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Joy is a word that encompasses so much. In our natural state of wholeness, joy fills every particle of our being. It is a profound state of harmony, balance, and peace. Nothing is wanting. No thing is missing. The mystics and saints from the past and present might call it the joy that passeth all understanding.

Be still.
Be silent.
And know within you that
the Spirit within you.
I Am the joyful Lord thy God.

If you possessed but a singular, inner quality that permeated everything about you, and it was JOY, you’d have all that is possible. You’d feel lightness. Consider that JOY encompasses and contains everything! Life would then meet you in cooperation, bringing all that is necessary.

Lord, awaken my mind, heart, and soul
to the Light of Holy Joy.
May I radiate joy to all life.

Joy comes from the Latin word, gaudium, which means to be glad. To meet life with gladness is to experience its rapture. The Hebrew and Greek languages have 15 and 8 different words, respectively, to describe joy, used both as a noun and as a verb. In a complete search of the Bible for the word “joy,” it was found in 172 verses (NASB) and 155 verses (KJV).1 One of the most common words the Master Jesus enthroned in his teachings is “believe” or “faith.” If we insert the word “joy” instead, the meaning is as powerful and uplifting:

If thou canst but have joy, all things are possible
to him [her] that rejoices.

According to thy joy, be it unto thee: Be thou whole.

Within the animal kingdom, both the otter and dolphin are sleek animals associated with the quality of joy. Think of their graceful ease and playfulness. Moving effortlessly in their medium of water, flowing with the rhythms of life, they are known for their protective, very caring nurturance of the young ones. In native tradition, the energy of otter is a joyous realization that each person’s achievements and good fortune are a blessed sharing for the entire tribe—as one is lifted, all are lifted in Oneness of Spirit. As a messenger of joy and laughter, dolphin’s teachings are similar in that the subtle life essence secreted in every cell—the “manna” of the Creator—is freely, fully available to all through our sacred breath. The Heart of the Great Spirit knows our essence only as a whole and perfect Self.

The soul is illuminated from within,
at the meeting place of Heaven and Earth,
the meeting of the waters.
Ralph Blum, from Rune #12, Wunjo (Joy)

The little child within us is our lasting connection with our true self. Confident and self-loving, the child remembers being held in the ever-present, warm embrace of God. Unconditional trust and bliss result. Picture your self as a little child, high-spirited, skipping down Nature’s path in delight and exultation. Her gentle heart song is: “I am the Joyful Way!” She has joined The Fellowship of Joy-full-ness. What will you choose?

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  1. Wonderful Zane,
    Love your wit, humor and most of all JOY! Thanks for sharing it with us! Linda

    • You’re welcome, dear Linda. You inspired it! Thanks for being grace in our world.

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