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In the womb, as the fetus begins to gather itself,
its tiny heart is the initial organ created.
All else about the body grows later.
All else about the upcoming life has its beginning
and end in the heart center.
Live from your heart.

I had a flash of insight a few days ago—an illumined realization of deep understanding, of sudden knowing. A psychological epiphany opened my eyes! I experienced clarity and pure emptiness in my heart, which resulted in a huge belly laugh, because it was so clear. I felt an instantaneous liberation, joy, and expansion.

Over the holidays, I was surprised to have ancient family issues triggered again, ones I was sure I had long settled within me and put to rest. That emotional thread got tweaked again, and down I went right into an aged childhood story line of “feeling left out.” Strange to find myself once more extracting mileage out of this moldy, over-ripe drama! Like my husband said, “sometimes we’re sure of things we’re unsure of.” I was blinded momentarily to the fact that I am the creator of my own experience. It is never created outside of me.

The absolute freedom I felt, while getting a clean emotional slate in that moment of awareness, was about dealing with my siblings as though there was no past history of strain, no emotional baggage to hinder or block a spontaneous “yes” to meeting up again for a family reunion this summer. In this new state of being and self-empowerment, my childlike exuberance was, “oh how fun, let’s do it.”

But prior to my brief ecstatic understanding, I was back and forth whether to go or not, because I had been “nursing” my wounds and sulking. “Who’d miss me anyway if I wasn’t there?” quipped my ego. Clearly, all of my “energy circuits” were not in present time. I was in energy deficit. Sadly, the only person I was hurting was myself, in the deluded motive of wanting subconsciously to inflict pain, the same pain I’d felt. In feeling wounded, I wanted to wound back!

Fortunately, I was lifted out of my old “separate” self and born anew emotionally in that clear moment of revelation regarding my reactive patterns. Though words are inadequate to describe the transcendent essence of what I felt, perhaps light-hearted captures it best. Carolyn Myss attests to such a mystical moment: “The power of a fresh perception has the voltage to reorder your entire reality in an instant.” William James calls this “noetic,” that is, a mystical occurrence that bypasses the outer, rational mind wherein pure insight, knowledge, and illumination is imparted.

If each moment is indeed a fresh emotional slate, we are free—totally. Think of the power and magnitude of this one Truth. We are unencumbered to act with total openness, as yesterday’s disempowering interactions do not exist and thus cannot be dragged forward to contaminate this beautiful moment. All is gone forever. Dysfunctional history vaporized! We are truly released and purified. Our heart is sparkling and spacious.

Each of us can choose to create a clean, inexhaustible heart slate now—in this eternal moment—and experience whatever we desire, because this moment contains the power. After all, the heart is “the seat of our greatest intelligence,” according to Joseph Chilton-Pearce, author of “The Biology of Transcendence,” and its high function comprises much more than to pump blood throughout our body. It provides us with an emotional intelligence. Rebecca Cherry tells us “the heart is also the source of the body’s strongest electromagnetic field. Each heart cell is unique in that it not only pulsates in synchrony with all the other heart cells, but also produces an electromagnetic signal that radiates out beyond the cell.”1 Thus, on a vibrational level, we radiate what we are—our essential nature—and that returns to us in the form of “our life.”

This electromagnetic field of the heart is holographic in that One point of the field represents the whole, and the Whole represents the one. The Heart Hologram connects us to every other atom in the entire Universe, all of which, on the highest level, emit the same Field of Cosmic Truth, Grace, and Love.


A Few Quiet Moments to experience New Heart, Clean Slate

Take a few moments now, if you will, to read these words at a leisurely pace and to rest your mind and body from all busy activity. Allow yourself a small break to slow down, to follow your breath with awareness as the air moves into your lungs a little more deeply. Then slowly breath all the air out from the bottom of your lungs, always with ease and softness, taking as much time as you need to get into synch with the sacred rhythm of your breathe as you come to a place of greater stillness and tranquility, of releasing all tension and tightness in your body.

You are beginning to loosen up and settle down. Feel yourself going to the quiet, calm, serene center of your being. Here, you experience what true peace is. At its fullest, this is the peace that passeth all understanding. Here, you feel all is perfect in this eternal moment—nowhere to go, nothing to do, just to be in this ageless moment. Breathe peace. Ineffable peace. This is the Golden Chamber of your Heart.

Know that while you are in this Golden Place, all disharmony, the outer so-called reality, all pain of any kind on any level, all haste and worry have no existence here. All judgment is suspended. There is only this instant to be in your heart, a divine moment when you also rest in the Heart of God. Feel yourself bathed now in these healing, uplifting rays of this Golden Light—in the Heart of the Divine. Each breath fills you with a golden, holy essence, with complete relaxation. You feel whole.

You are aware of a special radiance. Your Higher Self is beside you now, accompanied by your Guardian Angel. With your outer mind at rest and quiet, if you feel inwardly guided to do so, ask your Higher Self to reveal an unresolved, emotional wound you have harbored secretly in your heart. Allow yourself to recall it, the whole emotional charge of it, the dark depth of pain. Stay with these feelings for a few moments. What are you sensing in your body? How is it different than a moment ago?

Then, because you choose to experience the amazing clarity, freedom and joy of what it feels like to have an open heart NOW, in this timeless moment, ask your Higher Self to wipe your heart slate clean. Let your self experience fully this liberated state. The lightness. The spontaneity of it when there is no emotional residue left to trigger a reaction. Nothing remains. No emotion-laden charge that can take you by surprise and swamp you again. You feel pure inner space, filled only with the Golden Light of Understanding. Here, you are at one with the Universal Heart.

Feel that you really have a new heart, a clean emotional slate. You feel expanded, unlimited. Joyous. Every part of you, every cell feels warmly loved and nourished. You realize you are truly your self—all your power is unified, readily available. Anything coming your way is now a fresh, new experience. You can choose and act with innocence and trust, with wisdom and gratitude, with childlike joy and enthusiastic optimism. Feel yourself genuinely blessed and reverently loved. Take this love and blessing into every cell of your being.

Wait quietly, for as many delicious moments as you need and want, until you feel complete. When you are ready, come back slowly and easily to resume your contact with the outer world. Breathe a little more deeply, feeling the chair you are sitting in, the room around you, the sensation of peace and wellness throughout your being. Rejoin life refreshed, with a quiet heart and renewed strength, focus, confidence, and elation. You now know you are truly part of the Universal Heart Hologram, connected with every other atom in the entire Cosmos, all held lovingly within the same Field of Eternal Truth, Grace, and Love.

Words really do not teach. Your true knowledge
comes from your own life experience. And while you will be
a constant gatherer of experience and knowledge,
your life is not only about that—
it is about fulfillment, satisfaction, and joy.
The Teachings of Abraham™

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1. Rebecca Cherry’s article “Follow Your Heart” is accessed at

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