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So live that at any moment you are able to
send out the [spiritual] light.
It means that you become the light and in that sense you
can be sending out the light always.
Be filled with light in yourself and always be thinking
the right thoughts.
White Eagle

There are some very friendly, approachable dogs in the world. Happy and easy going. They want to be loved. Yet other dogs send the instant message, “come any closer, invade my space, and the consequences will be dire.” People are exactly the same in the subtle but readable atmosphere they exude. The tenor of one individual sends the “signal” that it’s okay to engage me, while the natural quality of another is stand clear, “I’m unreceptive.” Then there’s the whole attitudinal spectrum in between that must be intercepted and decoded. This is the language of energy. Pretty simple, right?

The real legacy we create is the energy we are transmitting in the present moment. This is our unique, vibrational signature—the center from which we broadcast. It is the dominant theme that constitutes you and me as beings of energy.

Take a quick moment to reflect about your most significant relationship. Now, write a list of 5-10 words that depict in general terms the “energy dynamics” between the two of you. Cooperative? Helpful? Ambivalent and blasé? Argumentative? A constant dual of who’s right? What sort of energy dance is typical between you? Consider how you interact energetically with your boss, a sibling, a niece or nephew, the neighbor you most (or least) enjoy, your closest friend, and your mother? Pretty illuminating, isn’t it, how the Law of Energetic Attraction draws, rivets, or repels us? The range of dynamics we create in each relationship is its own unique dance of energies that either interact positively or aligns not at all.

Everything in the Universe is one gigantic, interactive
relationship of energy.
Chris Maser

What about your favorite classical composer, singer, or the genre of music you undoubtedly move toward. What is their energetic language or style like? Gentle and calming? Boldly powerful and variable? Does their mode match your own energetic signal in some way or is it quite different from your way of being yet is a sublime attractant?

The actual soul tone you were born with, as your energy print, can be its most powerful and striking now. There will never be a better Cosmic time than the present for us to move inward and downward to explore the deepest regions of our psyche’s underworld, since Saturn, the ringed planet of single-minded attainment, has moved into the regenerative sign of Scorpio (authentic power and interior wealth). Only here, in the shadowy depths of our emotional labyrinth, can we discover and encounter the hidden places where our energy is blocked, stuck, subverted, repressed, fragmented, and deadened.

As below in the emotional soup,
so above in our energy signal.

In the next 2 ½ years or so, with Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn engaged in their “mutually receptive,” strengthening role, we have a tremendous opportunity to make what is unconscious conscious—all our buried psychological baggage—by elevating it into the light of day to be purged, cleansed, healed, renewed, and transformed. Scorpio and Pluto combined are as deep as it gets! As a trusted planetary partner, Pluto signifies the principle that will assist us in excavating our original “essence” and “purity.” Alas, only then can our energy signal once again be clear and pristine, at its most authentic, powerful, and influential level.

The color black is linked with Saturn, Pluto, and Scorpio. In tune with the current times, here’s a simple but significant example of something small that will shift energy upwards. Give up wearing black. Only a select few people can wear it successfully, according to Carol Tuttle, who created “Dressing Your Truth” as a typological system for selecting colors that resonate and harmonize with our inherent type of vibration.1

We have been taught that black is a standard part of any fashionable wardrobe—you know, that little black dress or slacks you can accessorize to work properly for a variety of occasions. Is black truly a color/energy that works for and on you? If not, then scan your wardrobe. Are there any pieces of black clothing hanging in your closet or taking up space in drawers? If you are not naturally the “type” who can wear black as a part of your energetic truth and signature of beauty, engage in the joy of renovating your wardrobe by jettisoning all black articles of clothing and feel how much your energy tone lightens instantly. Simple but significant!

Our internal climate creates our outside environment of energy. The transformation is to vibrate in a conscious manner. Be aware of being aware of the energy you are sending out at any given moment. Let your magnificent signal sound. All of Creation awaits the pure expression of you!

Stand forth in your distinctive signal, joining others in theirs. Imagine countless people in this courageous pursuit of clearing their own emotional barriers and debris to be a strong unified note of Love. The music from Planet Earth can then be heavenly!

What if at the inner, higher level of life there is a
“screen” that reveals our energy signal.
At this level of life, nothing is hidden.
Our vibration lights up what we are internally clear as day!
How would the screen “light up” when your signal is
active sending out its characteristic signature?

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1. In case you are interested, Carol Tuttle gives her “Type #4” the green light to wear black. It’s a stunning color for them! Check out her illuminating, typology work at her website: Dressing Your Truth

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