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In astrological parlance, the next couple of days are full of magical, planetary and spiritual events. Early this morning, at the peak of the Full Moon, with the Sun at 14°14′ Gemini and the Moon opposite at 14°14′ Sagittarius, a Lunar eclipse occurs. In a general way, a Lunar eclipse holds the potential to bring something to “light,” often from the depths of our emotional being, because we get the full expression of the Moon’s own silvery light as the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, an alignment that temporarily blocks out the Moon and her ability to reflect the Solar light.

Lunar eclipses are like super-potent Full Moons, thus feelings tend to be amped up and any submerged fears are likely to bubble up into conscious awareness. It can also be a time of fruition—a sort of cosmic nudge when issues, problems, or projects are finalized or resolved, or when something important is fulfilled, opening the space for new and appropriate avenues to channel energy for present endeavors.

Beautiful Venus, also traveling in multi-talented Gemini, adds her mystical touch to the Lunar eclipse as she conjoins the Sun in conversational Gemini. With the media abuzz, most of you will know about the rare event of Venus transiting across the Sun on June 5-6. These extraordinary transits of Venus moving across the Sun always occur in pairs, highlighting Venus’s propensity for relationship and partnering. The first of this current twosome occurred on June 8, 2004. The prior pair of Venus/Sun transits happened in 1874 and 1882, while the next coupling will not take place until December 2117 and 2125.

Astrologer Stephanie Austin suggests this joining of Venus aligning with the Sun “symbolizes a collective readiness for the re-emergence of the divine feminine,” a gateway for both women and men to experience a greater unity between their feminine and masculine aspects—the alchemical, divine marriage. It perhaps further signifies a greater access to the enfoldment of Heavenly Love in whatever form of grace and connection we currently require. The innermost communications of our hearts are divinely heard and any needs met. We may open to enlightening moments when we feel the constant companionship with those souls who are also walking this Path of rapidly shifting changes, regeneration, and rebirth.

Mercury, the natural ruler of the mutable air sign of Gemini, well known as those lively heavenly twins, is also currently winding up its stay in its home sign. Mercury governs the mind, the power of thought, and the developing human consciousness, as we interface with our immediate, everyday environment. This fleet-of-foot god of messages, Mercury, travels between worlds on his errands—to carry and bring back communications—as he both discloses and keeps sacred secrets. These worlds include Heaven, Earth, and Hades (the Underworld, where Mercury journeys with departed souls). The transcendental nature of this cerebrally oriented, agile god is to bestow the ability of “true communion,” enhancing the link between our lower and higher selves, between the material and the spirit.

Prominently in the spotlight for the next couple of days (in addition to Jupiter moving into Gemini on June 11th, where it will reside for almost a year), Gemini is a dual sign, with the symbol of two great, side-by-side pillars reminding us that to approach and gain entrance into the Temple of Wisdom—which the Greeks called the Gates of Hercules—we must become equally adept at harmonizing the dark and light aspects of life. This is akin to steadying the mind (and heart) enough to achieve a perfect balance and unity (also a theme of Venus), in a world of apparent opposites and opposing forces, between the negative and positive life streams that flow throughout all Creation. Thus does matter become spiritualized.

Moreover, as the Lunar eclipse crests and then wanes today, Neptune in emotional and empathetic Pisces begins its annual retrograde period, moving backwards almost 3 degrees in the next five months. Neptune, planet of unconditional Love, is interwoven with Venus, known to be a “higher octave” or more divinely inspired, spiritual expression of Venus. At its best, Neptune is meant to be the healing, unifying force that sensitizes and helps to elevate our being to a higher level of mystical awareness and transcendent experience. Plus, gentle Pisces is considered an adaptable, sensitive, receptive sign of Wisdom associated most closely with the Ray of Wisdom. Both Pisces and Neptune bring to the fore an innate feeling for inward exploration with the eventual attainment of being truly at one with the Universe—a cosmic opportunity to personally and collectively move closer to the underlying reality that all life is interconnected.

Divine Light within,
Divine Light without,
Whatever could be missing?

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