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Just as God in His mercy has given us food to eat,
so has He placed amongst the herbs of the fields
beautiful plants to heal us when we are sick.
These are there to extend a helping hand
to man in those dark hours of forgetfulness
when he loses sight of his Divinity,
and allows the cloud of fear or pain to obscure his vision.
Dr. Edward Bach, Free Thyself

The Bach Flower Remedies®, made from the extracts of certain wild flowers, plants, and trees, are a simple, gentle, and natural method of healing. Dr. Edward Bach, a renowned British physician and bacteriologist, who for many years researched the healing properties of flowering plants, discovered the Remedies in the 1930’s. His one ambition and heart’s desire was to find and perfect a method of treatment that could be used by everyone safely. Dr. Bach observed that his patients’ states of mind were directly related to their physical ills; so the Remedies target and treat the negative states of mind and emotions rather than the actual physical condition.1

Unlike the approach of traditional medicine, which treats the symptoms or outer level of a disease, Dr. Bach believed that the only way to truly cure illness was to address the underlying emotional causes of a disease—or state of dis-ease within one’s self—rather than looking at the present condition or imbalance of the physical body. Merely treating a disease does not deal with the root cause of the problem or the true origin of the malady.

Bach concluded that, “disease is the result of wrong thinking and wrong doing, and ceases when the act and thought are put in order. When the lesson of pain and suffering and distress is learnt, there is no further purpose in its presence, and it automatically disappears.” This requires presence of emotion and mindfulness in the current moment, because, “the past of even one hour ago is behind us, and the glorious future with its blazing light is ever before us.” Thus the primary principle of Bach’s effective method of healing is: “Treat the patient, not the disease.” Put another way, treat the basic personality type of the patient in order to get at the core issue that is causing the blockage of emotional energy, which has its final outworking as symptomatology within the physical body.

Attending to the unseen or psychological state is the key to the gentle restoration of balance between mind and body. By eliminating such emotions as fear, worry, envy, greediness, hatred, indecision, uncertainty, loneliness, hopelessness, despair, boredom, anxiety, and depression, which interfere with a person’s equilibrium, the Flower Remedies allow peace, happiness, and a sense of wellness to return to the sufferer so the body is free to heal itself naturally. Energy is once again allowed to flow freely.

Healing with the clean, pure, beautiful agents of nature
is surely the one method of all which appeals to most of us.
Dr. Bach

By 1936, Dr. Bach developed 38 natural Remedies to alleviate every negative state of mind that he identified. He also developed a combination formula—the famous Rescue Remedy®—for emergency or momentarily stressful conditions, such as the shock of someone’s death or the nerve-racking grip of a panic attack. Although there are thousands of variations in physical illness, the psychological causes are relatively few. The 38 Remedies treat conditions each specifically aligned to one of the above-mentioned states or moods that generate “dis-ease” or inharmony within the psyche. Thus, the Remedies work directly at the causal level, which is the emotional body, where the negative emotion was first generated and later becomes a restrictive, non-helpful mental belief.

Disease is but the consolidation of a mental attitude.
Dr. Bach

A Gentle & Natural Way to Heal

The 38 Bach Remedies are non-toxic, non-addictive, and completely safe to use with other forms of medications. Absolutely natural and free of any artificial additives, they contain only specifically prepared potentized flower essences preserved in unflavored brandy to prevent spoilage. The Bach Remedies are officially recognized as over-the-counter homeopathic medicines, which are widely available and as popular as when they were first created many decades ago.

Unlike dangerous drugs and tranquilizers, which mask emotional fear and stress, the Flower Essences are nature’s pharmacy that act as direct catalysts to alleviate the underlying emotional causes of disease, many of which are related to emotional congestion and the harboring of emotional suffering that a person’s ego tends to cling to as part of their identity and emotional habits. They work subtly and gently to restore calm and emotional balance and are healthy alternatives for those who might normally turn to tranquilizers, overeating, alcohol, and drugs for relief.

Who Can Benefit from the Remedies?

In the fast pace of our technologically advanced existence, the Bach Remedies offer anyone suffering from everyday stresses, such as financial difficulties, relationship challenges, childcare worries, and job-related tensions (“24/7”), to name a few, a helping hand in coping with the ever-increasing demands of today’s world. The flower essences are effective in dealing with many situations—times of transition and adapting to changes, hyperactivity in children, pregnancy and childbirth, dieting and eating disorders, PMS for women, learning difficulties, sleeping problems, and the trauma of divorce, an accident, or grief.

The Remedies are safe for the entire family—adults, teens, children, infants, the elderly, and animals. Indoor and outdoor plants can also benefit from a dosage when needed.

There are registered Bach practitioners available for consultation. However, because Dr. Bach developed a safe and gentle system that can easily be understood and used by anyone seeking a better quality of health and life, you can self-prescribe.2 There is a Bach Remedies Self-Help Questionnaire, developed from the original writings of Dr. Bach, which is available for self-assessment from Ellon Bach USA, Inc in New York. If you have any persistent conditions and those requiring immediate medical attention, wisdom dictates a visit with your physician. The natural flower essences are a gentle aid to empower your own life, path of healing, and sense of overall well-being.

Life does not demand of us unthinkable sacrifice;
it asks us to travel its journey with joy in our heart and to be
a blessing to those around, so that if we leave the world
just that trifle better for our visit, then we
have done our work.
Edward Bach, Heal Thyself


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1. Most of this piece is taken from a brochure I wrote and created in 1993 when I had a counseling practice and used the Bach Flower Essences to assist my clients in their healing process.

2. There are many books available on the Bach Flower Essences, such as the “Dictionary of the Bach Flower Remedies” by T.W. Hyne Jones (this is an excellent synoptic handbook that I refer to constantly) and “A Guide to the Bach Flower Remedies” by Julian Barnard. Barnard’s book is written for anyone who is completely new to the Remedies/Essences and includes a step-by-step approach to their practical use, including learning to diagnose and prescribe for one’s self.

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