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The Christ Festival is one of the annual, sacred Festivals of Light. It reaches its peak of expression at the time of the Full Moon when the Sun is in the perceptive sign of Gemini. Early this morning (4:14 am PDT), at the peak of the Full Moon (with the Sun at 14°14′ Gemini), the Moon was in the opposite sign at 14°14′ Sagittarius, a visionary sign known for its broad-minded views and bright optimism. This coincides with today’s Lunar eclipse. During these powerful days preceding and following the Moon’s fullness, there is an exceptional pulse of Light upon the Earth generally, as well as into the hearts of those who are openly receptive to this great spiritual blessing from the Cosmic Christ, the Sun or Son of God.

If we can become relaxed in mind and body for quiet moments and live with greater serenity (especially today and in the week ahead), we can intentionally rise into the heights of consciousness to experience inwardly this Christ Full Moon. According to the spiritual teacher, White Eagle, this is the festival of the brother/sisterhood of the heart, which takes place on a timeless dimension or higher plane of reunion, called the plane of “white ether.”

Any Full Moon is recognized as a period of special spiritual power and blessing, but at this great Christ Festival of the Sun there is an outstanding release of golden Life Force upon our planet and throughout the heavenly realms—a beautiful expression of the Christ power of healing and renewal. Spiritually, this is known as the Christ baptism, a time when the great Solar Being of Christ appears in the heavens in the form of the perfect One, his immense golden aura blazing, enfolding, and raising us all into the heights.

Considering the current amplification of planetary energies in general, with the upcoming powerful (exact) link of Uranus with Pluto (on June 24), White Eagle would go on to say this is truly an opportunity for enlightenment for all who are ready to receive these invisible Rays. There is a whole company of heaven, known as the Christ Circle, who are enveloping and uplifting those who are aspiring to the Light and a spiritually gentle way of life. In addition to the tremendous outflow of the Christ radiance, the great Angel of Peace draws near to those who are peacefully centered within their being and who work daily in their lives for peace on Earth.

At the Christ Moon, the Lunar Lady is moving closer to the Galactic Center that lies near the end of Sagittarius—the Great Central Sun of our Sun. This suggests it is from the feminine, intuitive part of our nature that we can receive the full experience of this beautiful Spiritual Light so readily available now from the timeless dimension of All Love.

Take as many moments today as you can to rest in a deep silence and to open your heart to be filled … filled … filled…… Listen to the gentle inflow and outflow of your breath. Feel its steady, dependable rhythm. Feel a sense of total peace as your teacher and guide draw close. Your guardian angel enfolds you in wings of protection and light. As you focus into the heart center, notice your breathing is even quieter, more peaceful. The rhythm of your soul is apparent. You feel at home.

During the Christ Festival, the light shines forth like a radiant Sun-Star, and at this level of consciousness, there is simply a harmonious connection and unity. We know in our hearts we are all one in spirit. Be still in the Presence of Christ, and know your divinity. Feel his love and tender compassion. When he looks upon each of us, he sees the shining light in our hearts, the spiritual jewel. It glows and pulsates as pure Love. The Christ knows us, as we truly are—children of the Great Spirit.

On this day of the sacred Festival of Christ, and in the days ahead as we approach the Summer Solstice, may you feel great peace, well-being, and a deep sense that ALL is perfect. All IS perfect. All is PERFECT.

“When once you understand how to receive the radiation of the Solar Logos, the Christ-consciousness within you is stimulated. You do not need to be what the world calls clever in order to respond to this radiation. It requires a very simple, loving soul; that is all. In the degree that a human soul endeavors to love—whatever form love takes, whether it be love of another human being, of life or beauty, of doing good, love of each day, love of the weather, of flowers, or love of everything which happens—any emotion of sincere and true love expressed as goodwill and kindness is drawing to the soul the radiation of the spiritual sun, which animates the physical sun.

“In this way the soul becomes quickened by radiation from the Christ. The Christ consciousness within is stimulated by the blessing that flows into your heart from the Christ Sun.”

White Eagle1

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1. The quote from White Eagle comes from the Stella Polaris, the bi-monthly magazine of The White Eagle Lodge, June/July 1998, page 106.

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