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Your life is a thread. It either breaks or it doesn’t.
Oladah Equiano, a prominent African involved
in the British movement to abolish the slave trade

In the art of astrology, there are “event charts” that mark the moment something significant happens, such as a personal event like a marriage, a birth, or death, or nationally when a country’s constitution is born and subsequently in the elections and inaugurations of the leader of the country. An event chart, when compared to a natal birth chart and its current transits and progressions, is often remarkable in the ways “the event” speaks to timing—for instance, to the moment of death when the soul is released from this level of life. Though it may outwardly appear so, there are no mistakes or accidents as to the spiritually, pre-chosen moment of transition.

Last week highlighted our circle of friends, a few who were coping with several challenging situations, as well as happy occasions for one whose daughter married and another who retired after 34 years of contented employment. Sadly, for one dear friend, it was just a matter of time until we would hear that he had passed on. The call came Saturday morning. He’d passed at 3 a.m.

The silver cord severed, he was now free of his physical body. The Angel presiding over such matters, accompanied by his own guardian angel and other loved ones from the spirit world, escorted him happily to the other side. I’m sure many awaited this energetic, extroverted, vibrant soul. The welcoming crowd was joyous! Gladly, with his work complete here, he has gone Home once again to rest and consider new possibilities and horizons to explore.

Marking the time of his soul’s departure, the overall tenor of the event chart highlights numerous testimonies that, in this brief window of time, it was generally strenuous, straining, and filled with tension. The chart’s central feature is a mutable Grand Cross, the Cross being the most stressful configuration in astrology. The power of the Cross is further emphasized by the involvement of the Nodal axis—signifying vital moments of evolutionary destiny. The Virgo Moon, as the influential ruler of the event chart and also the indicator of our friend, had just separated from a square to the Nodal axis (South Node in Gemini, North Node in Sagittarius) and from her opposition to dissipative Neptune in watery Pisces. Perhaps the conflicts of these planetary energies at such great odds with one another were simply too potent, which forced the separation of his spirit from a weakened physical vehicle—a moment of his personal destiny within the context of his life’s plan.

In the next link, the Moon carries the light from Neptune, ruler of the 10th house, translating its influence to Pluto, the God of death and rebirth. It’s interesting that the ruler of and planets in the 10th house can reveal whether the medical treatment will succeed in overcoming the illness. He almost died from a chemotherapy treatment, Neptune being associated with drugs and also generally, in such a situation as this, with the weakening and withdrawal of one’s vital spirit. The Virgo Moon then quickly casts her light from Pluto across the chart to a taxing opposition to Chiron, the one who can bestow the grace of healing. Always hungry for change, Pluto is associated with one’s mortality and the ability to bring matters to a dramatic climax, sometimes in a severe fashion that breaks open the space for a new chapter. Pluto is in the 6th house, an area of the chart that denotes weakness, illness, disease, and doctors.

The event chart not only contains the tightening, culminating square of Uranus and Pluto, both in retrograde “retracing” motion (meaning the strength of the energies are turned inward), but also is highlighted by the potent Mars-Saturn conjunction in Libra (at 26-27° respectively). The co-rulers of the 8th house of irrevocable change and of death, with Aquarius on the cusp, are Saturn (the Grim Reaper) and Uranus (the awakener). The doctors initially gave him more months to live, but with all these difficult planetary “cross” energies woven into the context of the chart, it suggests a relentless depletion and a more abrupt separation. Some sort of drastic change or transformation seems inescapable.

According to Nina Gryphon, in her August 15 Newsletter (2012), “Mars-Saturn conjunctions are a well-known medieval Arabic astrological method for determining approximate timing of bad events.” In traditional astrology, Mars and Saturn are considered naturally “malefic” planets, so Nina concludes, “it stands to reason that when they meet in the sky, their influences work synergistically to indicate particularly bad events.” In some instances, they are the bringers of death, both being allied with the potential for harm and loss.

Moreover, as the triggering or catalyzing agent of significant events, Mars is known as the planetary keeper of timing. The energies of Mars are aligned with the process of elimination, sometimes via death. The transiting Mars-Saturn conjunction reinforces its impact as it is less than a 1° orb of perfecting a trine to the natal Gemini Ascendant (at 27°14′), the point which describes his level of vitality and health or its lack. It is an applying aspect and thus reveals an upcoming (influential) effect regarding his physical body and life energies. He simply drifted into an easy unconsciousness (trine) and gently, quietly stopped breathing (Air signs of Gemini and Libra) a few mornings later.

On the human level, many people would likely consider the outward suffering due to a swiftly acting cancer and the death of their loved one a significantly “bad event.” The pain felt by those “left behind” is real and momentous. But for others who live from the context of a spiritual perspective, the truth is there is no death but simply a soft passing from the outer to the inner, sunlit level of life, much like moving from one room of a house to another. This is a particularly apt description in the Moon’s separating opposition with Neptune, the planet of transcendence. The Neptunian influence is further heightened in its exact trine to natal Saturn in the powerful 1st house—his spirit was ready to depart from the body. In the event chart, this notion of a grace-filled transition is additionally upheld with all three of the “benefic” influences of Venus, Jupiter, and the Part of Fortune (known as “fortuna”) in the 12th house, the area of the chart associated with sad events and loss, withdrawal from the world, a final confining illness in a hospice bed, the anguish for his family, and also with death.

Not only is the transiting Mars-Saturn conjunction of 26° in a “critical degree” of a rapidly acting Cardinal sign (Libra), symbolizing a crisis point, but the Mars-Saturn conjunction is also in an exact (partile) square to his natal Nodes in Cancer-Capricorn, spanning the 2nd-8th house axis of the birth chart. This means the Mars-Saturn conjunction is in what is termed a “Nodal degree,” which occasionally points to a “fateful” event beyond the control of the person, such as a tragedy or fatality. From a spiritual viewpoint, perhaps “pre-selected at a soul level” is a better way to describe such a potentiality.

Traditionally considered to be another of the “malefic” forces, the natal South Node in Capricorn is in the 8th house, which is an area of declining ebb toward death and considered an entirely unfortunate house. The South Node in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn (the planet of limitation), with Saturn the ruler of the 8th house in the natal chart! Because the Mars-Saturn conjunction activated the natal Nodes (indicating new pathways), it fittingly symbolized the potential for a major shift in his life’s journey, suggesting he was ready to embark on his next piece of personal work. His duties, responsibilities, and life lessons (all matters ruled by Saturn) were complete on the physical level. The last word of an evolutionary chapter of his soul (the Nodal axis) had been written.

The other prominent planetary pattern in the event chart is formed from the awkward or disjointed energies of a Yod, what has been termed the “Finger of God.” This spiritual configuration, said to represent the “presence of the divine” in terms of a powerful destiny, is formed from the beneficial link between retrograde Pluto and Chiron, both pointing toward the apex planet—Mercury in Leo on the 2nd house cusp. All are at 7°, which amplifies its compelling effect. In an amazing synchronicity, the ruler of the natal chart is Mercury (thus associated with the body), and transiting Mercury in the event chart sits at 7°22′ Leo. Natal Pluto is 7°36′ Leo! As the unpredictable and volatile force of liberation, transiting Uranus at 8° Aries connects closely with natal Pluto in a harmonious trine, hence also with the transiting Mercury sitting at that same degree. Certainly, our friend’s moment of passing suggests the undeniable presence of Divine Timing!

The wake up and move on nature of Uranus is further evident in its prominence in the event chart. Transiting Uranus is highly visible in the most public 10th house, thus powerful as an angular planet, suggesting its effect is strong and what it signifies will attract a lot of attention. The angular Uranus, as ruler of 8th house of death, indicates the disease (cancer) will be highly damaging. In his widespread circle of friends and colleagues (as an internationally respected scientist, with Uranus also ruling the 9th house of foreign countries and travels/foreigners), his passing has sent a ripple far and wide, with his memorial to be held at a renowned Forestry Center—a limelight event as portrayed by the involvement of the prestige-bestowing 10th house.

Furthermore, transiting Uranus in the event chart amplifies its effect as it separates from a challenging square with a confined Venus in the 12th house, Venus being the dispositor of the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Libra, while Pluto opposes Venus from the 6th house. Transiting Uranus also precisely opposes an exact, progressed conjunction of Venus-Mars in Libra in the natal chart! So the web that upsetting Uranus spins entangles the forces of both Mars and Saturn (ruler of the natal 8th house and co-ruler of event chart’s 8th house). In the natal chart, Uranus is secreted in the 12th house, with another strand of the web activated as an exact, progressed conjunction of Mercury-Jupiter exactly squares Uranus!

As noted above, Mercury is the ruler of the natal chart, with these laser-focused energies playing upon his physical body, which confirms ancient astrological wisdom regarding the powerful influence and strength of the ascendant ruler. Plus, Mercury is the ruler of the 4th house of endings and of the return to the Source in both the natal and event charts.

And with so many of these aspects being exact, there was essentially no wiggle room in the soul’s agenda that he would trek on to the next level. This evolutionary movement of life to the inner level is echoed in a larger planetary cycle with the exact conjunction of the progressed Moon to the natal Sun in the 1st house, marking the beginning of an entirely new phase, a new life!

Finally, transiting Jupiter, described as the Great Liberator and planet of fortunate opportunities, plays its significant role as yet another of the psychopomps and in further weaving the energies together (adding to what has already been noted above)—sealing the destiny. Astrologer Dana Gerhardt said she “once heard the great astrologer and data collector Lois Rodden discussing death. I was surprised when she said that benefic Jupiter was often involved,” as it frequently is in death charts. The natal Mars-Jupiter conjunction at 25°59′ Leo was precisely touched by the transiting Sun in Leo at 26°, which is linked in a harmonious sextile to the transiting Mars-Saturn conjunction at 26-7° Libra. These planets are in close proximity to Regulus, the Fixed Star at 29° Leo, one of the Royal Stars of ancient Persia and known as the “Heart of the Lion” in Leo, reiterating the theme of “success.” Transiting Jupiter at 13° Gemini exactly conjuncts the progressed natal Uranus at that precise degree in the 12th house, describing the sudden separation and freedom of his spirit from the confines of the body. Both planets naturally describe Liberation into larger worlds that offer an overall enhanced vision, and Jupiter generally denotes a successful outcome!

In the early mornings hours, at about the time our friend passed on, my husband had a vivid, noteworthy dream. He came upon a house, which was not familiar to him, but with his characteristic big smile and full of joy out the door came our friend to greet Chris. He wrapped Chris in the warmest, biggest hug they’d ever shared, as though long-lost friends had been happily reunited at last. We had not seen our friend in several years after he and his wife moved to another state. The dream left Chris with the peaceful sense that all was and is entirely well with our dear friend. He has much new work to do when he is ready to take up fresh adventures.

As long as life is lived through the mind and the body,
it will be impossible to live the life of our real identity
and share the joyous experience of communion with
one another that comes once we have gone beyond the body
and the mind of a person and reached the realm of his Soul.
Joel Goldsmith, Living Between Two Worlds

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