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Astrologers love to forecast doom and gloom for some reason,
and in today’s world of intense energy shifts and change
many readers of things astrological tend to filter astrological
information through their lens of fear.
Lynn Hayes, Astrological Musings blog, August 11

In keeping on with the theme that concepts, symbols, and words matter, I had an instructive experience recently that opened my eyes! It occurred the two planetary gods—revolutionary Uranus and powerful Pluto—were about to square off precisely (in a 90° alignment that tends to instigate challenges and strife.) This potent planetary pattern is suggestive of enormous releases, changes, symbolic and literal “deaths” on all levels, and, at its best, a re-emergence into higher, more authentic ways of being and living.

This is BIG news for our personal, collective, political, and cultural lives. The interaction of these two “astral players” is, in some respects, the defining astrological explanation for what is occurring on the world stage and in our own lives right now (until March 2015). As a dominating influence, it is described as “era-changing” and as a central factor in humanity’s “great spiritual reconstruction.” For those of us who are astrologically versed, it provides the archetypal context—and hence greater understanding and acceptance—for the magnitude of startling shifts that are transpiring, sometimes daily.

That said, unless you know about this dynamic configuration in the symbolic language of astrology, it is neither a personal reality nor the explanation for the massive effects happening worldwide. Otherwise, the multiplicity of current alterations and adjustments may simply appear to be or described as the expressions of some segments of humanity that are more reactive and moving toward greater extremes, creating what seems to be a world all stirred up and on fire—uncertain, anxious, and stressed to the max.

Coming from an astrological mindset, my illuminative experience gave me a totally different (and new) perspective. It was a truly insightful incident for me. We had been invited to a cozy dinner gathering with a few friends who all seemed quite upbeat and peaceful in mind and heart. They were untroubled. In a striking contrast to my planetary worldview with its distinct archetypal representatives (and hence reasons) playing out right now, none of them, as non-astrological consumers, were experiencing a Uranus/Pluto “red alert” of impending “doom and gloom,” as Lynn Hayes describes it above, such that world collapse is imminent at any moment. Lynn calls it upping the “astrological anxiety,” which of course escalates tension. Our unworried friends were clueless on this “cosmic” level of explanation, and, it seemed to me, the better for it in terms of general ease!

Here’s a perfect example, given by Lynn, regarding the effect that words can have and the distress they can generate, written at the time (August 15) when Mars and Saturn occupied the same degree of Libra:

Even Richard Nolle, an astrologer I greatly respect, reports in his August forecast “it’s a time to be on the alert for danger due to the haste, recklessness or outright malice of — including mass shootings and other especially heinous crimes. Be safety-conscious. Steer clear of conflict and danger as best you can.”

Another astrologer, Ralfee Finn, from the Aquarium Age, writes of this planetary union: “A Mars/Saturn conjunction is characterized as a pernicious interaction that tends toward negativity or violence.” Fortunately, she goes on to say, “At best, it is an opportunity to bring greater awareness to personal patterns of assertion and/or aggression with significant others, especially habitual reactions that may not accurately reflect your consciousness, intention, or heart.”

Some astrologers, like the daily media, fill their “celestial” information with an energetic signature that further heightens people’s already-strained and jangled nervous systems from the cumulative overload due in part to a frenetic pace and lifestyle. Every astrologer and newsperson plants positive or negative seeds through the words and images they use, whether consciously or unconsciously, such that whatever is sent out repeatedly tends to germinate. If the “consumer” focuses on the “possibilities” (rather than the probabilities) long enough, through a feeding frenzy of continuous negative input, mental seeds of worry and fear inevitably sprout and grow in a garden of thought that is not constantly, selectively weeded of “mental ideas” and beliefs that increasingly foster a disaster mentality that leaps into the future.

Here’s an astrological example of a more balanced presentation for our strenuous times, which does not minimize them but rather provides a beacon of light and hope [so sorry, I failed to jot the astrologer’s name]:

“We live in reckless, destructive times. But seen another way, the world is in the process of recreating itself, and we are weaving change and upheaval into the fabric of our new future as we go along.”

One further illustration suggests a reasonable, constructive approach to evaluating astrological predictions, such as those that describe the transformative Uranus/Pluto square, posted by Dipali Desai at Celestial Space:

“Remember, planets do not cause anything. They symbolize things happening (already) within Consciousness…. Do your best not to be fatalistic when you speak or think about astrological transits and planets. Think about it differently and you may just feel more empowered than before.”

Like anything else, the art of astrology is neither good nor bad. Its interpretation and presentation rests on the integrity, care, and wisdom of its practitioners. As purveyors of astrological content and its potential influence, we are spiritually responsible for the words we choose to convey the cosmic symbols and larger cycles that are the clockwork of the Universe. All the Truth contained in the mystical literature of the world reveals that what matters most is the observation of and devoted care toward the smallest things. Each thought, word, gesture, and act are enormously significant when discerned spiritually. It ALL matters.

“Whatsoever a man [or woman] soweth, that shall he
[or she] also reap… and with what measure ye mete,
it shall be measured to you again.”

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