arab Spring” throughout the Middle East—and the spreading wave of protesting dissent in Europe, Wall Street, and Russia, to name but a few.

This disruptive, intense, power-packed Uranus/Pluto duo is meant to break up old patterns and structures in order to destabilize and then promote transformational revolution that will create new paradigms and re-arrange life as we know it. This is a New Chapter, which heralds great potential, but it will neither be easy, as we’ve already experienced, nor come with a small price tag, as we’ve already experienced. Greater social justice, authenticity, lasting renewal, and deep transformation are the Light at the end of the tunnel as we work cooperatively to create a better, sustainable world.

The surprises and unexpected changes, as well as the enormous opportunities that will occur in the upcoming years, will be worth the ride! Having done its work of “awakening,” Uranus will move on from metamorphic Pluto in mid 2015. Through our collective efforts and higher level of consciousness, we may indeed awake to a Braver Unified World! Meanwhile, it will be more important than ever to create and maintain peace in our hearts and lives in every way possible. Take mini breaks, whenever you can, to renew peace in your heart and then take it out into the larger world through the example of your own life.

It’s fascinating that what Linda wrote back in 1994 is a timely message as we enter 2012: “Each change that you are presented with is a challenge to drop limitations and see yourself just a little more vast.
. . .  Let yourself move forward and in the forward motion allow your strength and courage to pull you forward into ever greater changes

Here are a few words from Linda’s book to set the stage: I channeled a great deal of material in the fall and winter of 1992-1993 in conjunction with my own energy work. Where the three paragraphs below are italicized, “Spirit” is being directly quoted and again after the quiet moments spent in meditation. The words of Spirit move in and out of my words as if we are one. Ultimately, we are one. At the end, there is a guided meditation on “Peace.” You may find it helpful to read the meditation onto a tape, using any of your own words to customize and expand the ideas. When you are ready to meditate, relax, and listen to the tape.


You are seeds who were planted at the dawn of creation.
It has been through careful loving care that you have
moved to the point where you stretch ever seeking the light.
Words from Spirit

Just as we began in the beginning, we come to the end. We find that we originated from the One and became two, with sound. Two became three, with the addition of light. Three became four, manifesting on earth. This is the natural expansion of you as an individual expressing the Will of God. That is what we are here to do. We are here to express all aspects of God through our physical vehicle. By so doing, we experience the Divine moving through us, and the Divine expands its understanding and pushes into new areas.

The language that is available to do this is one of light, love, and willingness. These used together form the basis for how we move in this world and assist all the parts of us that move outside our awareness. The day is coming when we will surrender to our spirit and, in that process, will allow our small personal ego to rest in the Divine Will. Then we will really begin to recognize the vastness that we are.

This is a time of wondrous growth personal, planetary, and universally. Each small change made on an individual level spreads far in this dimension, parallel planes, past lives, and on and on. Spreading out and instituting change as it gently touches all it meets. Why are we reluctant to embrace the changes that are coming? We are human, after all. These changes are in a series of changes that seem to come from the Infinite and stretch all the way back into the Infinite. It is true. We are change. We are growth. We are movement. It is not the time to be faint hearted but the time to yet again embrace the changes as they are presented to us.

Each change that you are presented with is a challenge to drop limitations and see yourself just a little more vast. To move your vision from the ground and lift it to the stars. To recognize that you are the earth and you are the stars. That you stretch beyond the stars to the edges of the universe and beyond.

Let yourself move forward and in the forward motion allow your strength and courage to pull you forward into ever greater changes. You can and do initiate change and in that initiation you take your place as a co-creator with the Divine, as a builder of what is.

Rest in your light. Rest in your love. Rest in the deep knowing that you are creating as you are created. Let the knowledge of your magnificence bring you the peace in your life, and for the planet, that you so truly desire.

Peace Meditation

Sit in a comfortable position for meditation. Bring your awareness into your body. Feel your body. Bring light and relaxation to any places where you are holding tension. Let your body release and relax. Gently, turn your focus to your Heart center. Open to the all that you are. Come into harmony with the Deepest part of yourself. Let that harmony fill your Heart center and spill over into all that you are. Rest in the total harmony of you.

Create harmony with the Heart Center of the earth. Feel its rhythm, and feel your own rhythm. Recognize the harmony present in your communication. Send your love to the Heart of the earth. Open to receive the love the earth has for you. Notice the beauty and magnitude of love you have to share with each other. Enjoy the sharing.

Create harmony between your Heart center and the Heart Center of the universe. Feel the power and strength in yourself and in the universe. Feel the joy in the communication. Feel the joy in the creative expression that you have together. Open to the love the universe has for you. Allow yourself to feel the love you have for the universe. Feel the joy and love you share with the universe. Feel the vibrant flow.

Feel the earth join the conversation. Let the energy flow freely between your Heart, the Heart of the earth, and the Heart of the universe. Feel what that communication holds. What are the feelings and emotions joining you and the extended column of light that you are. Become aware of your magnificent Light. See it reflected in the earth. Allow yourself to see the deep beauty and love that is the earth. Feel that reflection in yourself. Let yourself see the power and creativity present in the universe. See it reflected in yourself. See the Divine in the earth. See the Divine in the universe. Watch as the earth and universe reflect to each other. Notice what happens as the reflections move. Recognize you own Divine Reflection.

Know that you are always able to choose your expression. Choose what you wish to express. Knowing that you have total choice over your expression. You may choose to honor and engage any or all energies. Feel the beauty and power that you are. Know your ability to choose.

Watch the light as it continues to move. Begin to recognize your reflection in the earth, the earth’s reflection in you. Watch your reflection in the universe, the universe’s reflection in you. You are you, and you are Divine. Rest in your Divine Center. Notice, as you rest in your Divine Center, all motion comes to rest. There is a feeling of quiet, of stillness. This is your peace. Rest in the peace that is the Center of who you are. Focus on the ease and quiet that is present. Let the peace that is the I Am radiate through your entire being. Let this peace be strong in your inner light. You might choose inner peace as one of your expressions. Embrace the peace that you are.

Rest in the peace of your being. Ask that your inner tone and outer tone become one note. Let the tone, which is the Deepest part of you, become the tone of you meditating in the chair. The closest harmony you can express, two notes sounding as one. Let this tone move through you. There is no difference between the inner and the outer you. There is only you. There is only Divine.

Rest in your peace. Rest in your knowing. Radiate your peace to the earth and to the universe. Find the joy and love present in your peace. Let them reach to the extent of your light field. Claim your power, beauty, and wonder. Give yourself permission to express these in your light, in your love, and in your wisdom.

Rest with the energies. When you are ready to end the meditation, feel, again, the joy, love, and peace present in yourself. Move into your day radiating these energies for yourself and the world.

We bring you our love, light and wisdom. We share these with
you so that we might all grow in our love and understanding.
It is through your commitment to your Divine expression that you
will become all of who you are. We pray that you may become
the fullest expression of your Divine essence manifesting on the
earth plane. And that you see and recognize that expression as yours.

Thank you for joining with us in our work. We are deeply
grateful and bring to you our deepest love.




Linda Saurenman is known for helping people re-discover their psychic and spiritual talents, for reading energy, and healing. She works as a channel, reader, healer, and teacher in Southern California. For the past 30 years, her work has been heart centered and focused on opening her students to their own guidance. Her greatest joy comes from her students using their spiritual talents to channel, read, and heal energy while finding their own information. In 1993, she published “Patterns of Oneness,” written in partnership with her guides. This small book is another avenue to bring students to an awareness of their deepest selves.

Besides her own guides, Linda has studied with many teachers. She learned about Astrology and Huna from Isabel Hickey in the early 1970’s. Linda honed her skill at reading energy and healing at the Berkeley Psychic Institute with Lewis Bostwich and Michael Tamura. She studied with Mary Margaret Moore and Bartholomew in the 80’s and 90’s, and is currently working with Natalie Gianelli, Dr. Peebles, and the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, as channeled through Wendy Kennedy and Nora Herold.

If you would enjoy reading the entire contents of “Patterns of Oneness,” Linda has it posted on her site. Or, if you are interested in purchasing Linda’s book, you can contact her at:

Her book is a little gem for those interested in letting their peace and Light flow outward more brightly!

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The “Peace” text and meditation from “Patterns of Oneness” © by Linda Saurenman, 2011. Photos © by Linda Saurenman. All rights reserved worldwide.

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