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Joy is a piece from the book “Patterns of Oneness”

© Second printing 1994 by Linda Saurenman

Zane: In keeping with the topic of a few posts ago about the “The Fellowship of Joy-Full-Ness” and that feeling of buoyant engagement with life, the following section from my friend Linda’s book, drawn from several places within the text, follows on perfectly with the theme of fullness and positive, vibrant expectancy.

Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.
Madeleine L’Engle

Linda: I channeled a great deal of material in the fall and winter of 1992-1993 in conjunction with my own energy work. Where the following words are italicized, “Spirit” is being directly quoted. The words of spirit move in and out of my words as if we are one. Ultimately, we are one. At the end, there is a guided meditation on “Joy.” You may find it helpful to read the meditation onto a tape, using any of your own words to customize and expand the ideas. When you are ready to meditate, relax, and listen to the tape.

Joy is a Divine quality. It is that deep feeling of connecting and humming with the Universe. We often misunderstand joy. In our misunderstanding of joy, we try to approximate it with happiness. The emotion of happiness is far less expressive than the energy of joy. When we embrace joy, we unite with the heart and joy of God.

Joy is something you need to cultivate for yourselves. Joy goes beyond your personal boundaries. It goes out and touches others as you let joy grow for yourself. You radiate joy. You are infectious. You can radiate joy from you and touch all those who are open and willing to receive its vibration. Upon being touched by the vibration of joy, one feels as if they have received permission to sigh deeply and relax. What actually happens is that a level of God knowing gets stimulated. We say God knowing rather than realization because the realization is always present. It is just not acknowledged. Joy pushes back the curtain, and allows the knowing to radiate.

The radiation of joy lets you extend your understanding of self. You let an even deeper level of joy come forward. You let joy move through you and radiate out from you. You allow yourself to feel and celebrate your expanded being. You are moving in larger than life scope, and begin to touch and feel the joy, light and love that you are. Assistance with the transmission of these feelings has been attributed to the angelic quarters of the Universe. If you are willing to engage and accept your multidimensional nature, you may articulate that part of yourselves that you would call angelic.

The angelic vibration is on earth to help you to understand and transmit the joy and love of God. This, we would remind you, is an act that begins with self. Earth operates on a plan of free will. An individual must make the first move to allow and bring joy into their life. This has not happened as often as it might on the earth plane. In the past, it was felt the way to God was through pain and suffering. There are many ways home. Why not choose joy and love?

The joy and love of God are not things to be taken lightly. The joy in the awareness of your self as a consciousness is magnificent. It is this awareness and the thrill of being part of the Creator’s plan that is what you are here to express. The feelings of joy and love play on your inner tone and light enhancing and deepening your ability to radiate them in the world. Joy is an expression of your Divine Nature.


Joy is a pattern. It has a structure. The pattern of joy is unique to each individual. In its uniqueness, it can lock and build with another’s joy pattern. Many patterns of joy can lock together to create a much larger pattern of joy. Soon, you will have a pattern of you which can be used as the structure for other things to be created.

All things are possible in this Universe for it is an expression the Divine. We ask you why not more joy and love? What is Love? Love is an open energy field. It is a very open and broad pattern. This energy field has as its characteristic the ability to open to and support anything you wish to introduce to it. Once something is introduced into unconditional love, love opens to receive it, and love will support it totally, without reservation. There is no judgment, only support. Unconditional love only has “yes” as its vocabulary. It is up to the receiver to honor its gift and use it wisely.

When unconditional love is offered human to human, you find the person offering unconditional love must stand totally in and receive the unconditional love for themselves. When and only when this is done, may they act as a vehicle for this energy to pass through them to another. The minute you limit love in anyway to your self, it stops being unconditional love and starts to be conditioned. You are offering a conditioned love at that point. The love you offer will continue to be conditioned, until you are willing to open and receive the unconditional love into your self.

We will come to realize that we are moving from a place of accepted limits to a place without limits. At the moment, this place is beyond our comprehension. When we think in terms of embracing or offering love without limits, we are offering the deepest level of Divine we are capable of expressing at that moment. The Divine in us is always totally present and offering all of itself for our enlivenment. We have only to open, ask for and receive it into our lives.


Unconditional love acts in many ways. We would like to bring your attention to the way it can animate creation. When you watch a creative act begin, you are watching light and sound. You are watching parts of the Creator move into manifest form. The animation comes when the creation is acknowledged and loved. The unconditional love helps to bring the manifestation into being. It helps to bring it life.

Unconditional love is not the only way to bring something life, but, we would suggest it is a powerful way. The power of the sound, light, and love joined in manifestation is represented over and over in your world by three of the trinity. It must be noted that three forms a plane, or better yet, a platform. It is a platform giving the creation a firm base to rest on. This is support at its deepest level. It is the place to rest one’s creation of firm ground, so that, it might operate clearly and beautifully in the world.

This is not the love that many of you look for in your life. The nature of unconditional love helps to build a place for you to stand in creation. Then, you, the creation, must stand and manifest in kind. It has none of the associations of romantic or sentimental love.

Unconditional love runs deep within all of creation. It is part of the Creator’s initial patterning. When you are able to let go of your ideas about love and rest in unconditional love, you will truly understand what it is to be loved. You may then find that you are able to express this kind of love in your life. First expressing it for your self, then, expressing it for others in your life. Finally, using unconditional love as part of your own process of creation.

We extend to you our deepest unconditional love. This love may be used to help you rebuild the platform you have to stand on. It is important to recognize this as a pump priming. When you allow unconditional love from another to move through you, it touches the places in you where you have been hiding from your own deep love. It gently opens those places that they might receive the love first from others, then from deep within your own Divine Center. When you open to that love within you, you become totally animated, totally alive, totally in love. It is this love that you can move into the world and express. It is an expression of your deepest Divine.


Moving into the flow of unconditional love puts us in touch with an even deeper aspect of our Divine Self. Joy is a supporting partner of unconditional love. Joy is an expression of our Divinity. We can allow joy and unconditional love to teach us all they have to show us and express with us. It is with the flow of unconditional love that we open the doors of a deep Universe and move into that experience.


Meditation on Joy

To begin your moments of stillness and quiet, choose a place that is good for meditation. Sit in a comfortable position. Gently close your eyes. Move your focus to the center of your chest. Feel the rhythm of your breath. Feel where you are right now. Focus on your body and relax deeply into it. Let light flow to any sore or tight spots in your body.

Allow the light to fill you in a most gentle, easy way until you are surrounded by it. Breathe a few more times slowly and with comfort. See the column of light that you are. Let it continue to expand. Let it show you the expanse of yourself.

Let the flow of energy join you to the Heart of the earth and the Heart of the universe. The three Heart centers moving in total harmony deep within your self. Stay with the flow of energy until you are comfortable in it. Totally immerse your self in the energy. Enjoy being the column of light that you are.

Bring your awareness back to your Heart center. Ask for assistance, from your angelic self. Feel the total love available to you as your angelic self responds to you. Ask to be moved deeply into your Center. Rest there for a moment and feel the comfort in who you are. Let the communication deepen between you and your angelic self. Feel the total love your angelic self has for you. Respond with your love.

Focus in your Heart center. Ask to be shown the pattern for your joy. Watch the pattern for a while, and notice what it is like. Is it bright and shiny? Are parts of it a little tarnished from disuse? Just notice, do not judge or worry about it. We are going to put this pattern into action now.

Be aware of the light flowing from the Heart of the universe through your Heart to the Heart of the earth and back again. Let the light move in a figure eight from the Heart of the earth to the Heart of the universe crossing over in your Heart. Observe the three flows of light. They are moving together as one. One flow of light is from your Heart, one from the Heart of the universe and one from the Heart of the earth. Allow the lights to move together through your Heart center, filling your pattern of joy. Let the light fill and move through the pattern. You are weaving light. You are creating a fabric of joy. As you weave, allow the joy you are creating to fill every cell in your body. Take a little time. Last count you had a lot of cells in your body. As the cells in your body fill with joy, allow the extra to spill over and begin to fill your whole energy field. Fill all of you.

Let the joy bring the communication with your angelic self to a deeper level. Thank your angelic self. Open to the love flowing to you from deep inside. Receive and return the love. Let it fill you and couple with your joy.

Sit for a moment and feel the joy and love. Feel it in your entire body. Feel it around your body. Feel it radiating in the room you are sitting in. Let it radiate to the world. Feel joy! Feel Love! Let it support you. Let joy hold you. En-joy it!

To end the meditation, release the images and center in your own Heart and Light again. Allow your Light to fill you. When you feel full and complete, give your self a hug and go back into your day. Spreading joy everywhere you go!

To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.
Mark Twain

Linda Saurenman is known for helping people re-discover their psychic and spiritual talents, for reading energy, and healing. She works as a channel, reader, healer, and teacher in Southern California. For the past 30 years, her work has been heart centered and focused on opening her students to their own guidance. Her greatest joy comes from her students using their spiritual talents to channel, read, and heal energy while finding their own information. In 1993, she published “Patterns of Oneness,” written in partnership with her guides. This small book is another avenue to bring students to an awareness of their deepest selves.

Besides her own guides, Linda has studied with many teachers. She learned about Astrology and Huna from Isabel Hickey in the early 1970’s. Linda honed her skill at reading energy and healing at the Berkeley Psychic Institute with Lewis Bostwich and Michael Tamura. She studied with Mary Margaret Moore and Bartholomew in the 80’s and 90’s, and is currently working with Natalie Gianelli, Dr. Peebles, and the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, as channeled through Wendy Kennedy and Nora Herold.

If you would enjoy reading the entire contents of “Patterns of Oneness,” Linda has it posted on her site. Or, if you are interested in purchasing Linda’s book, you can contact her at:

Her book is a little gem for those interested in letting their Light shine more brightly!

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Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes
your smile can be the source of your joy.
Thich Nhat Hanh

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  1. Wow – this is truly awesome… I am going to read it again and again. There’s so much nourishment in these words…

    • I’m so glad this message on “joy” hit the heart spot for you. I feel privileged that Linda allowed me to post it. She’s great! Thanks for stopping by SunnyCat. Wishing you all the best

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