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Be thankful for everything, for your life and for all
the opportunities which
 come to you. If you think over these things
you will find there
 are many, many opportunities given to you
to do
 the right thing, to love, to be forgiving, to be kind. 

We would point out to you that these simple things

Are the keys which open the gates to the mysteries of heaven. 

White Eagle

There is a farm on the east coast of America called “Green Hope Farm,” which produces an incredible variety of flower essences for humans and animals. A small segment of the farm is devoted to the “Venus Garden.” During the course of its evolution, this Garden was planted in the form of a 6-pointed Star, and the essences made from it can help a person to re-member and re-attune to the Fifth Dimension and to Divine Love. Now termed the Love-Star configuration, a number of different flower combinations have been grown in the transformative energies of this Garden over the past few years through the tender care by humans, Elementals, and Angels.1

In 2003, one of the essences distilled from a mix of flowers from this Venus Garden was named “Love Prevails.”2 One of its principal components was the ever-renewing Pink Cleome, a tall beauty that blooms continuously from the same flower head until frost kills it for the year. This particular flower essence helps a person to set aside the temporary illusion that love comes and goes whimsically, but rather to know what farm owner Molly Sheehan discovered: “Love is. Love is here. It never left and never will. Love prevails.”

As a universal given, love prevails at all times and in all things despite external appearances. This prevalence of love is what spiritual teacher, White Eagle, alludes to when he says, as he often does, “all is well.” James Allen states it, “as the heart, so is the life.” The core homeopathic principle of “Do no harm” is yet another way to remember and practice love all of the time, first inwardly in worth of self and then outwardly toward a kindly embrace for all life.

The notion of love’s prevalence got me wondering about all the benevolent ways Universal Spirit expresses Itself. Perhaps one of the most evocative symbols of hope and reassurance we have to continually remind us of Love’s timeless presence is the symbol that denotes the Earth: the equal-sided cross of trials and sacrifices surrounded by the Circle of Universal Love. Even as we endure our personal cross of soul-crucifixion in a given lifetime, Divine Love upholds us. It is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.

The cross always symbolizes the human soul interlocked and unified with that of the Divine. As we participate with life in all its maturing processes, we learn that Love is our equal partner even within the anguish and surrender of some moments. This is but saying that as we let go of the demands of our outwardly driven self we come into a fuller radiant alignment with the purity and grace of our Higher Self. Each moment becomes the Divine Moment.

How Love Prevails in the Natal Birth Chart

Applied to the realm of astrology, the notion of love’s prevalence set me on the discovery course of the many ways in which our soul and spirit guide us to create the blueprint of our natal chart for the upcoming incarnation—for the perfectly orchestrated moment of our first birth. Given this evolutionary choice, we construct the most promising Path to be able to feel and experience first hand how Love truly prevails as we mature and encounter the progressions and transits of our natal template, which aid in the dynamic, ever-changing, organic process of remembering our true identity.

The following ideas are but a few of the many possible examples of how love prevails, as suggested in our astrological chart and myriad life experiences. Our natal blueprint can reveal the potential ways in which we must grapple this lifetime with the results of the thoughts, acts, and words we previously set in motion. Thus, we are the singular design agent and not helpless observer to the patterns and cycles of development we encounter in a given lifetime.

Our chart offers helpful pointers that show us how to correct our mistakes and so progress along Love’s Path. For example, the various “Saturnian” tests and hardships that we meet at scheduled intervals (of about seven or so years) along the way are intended to season us and so strengthen our faith in the beneficence of the Creator and our capacity to love unconditionally. All that is secreted within can only blossom outward. According to Universal Law, everything in life reflects back to us what we have first put into it.

From time to time, when life’s circumstances become daunting and unbearable, it is vital to recall that the symbolic language of spirit encoded in your chart is the language of love. The purpose of this language is to encourage and open the Eternal Love within your heart and soul, because the expansion of the love within us is the greatest gift we have to offer life. The underlying prevalence of love does not minimize or sugar coat the difficult cross currents and conflicting messages within many charts or when a current planetary lineup ushers in a particularly adverse period. However, in any given chart, with its difficult, tension-producing squares, and oppositions (angular relationships of 90° and 180°) there is ever the compensating blessing of sextiles and trines (angular relationships of 60° and 120°) to balance the tribulations with fortunate flows of energy, which eases some of the tension. It is much like our Guardian Angel nudging us forward to engage life bravely, all the while keeping us upright under pressure!

As well, a birth chart often contains a few quintiles (an aspect of 72°), those often overlooked aspects that can reveal potential creative talents, mystical inclinations, and/or innate genius. Moreover, to attain greater harmony and balance, the so-called “hard” aspects help us hone the specific spiritual lessons indicated by the aspect, while giving us multiple encounters and tryouts through the sequence of transits and progressions. All systems, whether astrological or biophysical, have an inherent balancing mechanism, yet it is up to us to choose the positive or negative end of the scale. With accruing experience and self-discipline, perceptive individuals move wisely closer to the Middle Way! This is the “supreme task of rightfully ordering our life,” noted by James Allen.

Messages of the Astrological Aspects: How the Planets Interconnect

What might the corrective effect of a challenging aspect be, say a square or an inconjunct (an angular relationship of 150°), in the context of a whole chart? How might it work at the causal level to create a more functional pattern than merely at the outer symptomatic level? What is the significant theme and process denoted by the aspect? Whether inherently strained or relaxed, aspects include both constructive and negative outcomes, again depending on how and at what level the individual chooses to use the energies of a specific planetary linkage. But the soul maturity of the person cannot be assessed via the chart.

Further, in any given chart, there would likely be a planet strongly placed by house and sign to offset a planet that can suggest a weakened, problematic, or undermining influence. With a planet in the sign of its fall (indicating a measure of “debility”), such as the Moon in Scorpio, the same chart might have Saturn in its exaltation sign of Libra, where the energies can operate ideally with power and dignity. While the former can indicate the possibility to cope with some extremes in temperament and a decided stubbornness, the latter suggests an ability to cooperate with others through allowing a variety of viewpoints on the table and negotiating with gentle diplomacy, which accentuates what a love-centered attitude might accomplish. With an exalted Saturn in this case, it’s perhaps more natural to take a Higher Road.

If you take a moment to reflect on the overall outworking of your life, you will discover that 95 percent or more of the negative things you conjured and needlessly worried about either never materialized or did so in a far kinder way than you imagined. This is akin to the saying that life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we respond to it. Should you conduct this life review, you would also find that your life has been punctuated by significantly more moments of satisfactory joy and enduring love than by moments of despair and darkness.

How many of us think about and truly acknowledge the half-full cup? How many of us, when confronted with a stark upheaval, a dreaded circumstance, or change stop and actually realize the comforting notion that there is an almighty, loving pattern contained within our chart as revealed in the hills and valleys of our life? We most likely forget the maxim “this too shall pass,” as the pendulum swings in steady rhythm to help us grow and reach towards a higher level of consciousness, knowing full well that every action—wise or unwise—creates an equal and opposite reaction. In remarkable ways, the symbolic language of astrology can help us to understand and astutely use the events and circumstances that come our way to provide the earthly practicum we need to meet life’s demands with poise and dispassion.



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1. In the right-hand column under “Animal Resources,” you can click on Flower Essences for Animals, which is the Green Hope Farm website.

2. Here is the write up for the flower essence “Love Prevails”:

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