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Last Sunday, on June 24, the legendary interaction of Uranus with Pluto became exact at 8°24′ Aries/Capricorn. This is a dynamic square aspect (an angle of 90°) in Cardinal signs, which in the broader picture signifies an initiating, groundbreaking process of evolution that got underway last year when these two gods closely encountered one another. Some outmoded parts of our lives may have started to unravel during that time. The square will perfect again on September 19 at 6°57′ Aries/Capricorn. These 2012 culminating squares will repeat a whooping five more times through March 16, 2015. Life on this planet will never be the same!

This far-reaching planetary alignment is a potent combination that points to collective upheaval, radical change, and regeneration on a “grand scale,” both personally and globally. We already previewed the dramatic surge of this “era-changing” energy from last year’s “Arab Spring” throughout the Middle East—and the spreading wave of protesting dissent that struck Europe, Wall Street, and Russia, to name but a few. And the waves continue to surge.

The forces of this disruptive, intense, power-packed (and enlightening) Uranus/Pluto duo are meant to break up old patterns and structures in order to first destabilize and then promote transformational revolution, which will open the space to create new paradigms and re-arrange life as we know it. It is a New Chapter, one that heralds great potential, but it will be neither easy, as we’ve already experienced, nor come with a small price tag, as we’ve already experienced. Greater social justice, authenticity, renewal, and deep transformation are some of the potential outcomes—that is if we all work cooperatively to create a more balanced, sustainable world. The person by your side is you—one Spirit meeting another. Look into their eyes and see your Divinity—one great body.

Adaptability must be the keynote of this exciting, innovative passage if we are to reap the best advantage of the current uncertainties. Even whole systems of plant and animal communities are shifting to meet the vicissitudes of changing climate and new weather patterns. Global warming is real and upon us, and there are many adaptations most of us will have to make in the coming years. Truly, the seven meetings of these two life-altering gods signifies spiritual powers beyond our control, in one sense, but they are also a cosmic invitation to thoroughly sort out and deeply clean our inner and outer homes and lives in general. If we embrace the required changes consciously, willingly with an open and positive attitude, these potent, celestial energies will help and support us. Resist them, and there will be major, unexpected breakdowns and needless loss and anguish that will seem to come at you from the “outside” in fated events and circumstances.

It is a valuable exercise to take a careful—and serious—look at your life and consider what elements need to be relinquished for you to be reborn into a fresh chapter. This can be anything from your current life of stress and over-commitment, to a pattern of charging things on a credit card with money you don’t have, to sleep deprivation, or to often resorting to a pessimistic, fearful frame of mind (like the masses) when challenges arise. What is no longer sustainable? What no longer sustains you? How can you be lighter and more adaptable in these shifting times?

The surprises and unexpected changes, the deaths and rebirths, as well as the enormous opportunities that are now and will continue to occur in the upcoming years, will be worth the ride! As with any process of birth, such as a human baby entering life outside the womb, there is often a short-term period of suffering, pain, intensity, and great weariness as the newly born is welcomed and the struggles cease. Personal and collective rebirth and regeneration will surely happen in the longer-term if we keep on keeping on the higher path with courage, clarity, faith, and love.

When the enormous work of “awakening” has, in the best-case scenario, been accomplished, Uranus will move on from metamorphic Pluto in mid 2015. Through our collective efforts and higher level of consciousness, we may indeed awake to a more caring, Unified World. Meanwhile, it will be more important than ever to create and maintain peace in our hearts and lives in every way possible. Take mini breaks, whenever you can, to renew peace in your heart and then take it out into the larger world through the example of your own life.

Rest now for a few moments of quiet…

Rather than staying at the level of the head or intellectual discourse on the likely meaning of the meeting of these two planetary gods, let us engage them at the level of the heart.

Take a few moments to become fully present here, now, and allow your breath to become a little more quiet, soft, relaxed, letting all the concerns of the outer world drift away for this brief time. Close your eyes for a few moments and simply bask in the peace.

Notice, with your inner eye, a Path leading upward into the mountains. It is in fact the path you have been walking at your own pace and degree of spiritual evolution. Begin to walk the path with surety. Soon other like-minded individuals, some of whom you may recognize as belonging to your “soul group,” join you. It’s a happy reunion of shared heart and collective harmony.

Having traveled up the path for some time toward the snow-capped peaks, the group reaches a lovely green plateau blanketed with exquisite, low-growing flowers of all colors and beauty. Each of you knows your special place in the circle of the larger gathering. It feels very familiar and comfortable to be here, sitting in the circle of spiritual goodwill and peace of heart. In this sacred moment, you feel completely aligned with your own purpose and that of privileged work of your soul group. Your hearts beat as one.

The Master comes into the center of the circle. His Light and serene presence radiates to each person, as though his/her blessing is personal to you. It is the exact measure you need in this perfect moment of instruction and regeneration. The words of the Master go so deeply into your heart that you know all is working according to a Greater Plan and that each has their unique part to play in these crucial years of growing consciousness and rebalancing. Listen. Listen to the message of the Master. Everything you need to know is being imparted. Rest in fullness. Rest peacefully for as long as you require.

Then, when you are ready, leave the circle quietly so as not to disturb those who are still receiving. Retrace your steps down the mountain path, feeling the lightness and joy of your being, since every cell of all that is you has been fed. You are taking back into your daily world all you need. Rest assured.

Come back now fully into this present moment. You have remembered who you truly are.

Each of us takes away in our heart the deep inward knowing that we are all a unique, perfect facet of the diamond of God—the Infinite Spirit that is the True Life of all life. All are equal. All are one with the Divine, yet each soul is an individual expression of this Infinite Life. All are loved. And from these holy moments of deepest tranquility, we know for certain now the special contribution or work we have been entrusted to offer this lifetime.

We each agreed to take on a task, within our own environment and circumstances, to help raise the vibration and consciousness of the whole Planet at this upgrading time of evolution for humanity and our Mother Earth. Your conscious presence and gift are needed. Stand firm in your own illumined center, even though there may be temporary wobbles and setbacks—or not. Remember the soul group of which you are a part and call upon them silently at any time. In actuality, there is no separation—hand to hand, heart to heart.

Go about getting your thoughts and life in order. Feel confident and tranquil about the Path ahead, your feet now sure and light. Take one step at a time, one day at a time. An Angel walks by your side accompanying you every second. Heart guidance is continually available. Above all, recall that you are first and foremost a spiritual being who is for some span of years occupying a physical body. At all times, keep your conscious connection intact with Infinite Source, and you will be continually provided for, renewed, and vitalized. You realize fully one of the Great Laws of Harmony: all life is from within outward.

Carry peace and joy in your heart. All is well. If you take care of what you think and thus create and cause, then the effects can only be ones of profound goodness, wellness, abundance, contentment, and completeness. All is truly well from the Spiritual Heights.

Dear life of the world,
all kingdoms, every individual,
I love you.

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  1. Thanks Zane,
    Your words of wisdom are much appreciated! Linda

    • Your words of support are always so kind, dear Linda. Thanks! Glad you’re back from Alaska and had such fun. Love you!

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