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“Every creature,” Lord Buddha explained, “loves to live, even as
every human being loves to preserve his or her life.”

As we are only a few days beyond the Wesak (Scorpio) Full Moon, we remain within the spiritual influence of stillness and love, enfolded in the golden radiance and gentle power of Lord Buddha. Some of you may know, as a man who sought and attained enlightenment, Buddha chose not only to renounce desires and materialism but also to renounce all cruelty while embracing kindness and compassion.

One of his fervors was a devoted service to the animal kingdom. He was a strong advocate to end every aspect of cruelty to animals. Given that all illumined Masters uphold such a doctrine of love for all life, the spiritual teacher, White Eagle, puts it well, “few are willfully cruel but many are ignorantly, unthinkingly cruel.” It’s a rare individual who would inflict suffering if they actually knew what they were doing, something Jesus requested in his dying moments: “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” A basic truth of life declares that what we inflict on others and life knowingly and unknowingly through our speech and actions we must experience, like a boomerang. Whatsoever a person soweth, that will he or she surely reap.

Because he has pity on every living creature,
therefore is a man called ‘holy.’
Dhammapada Buddhism

Last year, on October 18, the world witnessed a tragic, horrific, exotic-animal story that unfolded sadly in Zanesville, Ohio. A private owner of wild animals (amongst them were tigers, lions, cougars, primates, wolves, and bears) released all 56 of them and then took his own life. When the staggering carnage had ended, at least 49 of the animals had been killed.1

There are six states in the United States—Ohio (they are now busy drafting a bill!), Alabama, Idaho, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Wisconsin—who have absolutely no regulations or laws in place to stop individuals from buying, breeding, exhibiting, and selling dangerous, exotic animals.

There is, however, a shining jewel of a story amidst the heartbreaking tragedy of the Zanesville massacre, in addition to the Ohio legislature’s bill that will ban ownership of exotic animals. Out of the shadow of deep unconsciousness, a new Light will dawn for two tigers—Katie & Nora.

In June, these gorgeous BIG CATS will be transported from Tiger Paws Rescue Center in Ashland, Ohio, to WildCat Haven Sanctuary in Sherwood, Oregon. Tiger Paws Rescue gave them all they possibly could in quality of life, but their goal, out of financial necessity and anticipating the new regulations, was to find Katie and Nora the best new home they could. Enter the fabulous folks at WildCat Haven! For the remaining years of these wise Animal Teachers’ lives, they will reside in a peaceful setting where there will be complete safety, certainty, an excellent diet, and spaciousness to perch in trees or run and play. Above all, Katie and Nora can experience a lifetime of unconditional love.

Every single creature is full of God and is a book about God.
Meister Eckhart, the thirteenth century Christian mystic

Thus, the tragic face of neglect, cruelty, and lack of consciousness is transformed into tender care and reverence for the Godliness we all share, one heart at a time, one choice at a time. When we seek the Inner Kingdom of silence and awareness, we learn to love all kingdoms of life—and every individual—as equal, valuable, and irreplaceable.

If you have a “catty” soul like I do or simply adore animals, like my heart does, you can read more about the unfolding story and relocation of Katie and Nora: WildCat Haven Sanctuary


A Tiger Update for December 2012: Katie and Nora are now loving their new life at WildCat Haven! Both have settled in nicely, enjoying grass under their feet in large, natural, spacious habitats they never experienced before coming to WildCat sanctuary—a beautiful quality of life they both deserve, surrounded by people who devote their lives and love to them, as well as to all the gorgeous wild cat residents there. Click on the link above to see pictures of all these astounding feline beings.

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1. Information about the Zanesville slaughter, exotic animal legislation, and the inspirational relocation of Katie and Nora are from a flyer mailed by WildCat Haven Sanctuary.

Text © by Zane Maser, 2012. Photos obtained for free use from WikiCommons, 2012. All rights reserved worldwide.

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  1. Thank you Zane, for your love of animals and all things. A beautiful ending to a sad story. Linda

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