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To the northern hemisphere, there comes at the present moment the season of spring, Easter. Close your eyes and maybe you will be able to see the form of the beautiful Divine Mother, Mary; Mary, the great Mother Spirit. In her arms she holds pure white lilies. Now the lilies change their form into the form of a babe. Out of purity is created the Child-form of pure love; the purity of the Divine Mother brings forth the Christ Child. That child, a spark of the Creator, comes to the earth life, to live a full life. Like all children, it plays; it hurts itself; it is healed. In like fashion, the young soul of each individual suffers through contact with physical life, which is sometimes very painful; but that child grows and grows, and with each successive incarnation on earth it gets a very little nearer to its goal, until eventually it becomes the perfect man-woman, son or daughter of God. ~~words from White Eagle1


The childlike energy in me is leaping with joy. Today I brought out all our Easter decorations—the colored glass rabbits; my soft, golden bunny with carrot symbols on her feet; the collection of little yellow chickens; the iridescent Easter eggs in the gold baskets; the pastel candles and strings of soft-colored lights for the kitchen window and around two doorways. My wee inner child is dancing with gladness, especially because many of the decorations associated with Easter are the gentle animals. Rabbits and eggs in particular are age-old symbols for fertility and the new life of spring.

For us, March came in like a dark, cold, windy, rainy lion, so to brighten and adorn our home with the sunlit colors of Easter is to happily welcome the returning Light and the coming of spring denoted both by the Vernal Equinox and the ancient festival of Easter (celebrated on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox). Even the word “Easter” is derived from the ancient goddess of spring. To Easter-ize, for me, is above all to child-ize, joy-ize, and Solar-ize, which is not to commercial-ize or secular-ize this sacred, powerful time of the annual cycle—a time wherein the Sun (or Son) Light is resurrected and triumphs once again over the darkness and of death.

Speaking their language of color, many of the earliest spring flowers are the pastel shades, from lightest creams, yellows, pinks, and lavenders to the deepening richness of golden yellow and purple. It is interesting to note that the gentle pastel shades, when light is passed through them, actually emit more Light and a Higher Vibration. Perhaps an added measure of the buoyant energies from the Self-realized Masters passes through the soft-hued palette of pastel colors and is more able to reach us, raising our own vibration and spiritual aspirations. There is such a joyous, luminous “feel” to these gentle shades, as though a greater degree of Divine Illumination is present.

Aspiration is the twin angel to inspiration.
It unlocks the gates of joy.
James Allen

Easter-izing is the perfect time to lighten up and allow your own childlike spirit to decorate, beautify, color eggs, sing, dance, rejoice, create a bouquet of daffodils, and attune to the quickening of life in the natural world. Listen to the birds serenading from their joyful hearts in anticipation of partnering and nest building, as the seeds of awakening life paint the landscape bright and glorious. Imagine how you might Easter-ize your own life and welcome the growing light in the next few weeks. Join me in the joy and merry fun!

Moreover, I am recently the fortunate recipient of a number of serendipitous moments. From Easter-izing, I was already experiencing my cup running over with joy. A good friend and wise teacher mentioned yesterday that when we follow our hearts to pursue only those activities that bring us joy, we further open our hearts and increase LOVE in the world, which then increases the level of joy—an upwardly moving spiral of Divine Life spiritual-izing the Earth. And the bottle of Young Living Essential Oils on my desk is none other than “JOY!”

As spiritual food for thought, here is a beautiful, meditative message given by White Eagle about the onset of Spring at the Vernal Equinox, this year on March 19 when the Sun enters the adventurous sign of Aries—the pioneering soul who fully embodies the Life Force to blaze the Path for the other eleven signs of the zodiac. Easter Sunday arrives a few weeks later on April 8:

Easter is near and we have a few words to say to you about this festival, because it has a bearing on life in the heaven world. Easter—the ancient festival of Spring—comes with mixed feelings of sadness and joy, for you associate Easter with the crucifixion of the Lord [Jesus] Christ .

The cross has always taken a prominent place in religion through all time. The symbol of the cross in the circle is interpreted as the crucifixion, or the descent of the spirit into earthly matter. In this sense it is a crucifixion when the soul incarnates; but then we find that after the experience or the crucifixion ceremony a liberation of the soul follows, an awakening and resurrection into eternal life. True, there is suffering when the spirit enters matter. The soul must come into matter again, again and again—many, many, many times—in order to gain mastery over that plane of life. For this reason, therefore, you will find in every religion, all through the ages, this symbolism of the crucifixion of some particular saviour and then his or her resurrection into the life immortal.

…the crucifixion is really a symbol of the highest initiation—the Earth initiation. The Earth initiation means that the spirit has gained mastery over the physical and the earthly atoms. The other initiations … give the soul mastery over the emotions [the Water initiation], the mind [the Air initiation], and over the divine fire or power of kundalini [the Fire initiation]. The Earth initiation means that the soul has attained complete freedom from incarnation; that its karma has worked out, and that after this last initiation the soul is free to live in realms of light without need to come back for further education or testing. Yet there are souls who voluntarily return to earth. Such beings we call saviours of humankind.

In your church festival of Easter, you worship the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God. What do we mean by these terms? We mean the Lord and Master Jesus, one of the most ancient souls. We mean also the only-begotten Son, Light, Truth, the Word—if you like—of God, which Light, which Word, became incarnate in Jesus the Master. The ‘only-begotten’ is not one particular soul, or one particular individual, but a representation of the Third Principle—the Cosmic Life, the I AM. It is the I AM which descends into matter and, becoming crucified on the cross of matter, is thereby liberated from all bondage after the passing of this final Earth initiation.2



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1. The White Eagle quotations from the Stella Polaris, February/March 2008, are from pages 78, 79 and 80. They are ©The White Eagle Publishing Trust and are reprinted by kind permission. Stella Polaris is published bi-monthly by The White Eagle Publishing Trust, New Lands, UK.

2. Ibid.

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