Posted by: Zane Maser | February 5, 2012


In the gorgeous sunrise a few hours ago, we rode our bikes to the grocery store. It seems most of the Super Bowl Madness of goodie buying had already reached its fevered peak, and the store had returned to greater levels of sanity. This is a happy and long-anticipated day for legions of football fans.

A high school boy handed me a lime green slip of paper when I entered the store. It was about the “Souper” Bowl of Caring—2012, which a group of kids was participating in today, with the Super Bowl only hours away, an annual professional sports event of the magnitude of the star-studded Academy Awards of film.

Some ideas ring true at the deepest level and are creative in the extreme. This is just such a marvelous idea from the youth of our caring country. With Neptune, planet of transcendence and divine inspiration, having just moved into it home sign of Pisces on Friday, this selfless act of youthful faith is one of imaginative, compassionate generosity—all words that depict the higher expression of tender, empathic, idealistic Pisces. At its best, Pisces can walk a mile or much more in your shoes!

Here’s what the green sheet says:

“Across the United States today on Super Bowl Sunday, thousands of youth are collecting non-perishable canned and packaged food items for local food banks and soup kitchens.

During your shopping visit today please consider purchasing and donating an item or two on your way out of the store. Paper and hygiene products are gladly accepted as well.

The youth of the St. Mary’s Catholic Church youth program are collecting items today to benefit our local St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry. Over 250 families from our county are benefited monthly from this food pantry.

We thank you in advance for participating in this appeal. Your cash contributions are also greatly appreciated! Your tax-deductible check may be written to: St. Vincent DePaul.”

Their final wish was Happy “Souper” Bowl Sunday to you and your family!

In our community, our local youth group is only collecting today, but in the coming week and beyond, all of us who feel heart inclined can make a charitable contribution, monetary or otherwise, to our local food banks and Soup Kitchens across our magnificent country.

Billions of dollars have already been spent on the Super Bowl, an event that lasts a few hours. Our donations for the “Souper” Bowl of Caring 2012 can last a lifetime in these acts of kindness and benevolent goodwill, an action that might keep a family or individual going in the hope that another day will bring less suffering and a little more certainty that all will turn out well.

What may appear to be a small act of
kindheartedness is in actuality big.
It is a gesture of grace.

Let us also keep in our thoughts and prayers all those people and animals across the whole expanse of Europe who are currently undergoing the extremes in freezing temperatures and excessive amounts of snow.

No one is useless in this world who lightens
the burden of it to anyone else.
Charles Dickens

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