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Life is always a self-created story. Suppose this includes all the pre-birth choices and arrangements we personally select prior to re-entry into a physical body once again to experience another earthly incarnation— choices like who our parents and family will be and what genetic predispositions this ancestral lineage may activate, including our nationality and cultural setting.

Hard as this idea may be to grasp and accept, nothing is ever coming at us from outside that we did not first invite internally and then meet externally. We set the stage on which our unfolding drama of life is played out—most often subconsciously but at times quite in a conscious and purposeful manner. Many of us then forget that the subsequent lines, acts, and fellow actors and actresses who accompany us on our life’s path are brought into our orbit from our own energetic signature—the subtle vibration we emit—and the karmic opportunities we have set up to encounter. According to White Eagle, there are certain limitations in our pre-birth choices that fall within the bounds of our karmic bank account. Nevertheless, every life is a self-created story designed to be one of infinite growth and masterful learning. Self-creation is an ever-evolving process.

There is no doubt that we are formed by, and a product of, our personal family setting and environmental influences from birth, to taking our first wobbly steps, to entering grade school, and beyond. This is the life container in which we are molded, prepared, and sent out into the wider world. The sturdiest and weakest amongst us have come from both idyllic and horrific beginnings, which include the whole continuum from unreserved love to the sad lack thereof.

This may be a simplistic question, but what makes the difference in the life story we each create?

I can only speak for myself, and for me it comes down to the fact that in life there are truly only two choices: Fear or trust (love). So called “fate” is Universal Law in its inexorable operation. Nothing happens by chance or accident, nor is there a punishing Deity. We send out our life energy as a magnetic, vibratory resonance—as fear, hesitation, impatience, irritation, overwhelm, anger, violence, calmness, kindness, acceptance, forgiveness, compassionate understanding, generosity, love. And guess what experience life brings back to us in our present moment or sometimes weeks, months, or years later?

We can never side step our own self-creations, which are the products of our cumulative thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. The “other” person and “life” have an interesting habit of revealing us to our self. My mom and I had a pretty rough go of it at times. Part of our story was to blame one another for the unhappiness that transpired in our relationship. But truth be told, she was the mirror that reflected my submerged, unconscious issues, challenges, and fears carried within me on an energetic level from the collective experiences of previous lifetimes. She was the person who most often triggered my “bundle” of wounds. Through our individual choices, our mother-daughter “dance” was co-choreographed. She added her dramatic movements, as did I. From our level of awareness at the time, we each did the best we were capable of. She was exactly the learning partner I was ready for in order to confront and then heal my inner demons, which enabled me to see myself clearly in order to write a new story line. Self-created then, self-created now. So, I get to choose in any given moment.

The gifts my mom gave me are priceless, the ultimate being greater self-responsibility and self-awareness. The inner boogies were mine—not hers. By invoking her often-painful assistance, there is now an enlarged self-acceptance, as well as a deep love moving between us. We came together this time to create an entirely new story about relating. Soul mission accomplished! Hand in hand, onto a higher rung of evolution, mom has already returned to the loving embrace of Divine Parents—the ultimate Parents who see us as we truthfully are. Perfect creations!

In the current, heightened astrological climate, with epoch-making Uranus and Pluto squaring off in a tense 90° angle, triggered by other strong catalysts, like incendiary Mars (planet of confrontation, repressed rage, and violent death), each of us has a magnificent opportunity to “squarely” face our self. Astrology helps us to understand when larger cycles and patterns intersect with our own natal chart, as well as how the planetary influences are likely to operate within the collective context. Laura Andrikopoulos describes astrology’s greatest gift when times are pressingly difficult as, “a torch of illumination in the darkness.” That said, how we respond to circumstances is always our choice—a personal statement acted out.

Even given this potentially volatile planetary mix, who would ever imagine someone projecting and directing their choices outward, like twenty-four year-old James Holmes, a graduate student who single handedly created the horrific tragedy in Aurora, Colorado last Friday just past midnight? So many, many lives have been irrevocably changed, with shock waves traveling around the globe.

This is clearly an extreme example, but perhaps relevant here, because the ripples of cause we choose to create are still ripples of consequence and effect, whether of this beyond-belief magnitude, or simply of being oblivious to the man in the wheelchair who needs a door opened for him, or someone sharing with neighbors the yummy fresh produce and flowers from their organic garden. Today in the news, for example, another’s response came from a Chinese man, a CEO of a large computer company, who upon receiving a $3,000,000 bonus, shared it equally ($300/person) with the firm’s 10,000 employees. So many, many lives gladdened from his moment of generosity!

Each of us can ask our self: How have I created my present life situation, whether of deeply challenging circumstances, or relatively calm waters of stability and contentment, or some surprise mixture of both? If it is not all I want it to be, am I willing to begin anew?

Whether we are up to the soul task, or not, life on this planet is already stepping up to the next, higher level of Divine Harmony, even when certain outward appearances seem contrary to such an evolutionary upgrade. The mandate now is clearly evident: to self-create a life story and conscious context that interfaces in a way that promotes the greater good for ALL life. This is the moment to realize fully our spiritual origin and inheritance—our oneness with Divine Source and ALL creation. To sincerely know in our heart that, “I am a perfect child of Great Spirit, as are ALL members of life on our beloved Mother Earth.”

The Heavenly Garden of Eden has always resided within us and is with us, in the beginning, now, and forever more. How can we create it together, as a living reality, on this beautiful Earth?

“I choose trust.”

“I choose love.”

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