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The world of nature knows no resistance.
The next phase is welcome.
Life moves seamlessly.

A rose-colored dawn greeted us this morning. As a happy harbinger of summer, the violet green swallows have returned to our sanctuary to stake their claims on the empty nest boxes. Gladly, the next generation has arrived in these healthy parents. Soaring and dipping, they are feathered rockets in their joyous spring rituals. A lone white-crowned sparrow fed amongst the other birds the past few days, yet another signal that life moves on. Many of the Oregon juncos and Audubon warblers are thinning out to places more compatible for their respective nesting requirements—the annual, poignant dispersal when birdy-wise the mix of species rearranges itself with departures and arrivals.

Time passes when measured by the clock and our senses. Life changes gradually and imperceptibly most days. We get comfortable in the apparent sameness of a moment, as though life is frozen in a snapshot that will last forever. Our beloved juncos have been with us for months, giving me the opportunity to rise early and, while still yawning, spread millet, sunflower seeds, and suet shavings before their hungry arrival. Their poking here and there around our garden makes many a darkened winter day a source of light-filled gratitude in our hearts. They are amongst God’s most gentle creatures.

On other days, we realize suddenly that dramatic shifts are unfolding, whether we like or want them. Or a change of some kind is required—not tomorrow, but now. Our daily rhythm has to rearrange to accommodate the new element. A case in point was my morning’s task to de-Easter-ize; some part of me was reluctant to say good-bye to the yearly decorations and lights that celebrate Easter. As my hubby explains, “whenever a constraint to the flow of energy is removed [like the space the decorations take up], energy escapes by the fastest means possible [into the emptiness].”

I was amazed at the strength of my initial resistance, but then as I went about the clearing, cleaning, and simplifying, there was a natural, inner release and then a wondrous movement of Energy into its new, rightful expressions. The pastel glow of Easter in our home was dispersed, much like the powerful movement of floodwaters that are allowed to dissipate their velocity naturally in a wider, floodplain area, depositing nutrients for the next stage of fresh growth.

I got to practice our mantra, a challenge at times I admit, but I was triumphant! And it was grand to both feel deeply and observe the might of my resistance—and then the ease of allowance.

Think and act mindfully
The Maser’s Mantra©

Call into your mind a personal experience when you noticed the energy of something being over—the absolute sense that when it’s over it’s over. It’s spent itself totally, and there’s no turning back, whether in a relationship that has naturally run its course, or an unfulfilling job, or the termination of a friendship that is no longer healthy. You simply can’t breath any life back into it no matter how much you might wish it to be different than it is.

Clinging to a cherished circumstance or fighting against the inevitable is futile, but how many of us grasp so tightly to someone or something we know deep down we need to separate from and allow the energy of it to dissipate so we can step into the new chapter—empty and free. Think about how much of your energy is spent in resistance to change or the paralysis of risk. How often do you accept what is happening in the moment as it is? How good are you at allowing life’s energies to gather, crest, and ebb—only to return again in a wave that is perfect for the new moment?

A few general Astrological Indicators of Flow and Resistance

Astrologically speaking, there are a few broad factors that provide a basic overview of a person’s general personality characteristics. Two of these factors are the familiar four Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) and the less familiar three Qualities or basic “modes” of expression. The Qualities—Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable—are also referred to as the Modes or the Quadruplicities. Each Element is composed of three signs, and each Quality includes four signs. In their own descriptive ways, both contain the 12 signs of the zodiac circle. Each sign is thus depicted by an Element and a Quality. For instance, Aries is Cardinal Fire; Aquarius is Fixed Air; and Pisces is Mutable Water.

The three Qualities describe a profound yet broadly generalized typology of individuals. Within this range of general character, inclinations, and behavior, there is something of real, usable value in being able to identify aspects of our self, family, friends, co-workers, clients, and others. The importance of recognizing inherent “types” of people is that it promotes a greater understanding and tolerance toward others and our self as unique individuals. This can be likened to accepting that you are naturally either a round or square peg. If you are round, you can’t fit yourself into a square hole with any degree of success or fulfillment—though many spend a lifetime trying! Neither can you expect your square friend to be gleeful of the ill-fitting, round hole she has gotten herself into. Whether round (one who tends to flow with life) or square (the resistant, fearful type), you learn about truthfulness—which means to be authentically you, to live your life from the inside out.

The Qualities tend to show your most basic responses to the experiences of your life, as well as your broadest focus. The active Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn)—the sprinters of the zodiac—tend to be initiators and leaders, the ones who are independent, spontaneous, enthusiastic, and ambitious. The steadfast Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) are concerned with the ability to stabilize, organize, and consolidate their energies through a determined, persistent, and patient effort. The versatile Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) refer to those who tend to be flexible, adaptable to changing circumstances (as the signs that end a season), easygoing, sympathetic, and tolerant.

To give you a general idea, let’s focus on the type that tends to be most resistive due in part to a strong amount self-will. Individuals with a Fixed accent (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) are the deliberate ones who are adept at maintaining the status quo and preserving deeply ingrained patterns or traditions and existing structures. Good planning and organization that creates an enduring continuity are their forte. They are known for their conservative stances and strong likes and dislikes. Due to remarkable stamina and reserves, they excel at efficient follow-through and slow but resolute dedication, where tangible results come to fruition. They are usually the methodical plodders and tend to possess a grounded, very sensible nature that others can rely on.

Fixed-sign individuals can be powerful and unyielding forces to reckon with because they are not easily swayed. Their nemesis is change or deviation from a definite objective, especially if it is perceived as interference from others. Their initial reaction is to dig in their heels and resist the new course, even if it’s a wiser one! Although they tend to be set in their habits and opinions, Fixed signs do not always detest change, but the impetus has to come from within. They prefer to control their own destinies.

Briefly, in terms of the four Elements, Fire (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) and Air (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) signs signify yang or masculine energy and thus by nature are positive, outgoing (as in extroverted), spontaneous, energizing, expressive, courageous, transforming, and future-oriented. They represent the energy of doing and of movement within the realm of direct experience. Leaning toward a fearless bent and impulsive at times, Fire and Air would tend to flow with the energy of the moment and ask, “okay, what’s the next step?”

In contrast, the elements of Earth and Water are the receptive, more withdrawing or reflective energies. They denote the yin or feminine energy and thus by nature tend not only toward being inwardly oriented and intuitive but also highly enduring and greatly tenacious. The Feminine signs, as a rule, are more introverted and reticent and tend to be more self-contained in some respects, cultivating a rich emotional and inner life. Time wise, the Feminine signs represent the past. Yin, in the Taoist tradition, relates to the energy of allowing while being more passively engaged.

For example, the Earth element is the energy that grounds and slows us down, suggesting a more cautious, realistic, and deliberate approach to life. The response to most situations is evenhanded and supportive, even gentle. Flights of fantasy and risky propositions are not their native style, as they much prefer a steady continuity of effort that brings gradual, tangible gains. With a conservative leaning, Earth needs to ponder things carefully and literally, building a sense of solid footing before going forward with decisions and choices. Otherwise, it will long outwait less patient others as it sits comfortably behind its brick wall!

With this brief overview of a couple of the main factors in astrology that determine innate tendencies, take a few moments now and consider your own inherent inclinations and reactions to the changing scenes and seasons of your life. As Energy naturally disperses in the mini and macro stages of your life and then returns to a magnificent peak of expression, are you one who typically resists the natural processes of life or do you greet the new dawn with a vibrant embrace?

The exquisite but ephemeral Pasque flower—
to be enjoyed in the eternal now.
If you blink too slowly, you’ll miss it!

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