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On Friday, two of my best friends contacted me. Both shared news of a significant loss. One was a sudden, unexpected death; the other was anticipated as only a matter of time. Their news affected me deeply. Only a few weeks earlier, another dear friend’s dog passed after months of declining health.

All weekend I was “out-of-whack” emotionally with a low level of anxiety wanting to claim my attention. I reached for Mimulus, the Bach Flower essence used to treat fear of known things, such as the fear of being alone. My friends’ losses must have mobilized the cellular memory of previous losses I’d experienced, ones that, when I was much younger, had created the original anxiety and eventual panic attacks. Losses of recent years compounded that initial effect.

This morning, I awakened from a frightening dream, which left me feeling physically paralyzed for several minutes. It was another dream with a car—an archetypal symbol representing our “self” in our journey through life:

I’m in a work situation, talking to a man. I am telling him
something about my life and my natural inclinations as one
who loves to be at home, almost apologizing for the way I am.
Then, the scene shifts to being in a car with 3 other people:
there is what felt like a “father” behind the wheel driving,
the “mother” as the passenger, with me sitting in the back
seat behind her, and a “brother” beside me on my left. I look
out my side window to notice, with alarm, that floodwaters are
just below the level of the window and will soon overtake
the car. Trapped in our car, next thing I know we are floating
down a raging, torrential river that is flowing very fast.

Any personal issue(s) that are buried deeply in our subconscious are inevitably retriggered when our psyche feels threatened by a significant event, crises, or catastrophe. Those self-limiting beliefs and fears are asking to once again come into the light of consciousness for resolution. The something coming at me externally (the events of other people’s major losses) activated the “something” major within me (the psychological theme of “loss” and “abandonment”), so these incidences of “death” hit too close to home (in dream language—too close to my “car”). They activated the emotional angst in my reservoir of any unprocessed, unfinished business. It’s called another layer of grief work. For you, the issue and layer may be quite different than mine, but perhaps just as potent, depending on how far each of us has traveled along the Path of Healing.

Have you ever noticed that life tends to bring us the next step in our evolutionary journey? As painful and devastating as this can be at times, we have to allow such repressed feelings to come up and out in order to heal. My dream signaled an opportune time to look, feel, and allow any remnants of my river of tears to burst forth naturally, since in dream symbolism water is considered the living essence or life energy of the psyche wherein healing and greater self-knowledge can result. Besides, a river’s floodwaters will have their own powerful way, whether we go with the current or against it!

Sometimes we need such a “flood experience” in some form or other in order to rebuild on a more solid, true foundation of emotional clarity and strength (“four-square,” like the four people in my car). In my astrological birth chart, transiting Chiron, the wounded healer and wise teacher, is making a beautiful, timely link with the Part of Fortune. This signifies a favorable moment to focus my attention on heal thyself first. The blessing is that old, restrictive forms of holding in and holding on can now be released.

Chiron often ushers in a yet another phase of our healing process so that we can access those inner fears, ancient emotional wounds and traumas, secrets, blockages, weaknesses, or the lame parts of us that lurk under the radar of consciousness. Remember that Chiron suffered a wound when a poison-soaked arrow hit him accidentally. He could heal others who came to him but paradoxically could not never heal him self even though he desperately sought out all possible curative agents. Chiron’s teachings may be some of our most difficult to learn, but through its noble processes and gifts we are made whole and holy, if we choose to embark on that journey. In the end, we have the potential to attain a greater degree of personal understanding and liberation whenever Chiron kicks up the dust in our life and psyche.

There are always two basic choices we can make: partake of the river of fear and futilely attempt to control life, or embrace the river of trust and allow the inherent goodness of life to support us. The former will only ever recognize the dual, outer, visible trance of life, while the latter includes first-hand, personal experience of the unseen, inner, unified level of life wherein Divine Protection and Guidance are a reality. The river is truly Love’s abiding sustenance.

The “spiritual significance” that can arise out of those roiling, emotional waters from such a car dream as mine is, not surprisingly, the existence of those underlying Everlasting Arms. From such trembling, unsteady, weak places, we realize they were always there as a safe and secure enfoldment—to catch us at our most fragile, breaking moments of emotional disrepair and abject fright. Always those Almighty Arms of Support and Understanding…

Up ahead on the Journey, there will be stresses, strains, and heartbreaks without doubt, when I feel the car of my self may be capsized. These larger lessons and breakthroughs of consciousness are part of the ever-perfecting wonder of life as we realize our “car“self is already of holy creation.

My central lessons have been about faith and trust. Not by accident did my soul choose to be born with the Sun in Pisces, the sign most associated with faith and believing. When there is sufficient faith, one of the many faces of the Divine appears. And I wonder, what kind of car Great Spirit will drive up in?



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