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In the beginning the Note already existed.
The Note was with God, and the Note was God’s Vibration.
Every emanating Note from God is Divine Consciousness Itself.
It is God’s Love sounding in the Universe.
In the silence this Note is heard.

Each of us has a personal note secreted in our heart. Our pure note is a vital player in the Divine Composition orchestrated by the Creator. It is the work of a lifetime to sound that true and perfect Soul Note in exact harmony with all other Soul Notes.

Since the beginning of time to time’s unlimited end, there ever has been and will continue to be an infinite variation in life and its expression. Think of the magnitude of that claim! There neither has been—nor ever will be—another human who possesses the distinctive soul note you now have in your own heart. Throughout eternity, it is utterly unique! It is the fullness, the wholeness of you!

A few years back, during a retreat at St. John’s Center, we had the enjoyable opportunity to make a personalized key chain out of various sizes, shapes and colors of beads, and crystals, as well as little, metal, bead-like symbols showing moons, stars, hearts, spiral circles, etc. It was a blast! The results were stunning! There were twelve or more of us, and each keychain signified a lovely external creation of our inner soul—an example of our note sounded in the form of this beautiful, singular design. No two were remotely alike!

I marveled at the precise way each of us put together our strings of beads and symbols, without any interfering suggestions from another, in a way that harmonized solely with our internal note. Mine could not be any other way than the crystalline way it turned out! My transcendent note and all notes were heard!

God gave us each our birthright, an individuality of our own.
He gave us each our own particular work to do,
which only we can do. He gave us each our own
particular path to follow with which nothing must interfere….
In this lies true health, true service, and
the fulfillment of our purpose on earth.
Dr. Edward Bach

Our individual note can be revealed only within the eternal Silence of the Heart, the place wherein the Presence of God Is. It is not a material or mental note, but rather a magnificent spiritual note, heard clearly in the Soundless Temple of Light. In this higher place of stillness wherein all outward life and form originate, we gather amidst the Masters, Saints, and Exalted Ones of all time, their heavenly notes a never-ending legacy of simple, gentle, selfless endeavor, a Path with its signposts that now point the rightful way for us.

What I can do, you can do also,” Master Jesus assures us. He would also exclaim, to paraphrase his everlasting words (from John 10): “As the Father knoweth my note, even so know I the Father’s…. The Father’s Note and my note are one.”

Spiritual consciousness is available every moment and comes to the fore as soon as all “things” of the outer world recede, knowing them for what they are: ephemeral shadows that eventually fade and pass away. No greater journey is there in a given lifetime than to daily work toward sounding your perfect Soul Note in exact harmony with all other Soul Notes. This is the inner Path of Completeness.

Remember that your life should vibrate like a tuning fork.
Strive to ring out with a clear pure note.
In daily life, remain still and calm in your soul, so that
your soul may sing in harmony with the music of the spheres.
Live thus, and you will be conserving and not destroying
the finer ethers which are your real home, so also will
you be living to help and bless other lives.
White Eagle

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