Posted by: Zane Maser | September 21, 2012


Whatever I allow to permeate my consciousness
becomes my outer reality.
Focus magnifies it.

Every word we think, speak, and write matters. A single word can make all the difference in whether we rise or fall attitudinally and whether we are in harmony and at peace inwardly. The basis of ease and dis-ease resides in how we think, in the words that collectively represent our state of consciousness at any given moment. The entire range of our words, which are our thoughts spoken and unspoken, combine to symbolize who we are—in totality—on a vibratory, energetic level. In this regard, it’s relevant to ask: Would I like to meet myself?

Consider the following sets of examples on the strength of how one word casts its tone, moving the energy, thought, and action in its direction:

• You failed your exam.
• You passed your exam.

• I have selected you for this important position.
• I have chosen another for this important position.

• Your child is very sick. She may not live through this episode.
• Your child is healthy. She will live a robust life.

• You have no monetary funds to meet any of your needs.
• You have plenty of money available for all your needs.

• I’m going to fight you in court.
• Let’s resolve this issue between us.

• Our country has declared war.
• Our country is enjoying peace.

• That’s false.
• That’s true.

A word is like a magnet. It draws to itself.
Every word is powerful in its own right.
It can be a blessing—or not.
Choose your words wisely.

• I envy you.
• I congratulate you.

• I resist what’s happening.
• I accept this situation.

• You are so harsh.
• You are so kind.

• I loathe you. I’m leaving you.
• I love you. I want to be together always.

• I believe in Satan and his mischievous helpers.
• I believe in God and the angelic protectors.

Think back over your life and recall a significant turning point(s) when a single word made all the difference, when its profound effect changed your life. In this way, you can feel deep inside yourself why every word matters. Not surprisingly, the word “love” has the highest quality or frequency, because it is the greatest power in the Universe. Love is the single most important word of all time.

In truth, the most important words are those Words
that cometh out of the mouth of God,
first received inwardly in the still silence
and then paving our way outwardly through Divine Grace.

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  1. Great reminder for us all!

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