Posted by: Zane Maser | June 1, 2012


Let’s consider a clear glass of water and say that it is a representation of one of the ways Divine Spirit can manifest Itself on this physical level of life. The sunlit rays streaming through the glass on a cloudless day are yet another expression of God’s Omnipresence.

The Light is the essence of God—call It Great Spirit, Father, Father-Mother, the Goddess, Love, Consciousness, or whatever name best describes this Presence for you. At just the right angle as the light streams through the glass, it creates a magnificent spectrum of colors. You and I are these reflected colors.

We always exist within the grace of the glass. We are not separate or apart from the glass or the Light. The Truth is we are all One. Omni-oneness. We are the energy of God in constant motion through the dance of molecules. What makes us who we are is our level of consciousness in each moment, which is the ultimate energy or essence of God, what some would call the timeless, unconditioned I AM.

The visible band of vibrating energy, termed the “pure spectral colors” from red to violet, is you and me at any given moment as we open to and allow the Light of God to shine through us as radiant color.

If I happen to be momentarily at an angle of the glass, where the light does not hit maximally, the color that represents me does not show up. This can be likened to a lack of awareness and/or receptivity on my part to the ever-present Wonder of God—corresponding to a level of my consciousness wherein I feel myself to be separate from or unworthy of Love. I am unaware of Awareness. “My” color is temporarily unavailable to the whole, yet I am still a part of that glass and of the Light. The glass is forever intact, no matter the appearance.

At yet another angle, I might light up as a fiery red with bristly sparks flashing, having just had a strenuous argument due to miscommunication or a defensive moment when I personalized a comment, thus lashing out with a verbal sword. But, if I happen to be in exact alignment with the beam of Light streaming through the glass, I light up as translucent violet, a color quite indescribable. My aperture of openness to Omniscient Light is perfect. The Oneness of God is the Oneness of me. The Oneness of me is the Oneness of you.

Every expression of life is a color of Divine Light.

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