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For those who have not read about Dr. Edward Bach, you can do so now, if you wish, for that article is the context for the following principles that governed his life: Master Healer: Dr. Edward Bach

Through the hands of such as these God speaks,
and from behind their eyes he smiles upon the earth.
Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

On the evening of November 27, 1936, at the young age of 50, the great herbalist Dr. Edward Bach passed into the inner world of Light, there to be greeted, I imagine, by a countless crowd of grateful souls who paid homage to the Self-less, dedicated, true life that had been lived by this Sainted One—a shining, exemplary model of the Divine Path. His last breath was as gentle, natural, and peaceful as the life he had lived.

Decades later, his legacy is as vital, fresh, and healing as the flowers and natural world he loved so deeply. The Bach Flower Remedies® are available worldwide and continue to alleviate the emotional and physical suffering that was the central motivating force of Dr. Bach’s life: to discover a genuinely gentle, effective, simple means of healing all types of human ailments according to each person’s temperament.

In the seventy-six years that have transpired since Bach bestowed the world with his great gift of the 38 flower remedies, as well as the highly effective Rescue Remedy® cream, a number of other producers of flower essences have arisen, such as the Green Hope Farm flower essences which now offer humanity a much wider array of healing choices relevant to our stress-filled, rapidly changing, technological world of today. However, these many additional, highly effective flower essences in no way render the Bach Flower Remedies® obsolete or any less effective or powerful. Quite the contrary, when you consider personalities will be personalities, and every flower distillation targets something specific.

The following synopsis is a condensed overview of the life principles that governed Dr. Bach’s 50 years, ones that were especially evident to me. If we meditate on these teachings from his pure and focused life, as a potential High Road of Spiritual Attainment we might also travel, they can be a guiding light of inspiration for our own Path:

• He lived simply yet fully. In simplicity is sublime freedom. Simplicity is the common denominator of Truth and all levels of true wealth.

The things that count are simple.
Simplicity is the keynote of all Creation.
Edward Bach

• Nature and the natural world were his soul satisfiers. His own purity opened Nature’s Book to reveal Her secrets and Grace of Healing to this gentle, true soul. Is there really anything more valuable?

• The flowers, birds, trees, and all creatures were his beloved Teachers. These co-partnered with him to heal a person who was out-of-sync-with their Higher Self.

• We need not look beyond the healing laboratory and pharmacy of Nature or further than a partnership with our inner selves for the template and virtues we most aspire toward. If the Divine Allness is everywhere present, what can be missing?

• As an avid appreciator of beauty and goodness, he was able to give more and more from the goodness and beauty of his own heart.

• Peace of mind and joy-filled emotions are the fundamental ingredients of health. Joy allows the body to be flooded with health. Gratitude is the icing.

Health, like life, is of Divine origin,
and can only be obtained by Divine Means.
Edward Bach

• The transcendent life, not the self-centered life, was his. Emptied of the cravings and annoyances of his little, outer self and of all the multiplicity of desires on the material level, unfettered by worldly values and empty pursuits, he listened to his authentic Self.

• He concerned himself with Higher Thought—how can I serve and heal and live the Christed life—thus he was a person always aligned with Truth and his Divine Purpose.

• As an intuitive mystic, his dedication to the guidance from his Inner Light bestowed upon him an open Book of Health and Joy, which became a practical, spiritual legacy that has alleviated untold suffering over decades for countless individuals out-of-alignment with their own Inner Light and true purpose.

• He received “On High.” He shared “on earth.” He brought an elevated grace to all within his vicinity and to the wider world as his energetic signature of service and love went out at the causative level of healing. True, lasting healing must address the cause.

• He was attuned with his own Higher nature from childhood. He never had to retrieve fragmented parts of himself, due to fear or regret. He was undivided inwardly and thus whole. Wholesome. Holy.

• None of his interior “soul” wires were crossed. Thus, all of his energy was readily available and useable for good work.

• He was not at war internally so he never was at war externally. He was greatly loved by all.

• His Path was to find his own courageous way. To allow his creative genius full flow and flowering. He was a pioneer. His vision was unclouded, and a remarkable new system of healing was opened to him.

• Authenticity is singular to inner harmony and balance. The music you hear is your music.

We each have a Divine mission in this world, and our souls
use our minds and bodies as instruments to do this work,
so that when all three are working in unison
the result is perfect health and perfect happiness.
Edward Bach

• From the beginning, he kept his clear focus, dissipating none of his precious energies in frivolous activities that were not aligned with his life purpose and Great Work.

• He was a keen observer of human nature and personality types (dispositions), as a prelude to understand and decode the 7 major outworkings of human reaction. He concluded it was not the “disease” but the “reaction” to it that told the tale and thus also elucidated the solution.

• Unwavering devotion and unbounded perseverance were akin to his illumined temperament, as well as a finely tuned sensitivity that required him to be the initial patient and thereby endure the heightened agony of the various emotional and physical states of dis-ease. In this way, he was the flower remedies’ initial patient. They rescued him.

• He lived in unity with Divine Source, with total trust and acceptance, knowing all his needs would be provided in one way or another. This was the source of his bottomless generosity. He lived with his cup of faith always brimming full.

• He was unswayed by the distractions and glitter of the material world. He did not store his treasures where moths and rust could destroy them.

• He relied on Spiritual Power, not power from his everyday, human personality and being. In this sense, the small “I” did not do the work but rather the “I AM” flowing freely through him did the work. In the quiet stillness of his inner sanctuary, he was a conduit for the Greater Work.

• His life was not about what he could get or accumulate but about ALL he could give and dispense. Service and lessening suffering were his beacons.

• He had no reservation to closing a finished chapter of discoveries but gladly welcomed the next, higher evolutionary rung of unfoldment, so he had a full tank of energy always available in present time.

• Service to the many and their greater good was his Master, his Vision, his guiding Pole Star. He looked neither to the right nor left to compare himself with others or in self-doubt. He was empowered from within.

• Compassion was his natural endowment and the basis of his ability to heal others spontaneously, by a comforting touch of his hand to another’s arm or shoulder. He transferred Grace.

• His strength was like a velvet glove. Unbelievably soft, tender, empathetic, from which came his ability to heal another instantaneously.

All earthly things are but the interpretation of things spiritual.
The smallest most insignificant occurrence has a
Divine purpose behind it.
Edward Bach

• When he was done with his Work, he was complete with his life. He laid it down willingly. Spiritually, he is ever-present in wishes of wellness when any of us are healed with the assistance of God’s pristine gifts from Nature.

• His life was his message. He taught by example.

• Decades later, he is remembered. Decades later, he inspires us.

• His life and legacy bless the world and all generations to come. According to your own capacity and unique gifts, what legacy, small or great, might you leave? How does your heart and soul wish to make a difference?

• He im-pressed (as in made an impression through his energetic signature) the world with love and harmony, gentleness and kindness. As with all sainted ones, his sweet im-pression remains in the subtle environment, like the sacred smell of incense.

Be captains of your Souls, be masters of your fate
(which means let your selves be ruled and guided entirely,
without let or hindrance from person or circumstance,
by the Divinity within you), ever living in accordance
with the laws of, and answerable only to
the God Who gave you your life.
Edward Bach



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