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Cumulative positive thought creates a positive world.
A positive, open mind creates Spiritual receptivity,
which allows the doors of Consciousness access
to higher spiritual reality with its Divine, Creative Impulses.

To no one’s surprise, there has been a greater than normal magnitude of heightened, intense planetary activity over the past few years.1 So many of us have and are undergoing strenuous changes and realignments in our lives on all levels of our being—a profound cosmic wallop to say the least! Taken-for-granted things are no longer something we can necessarily count on because it seems one extreme event after another abounds, with some fortunate, gentler spaces for breathing room. Thank goodness!

When the cosmic weather heats up, though, it may feel a bit like we have temporarily lost significant tread on our individual tires, something that is neither easy nor comfortable in the short-term, but there is the tremendous possibility for personal and collective awakening during these transitional years. The Celestial Time Clock has, in fact, given us a pivotal opportunity to re-think our global trajectory and to experience a more complete sense of our true self—the eternal Self that resides at the bedrock of our unchanging being.

Pyramid of the Sun in the ancient city of Teotihuacán
near Mexico City.

Outwardly, our shaky world seems uncertain and is irrevocably shifting. The daunting planetary landscape back in 2010, call it the cosmic debris of 2010, which had been gaining momentum since January 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn, continues through 2012—years described as “The Cardinal Climax.” With an influx of an impressive amount of fresh (cardinal) energy, this span promises to be a period of de-construction and worldwide initiation, during which time we can hope enough people will choose to write a New Chapter, the next higher iteration of a “New Earth.”

In all probability, it has been (“Arab Spring” last year, to name one) and will continue to be a breakthrough, history-making time due to the fact that the three outer, slow-moving planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto form the background, with the social planets of Jupiter and Saturn playing their part. An exceedingly stressful, challenging time happened in the summer of 2010 in late July and early August when the dynamic Cardinal T-square formed with Jupiter/Uranus in Aries opposing Mars/Saturn in Libra and all four square Pluto in Capricorn. We all hung onto our pants (!!), for the celestial tempest had arrived then in full force, but most especially for those of us with planets and/or Angles in late Mutable/early Cardinal degrees in their natal charts, because these individuals are the forerunners who have already felt/will feel this heavy planetary turbulence, while others will feel the personal impact as the planets move from these earliest degrees.

The T-square occurred in the influential, early degrees of the change-initiating Cardinal signs, where a new cycle actively began and then accelerated to full speed toward the intended goal! Both the square/opposition aspects (90° and 180° angles) of the T-square and Cardinal energies are “pushy” so the pedal was during that time frame jammed straight to the metal! If that was not enough, there were some crucial eclipses—powerful turning points and catalysts for change—that took place from 2008 through 2011. Those eclipses were significant factors in the birth chart of the United States and for anyone with an emphasis in the Cancer/Capricorn polarity in their chart.

From July 2011 through early April 2015, the extremely volatile pairing of Uranus (the enlightener) exactly squaring Pluto (the eradicator and transformer) will occur an extraordinary seven times, an extended period that promises to carry on the theme of great social rearrange-ments and deep alterations in our consciousness. The Cosmos is definitely sending humanity an urgent, spiritual mandate to wake up to higher dimensions and embrace our unity and interdependence. And we are now living in the highly prophesied year of 2012—the feared end of the world, the time when the Mayans and Aztecs actually said a new world begins because old, untenable perceptions and ways of life will die, having run their natural course. Humanity and Earth are in the ripening and maturing process of spiritualization this year and ahead.

An eagle on the wall of a residence in Teotihuacán.

In these pressed-to-the-wall but exhilarating times, there is much high and holy work for those who consciously choose to make a positive, practical difference. Although there may be potential, overarching, current themes written in the stars, keep in mind we are today crafting tomorrow and beyond. If we assume that thought is indeed the basis of all life, as well as the greatest mental and spiritual power in life, then all that we creatively set in motion—and the effects of which we reap—begins with right thought. Each thought we entertain, whether by the conscious or subconscious mind, puts us on either a positive or negative wavelength—literally a mental groove that becomes deeper with each cumulative thought. You and I are what we think.

Thus, our life experiences, circumstances, and conditions bring us precisely—in kind—what we first cause with our habitual thoughts and persistent attitudes. Thought reproduces itself exactly! The Law is, at its simplest: as within, so without. Put another way, your inner reality is replicated in your outer reality, which provides you with a precise barometer of your predominant stream of thoughts. The more confidence you have, the more confident you are. The more peace or faith or joy or love you have, the more peace or faith or joy or love you have. So, in the immediacy of your milieu, look around and see what good you can do today, a simple but profound act that in turn may change another’s life and/or inspire and uplift the world.

Another empowering facet of being aware is to use the thought or awareness practice of making friends with the present moment. Become congenial with this moment, no matter what is occurring, because each experience will affect you precisely as you determine it will affect you. This is what Jesus alluded to when he said, “turn the other cheek,” which essentially means to become resonant with each moment by welcoming and accepting it rather than in wasting precious life energy in futile resistance. The Buddhist notion of suffering occurs in just such a misalignment and non-acceptance of what is in this moment. By being a gracious companion with what is, the energy we exude becomes a blessing not only to ourselves (and the very cells and tissues of our physical body) but also to everything near and afar. Our optimistic, joyful energy precedes us! Could there be anything more valuable or pressing than to be a medium of blessedness and blessing?

In the context of the White Eagle work, we have a perfect symbol—the six-pointed Star—to keep our thoughts focused on what inherently creates goodwill, harmony, beauty, peace, and a world based on the guiding principle of Love. The Star exemplifies the perfect blending of Heaven with Earth, of the transient self with the infinite Self. Above all, consistent focus on the Star puts Spirit or God first—God in every breath. Thought creates form but the delight and love from our heart animates that thought form, thus bringing together the perfect balance of head and heart. Moreover, the quality of our life and the exterior world will unerringly reflect to us that which we first embody.

The power of concentrated attention is like a magnifying glass, and the focused ray of our thoughts (imbued with our feelings) accurately creates the effect of our heartfelt desires. If we make an applied effort to monitor our thoughts by first deciding exactly what results we want to create, such as health, strength, happiness, success, then by means of self control we are the master of our future. Socrates said, “self control is an exact science,” and this exactness requires voluntary application, diligence, and awareness through the power of thought.

So, even though the times we live in are compelling and cosmically intimidating (in the short run), when we turn our thoughts, and thus attune our vibration, to the enfolding radiance of a potent symbol, such as the Star, we can be certain to receive the equilibrium and resilience we need to come through the current rubble unscathed! After all, in its highest potential, this symbol is both the Star of Self and of Global Realization.


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1. This article was originally published in Drumbeat, Journal of the White Eagle Lodge (Canada), Volume 17, Issue 3, pages 16-19 (2009).

Text © by Zane Maser, 2012. Photos © by Chris Maser, 2012. All rights reserved worldwide. The graphic of the Star is © The White Eagle Lodge.

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