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Bless the LORD, all you angels, mighty in strength
and attentive, obedient to every command.
Psalm 103:20

Angels come in a myriad of sizes and shapes, colors and dress, for varying purposes, according to Lorna Byrne, the woman who saw angels almost continually as a small child while growing up in her native Ireland. Now a world famous author, she is the blessed lady with “angels in her hair!” The spiritual teacher, White Eagle, often talked about angels and their constant presence: “Through all the ages, God has never left [people] without knowledge of the invisible worlds. [People] have always walked the earth with angels. The human race, whether it knows it or not, is still under the guardianship of God’s angels.”1 Imagine the splendid hierarchy of angels, since it’s real!

And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels
round about the throne and the living creatures
and the elders: and the number of them was ten thousand
times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands….
Revelation 5:11, KJV (2003)

Coming on wings of light from the transcendent dimension of harmony and love, angels were appointed as the messengers from heaven. In fact, the word “angel” means a heavenly messenger, the one who has been given “charge over thee.”

Because many tend to live from the three-dimensional reality of the material, conditioned mind—“through a glass, darkly”—they have no true concept of the glorious magnificence of angels, who are very near as they act steadfastly for our constant benefit and upliftment, as our protectors and guides. “A light indescribably brilliant rises from the crown of the head of these beings and encircles the form,” White Eagle explains, “a radiance which may be seen in the form of wings of light.” The angels are our trusted guardians that illumine the way on our appointed Path.

There is help out there. All you have to do is ask.
Lorna Byrne

Angels have their own special level of development in the Cosmic scheme, one that is higher than the “evolutionary stream” we humans progress along. They are the instruments through which Spirit manifests Itself in matter. Consider them as the “inner guardians” of all life. Having their distinct realm, wherein their work of caring for humanity and this planet is carried out, they are celestial beings that act as intermediaries or emissaries between Heaven and Earth. Thus, they never incarnate on the human level with its multiplicity of expressions. Recall the classic Christmas tale of “The Bishop’s Wife,” wherein Dudley (Cary Grant), the handsome angel, responded to the desperate prayers for divine guidance from Bishop Henry Brougham (David Niven) when he asked for help to build his church’s new cathedral. Dudley was “the bishop’s angel” temporarily.

Our Guardian Angel

It is heart soothing to know we are always accompanied on our life’s journey. Not a single step is taken alone. Our guardian angel, as well as the beautiful form of Divine Mother, is present at the first breath our soul takes at physical birth until the final breath when we pass gently into the Realm of Infinite Light and Love—birthed once again into the spiritual life. White Eagle assures us that, “angels also attend the birth of even the smallest creature, because these too are heavenly manifestations of an invisible power.”

The intricate detail of Divine Provision includes the angels’ awareness prior to and then loving preparation for all persons who are getting ready to make their transition from the physical body and life—the “call” to return to one’s true Home. It is said the angels draw close during this pre-transition time to comfort, strengthen, assure, and bring serenity not only to the soul about to pass heavenward but also to family and friends who must keep on keeping on with hope and faith when their loved one withdraws physically. The Angel of Death could be likened to the holy mother, a gracious energy that exudes perfect tenderness, calmness, and love.

Here is White Eagle’s description of the moments prior to and after transition:

“Angels encompass the one about to leave his or her physical body. The spirit about to be freed arises from that body through the head, rises as you can rise in your meditations, but without the dull pull you all feel from the body left behind. The cord is severed, and then the spirit is free and borne on angel’s wings to its new beautiful home, where all is made ready. Once there the spirit is laid gently on a soft couch facing what you would call open windows, or a space in the room open to the air. The perfume of flowers from the garden of the home steals in. In the reception room or chamber where the spirit lies resting, those who love that dear one are waiting so that as soon as consciousness awakens, the new arrival is greeted by someone beloved and familiar. Remember that there is always someone who loves waiting in the spirit world for those who pass on; no one journeys from the earth to the world of spirit without meeting with a loving welcome, because every living soul has some loved one in the world of spirit.”2

Realize this encouraging fact as well, that a gathering of angelic beings attends and witnesses all significant events in our lives. There is always an angelic contingent present to share our joy, such as to bless the union at wedding ceremonies, or to support us at tragic, debilitating moments. When we require a restorative cure, on whatever level of our being, angels of healing attend to us with ultimate compassion and love.

Then the angel showed me the river of life-giving water,
sparkling like crystal, flowing from the throne
of God and of the Lamb.
Revelation 22:1

The communication link between our guardian angel and us happens via the psychic centers of the etheric body, which is the subtle body that interpenetrates our physical body. These seven main centers are termed the chakras, which are channels or windows of communion. As we learn to discipline and quiet our thoughts and emotions, we can more readily tune in with (in-tuition) and hear inwardly the guidance from our angelic partner, who also aids us to attune to higher planes within the inner world of Eternal Life.

Learning the specific lessons our soul chose to accomplish in this lifetime is not always an easy task, but the angel by our side watches at all times. Every knee scrap, disappointment, and defeat brings empathy and sustainment from our angel. Its wings of light hold us while we gather our strength for yet another segment of personal instruction in the school of Earthly Life, for our angel makes sure we are at the correct place, at the correct time, surrounded by the right people to undertake those specific learning moments within the “plan of our destiny.”3

For God commands the angels to guard you in all your ways.
Psalm 91:11

A Hierarchy of Angelic Beings

Moving from our personal guardian angel, there is the whole, infinite realm of angels and the tasks they are appointed to fulfill, according to occult tradition. Wee angels lovingly care for nature and the elements that comprise it. Angels above these small ones direct them, while other angelic presences tend the trees, rivers, valleys, hills, and mountains. Then there are even greater angels that govern the natural world in its entirety—Angels of the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water elements whose work is to oversee all the little elementals linked to these basic building blocks of life. Those who attend a concert, where pleasing music is played and who possess inner sight, watch the graceful angels of music fashion “indescribably lovely forms” from the sound, substance, and color that is being created by the vibrations of the music. This is but a small sampling of the many, many types of angelic workers and watchers.

The Seven Archangels

At still a higher level are the angelic messengers from more highly evolved planets who come to inspire us to embody such transcendent qualities as compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, detachment, trust, joy, peace, power, wisdom, and love. There are also the greater angels linked with the Seven Rays of Expression who travel from the heart of the Great Central Sun. White Eagle calls these magnificent beings on this highest, holy tier the Angels of Christ, whose principal mission is to encourage and guide (behind the scenes of life) humanity’s spiritual advancement. Some say they are the guardian angels of the countries with their individual national issues and events. Knowing the Divine Plan, this angelic “intelligence” is at work ceaselessly to help humanity rise above the apparent chaos of its darker moments and periods and to live in a heart-centered way toward attaining perfect cooperation and global unity.

There is no such thing as chance.
Everything works according to the Law….
White Eagle

Derived from a Greek word meaning “chief angel,” the seven principal Archangels around the throne of God are Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Cassiel (or Jophiel), Samael, Haniel, and Zadkiel.4 These illumined Archangels come from the “Christ circle in the heavens.” Astrologically, these Archangels correspond with the seven traditional planets in the bodily order ascribed to them by the Ancients: Saturn (Cassiel or Jophiel), Jupiter (Zadkiel), Mars (Samael), the Sun (Michael), Venus (Haniel), Mercury (Raphael), and the Moon (Gabriel).5 This planetary order, from the traditional perspective, lists Saturn as the “supremest or highest of all the Planets … being placed between Jupiter and the Firmament.”6 However, it is the Archangel of the Sun, the majestic Michael, mounted on his white horse and bearing his shining sword of light and spiritual truth, who oversees all angelic beings and is considered the “supreme leader and director of angelic life in the invisible worlds.”7

I am Raphael, one of the seven angels who enter
and serve before the Glory of the Lord.
Tobit 12:15

Angelic Interventions

In their nearer than breathing companionship with us, angels lend a hand to keep us on the straight and narrow road of our karmic destiny, in countless ways throughout every moment of our physical lifetime. Here are just a few ordinary and major, life-saving examples of Angelic Intervention:

• Lying in bed one morning, I was suddenly alerted that it was my very dear friend’s birthday. I had been so preoccupied with the daily round, I forgot. Thank God my guardian angel clued me to this important remembrance!

• Another dear friend, who lives overseas, never received a card I sent here until over a month later. On a particularly stressful day, she came home to find the card in her mailbox. She said it was the perfect thing to lift her spirits, so that all the difficulties and pain melted away. Her guardian angel was surely the mail person that day!

• While chopping vegetables a few weeks back, I cut my finger quite badly. The profuse bleeding became a wet stream of red. Then, as if by magic, the cut was instantly free of blood, like it had been sealed by the stitches of my angel—sealed and healed, the pain was gone! The cut healed very quickly.

• This summer we had a marvelous abundance of fruit and vegetables in our garden. The enormous black walnut tree next door also had a bumper crop of walnuts. With concrete poured in the late spring, our new driveway was still sparkling clean. Black walnuts have a thick, fleshy coating that stains like crazy when they smash to the ground, especially when it’s wet. So, I asked the angels to protect our clean driveway and the west side of garage from the falling nuts, which in the past, have required Chris to repaint most of that side of our garage, as they make an incredible mess. In spite of the huge number of walnuts that fell this fall, very few hit our driveway. The angelic screen was present!

• As a new bride and inexperienced swimmer, I did a remarkably foolish thing. Going with friends on an outing to the Williamette River—to a bend in the river that is wide and swift—I chose to swim with them across and back, then across and back a second time. Exhausted and struggling to keep my head above water, I was not sure I could make it to the beach on the second return trip. Then, something seemed to give me enough strength to carry me to the river’s edge, gasping, having almost drowned. It had not been my time to pass on. I was protected angelically. Now, I’m a bride of 31 1/2 fabulous years of marriage!

• A woman’s intuition told her not to wear a certain pair of sandals. It was a clear and urgent message! She chose to ignore the angelic warning. As she went out her front door and down the top step, she fell, badly breaking the femur of her right leg. It was her 83rd birthday, and she was about to go out to dinner with her daughter and the daughter’s husband. A week later, after having major leg surgery and never regaining consciousness, she made her transition. She was my mom.

• A man was riding on a horse rounding up stray cows. Moseying along, he suddenly jerked his foot out of the stirrup. A moment later he encountered a barbed wire fence that cut off the stirrup his leg had just been in. It would have sliced off his foot had his guardian not whispered to him to act immediately.

• Working out in nature, a man’s companion was watching the scenery as he walked. All of a sudden, the man was alerted that something was wrong. A coiled rattlesnake was poised to strike between the legs of his companion, who was in mid-stride. In a blur, the man drew his pistol from its holster and shot off the snake’s head before it had the chance to strike. Quick reflexes and angelic instruction saved his friend from a venomous bite.

• A wildlife biologist was set to go to a professional meeting in Colorado. The plans were to fly into Denver, meet up with three other men, and drive together to the meeting. At the very last moment, the biologist had such an uncomfortable feeling about the trip that he cancelled. The car he would have been traveling in was involved in a terrible accident. One man was badly injured; another was killed. His angel guidance saved him from that tragic experience that was not a part of the soul plan for his life.

• A young man was driving home one night, and as he approached an intersection, a car pulled out from the side road. In that instant, time slowed down. In a counter-intuitive act, he tromped on the gas pedal. His car sped ahead going 70 miles per hour as it hit the oncoming car on its left front end. Of the four people involved in the accident, no one was injured. A policeman who investigated the scene later asked the young man if he had stepped on the gas. “Yes I did,” he responded. “That quick move and foresight saved all of your lives,” he told the younger man. Angels must at times have a very heavy foot!


The last four examples of angelic interventions were incidents that happened to my husband, Chris. These are but a few of the occasions when he was spared from death and saved a friend from a dangerous snakebite. The angels have been SUPER busy keeping him safe, because his life’s work is not yet complete!! Angelic triple time duty!!!

The above list could be endless if you too (and others) remembered ALL the moments when you got the gentle (and/or URGENT) nudge to turn on the correct freeway exit just as you were about to zoom on by it or the times when you “knew” not to do or to do something.

So, take a few moments to recollect some of these occurrences from your own life. Your guardian angel has always been with you every second. Smile at the many examples of angelic intervention that have kept your boat sailing smoothly through both the calm and rocky waters of life. And let us all be endlessly grateful!

Angels come upon you unawares. Try to chase them
and catch them with the outer mind and they dissolve
into nothingness. It is all a question of learning to
bring into operation this deeper [inner] consciousness.
Joan Hodgson

A few, quiet Angelic moments

Now, give yourself a few peaceful moments to close your eyes and move gently into your heart. Be aware of the rhythmic inhalations and exhalations of your breath. Consciously stay with it for several life-filling breaths as you connect with your higher self. Allow yourself to feel the comfort and relaxation that your body and mind are experiencing. Stillness. Openness. Receptivity. When you feel ready, talk with your guardian angel. Thank her or him for being with you throughout this lifetime, for all the guidance, support, understanding, and love. Feel enfolded completely in its shimmering wings of Light. Feel the energy of this ever-present link between the two of you and the grace of a continual flow of angelic interventions—whenever you are in need of comfort, reassurance, or simply in feeling that golden bond of Love and Light. Remember the energetic resonance of this enduring connection. It is available to you in every moment.

Please allow your awareness to return to your body where you are sitting. As you are ready, open your eyes gently and rest for a few serene moments. Carry the sense of lightness, joy, and protection with you into the day. Think of your angel as often as you can. The two of you are joined like the equal wings of a heart.

Do not neglect hospitality, for through it some
have unknowingly entertained angels.
Hebrews 13:2

An angelic aside: I just went outside to feed some almonds to our cawing crow, who is quite spoiled. A flock of doves flew over at that moment, part of them stopping on branches at the top of the black walnut tree (mentioned above) and the others alighting on the neighbor’s tree on the northeast side of our home. The gentle dove is my sacred bird! Surely, an angelic nod!



Postscript, February 3, 2013: Here’s an “eye-shining” example of what happens when you don’t listen to the clear and emphatic guidance from your Guardian Angel. Fortunately, the form of THIS particular lesson is reversible. Had the flying piece of wood hit one-half inch further to the right, the eye might have been damaged enough that sight wood have been lost. So listen up….


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Text © by Zane Maser, 2012. Angel photos © by Chris and Zane Maser, 2012. The 2nd and 3rd and 2nd to the last pictures of angels are from WikiCommons. All rights reserved worldwide.

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