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A very dear friend mentioned a word recently that has caused me great pause and reflection: “intrusion.” She was concerned that if she called someone a second time when they had not responded to her phone message that it could be perceived as her being intrusive, a quality not within the bounds of her gentle, thoughtful character.

Since that teachable moment, I’ve been in a poignant episode of self-learning! Grimacing at some of my past behavioral blunders, I’ve recalled many of the times (likely thousands by now!) when I said something or asked an inappropriate question that could well be considered prying, meddling, or even officious. I pray some of these may have also been innocent transgressions or a moment of sheer unawareness.

The Old (late 14th century) French word intrusion means “a thrusting in”—an inappropriate or unwelcome addition, interjection, or visit. No unspoken or spoken invitation has been sent, but we advance nonetheless without permission, whether through a question or arriving unannounced. We offer our opinion, for instance, when it has neither been requested nor is appreciated. We’ve pushed into a space that is not ours. Animals are skilled teachers about violations to their territory. With some, if you invade their physical area, you risk a serious injury, even a fatal error.

On a subtle level, the energetic boundary that surrounds and ideally protects our physical body is known metaphysically as the aura. According to Michael Forrester, this personal space is said to be “about an arm’s length away from your body all the way around, above and below.” For those who can “see” and interpret this auric field—much like an oval egg that encompasses our body—it is filled with shimmering, beautiful colors and patterns when we are in alignment with our essential nature. The presence of emotions, like anger or resentment, show conversely as darkened, muddied colors, similar to a heavy cloud that is suffocating the life out of our tender being.

There are generally a couple of predominant colors that compose our aura. These are the soul qualities innately ours from previous evolutionary growth, as the essence of who we are that can be “felt” by sensitive individuals when in our presence. During our lifetime, as we change and progress spiritually, the colors of our aura may shift to reveal new soul qualities we have attained. Indeed, the colors continue to lighten and become ever clearer and more exquisite.

On a psychological level, the emotional boundary that surrounds and ideally protects our emotional body and well-being is termed our personal boundary. From infancy into childhood, our boundaries evolve naturally within the womb of familial and social learning, derived from a combination of rules, limits, beliefs, attitudes, opinions, and past experiences. In an ideal family setting, wherein each member’s personal space is inviolable and safe, we prosper emotionally, having learned appropriate boundaries that set the permissible ways other people interact with us in a positive, enhancing manner. Such an individual is neither intrusive nor allows inappropriate foreign energy or any form of intrusive treatment to cross their firmly safeguarded personal space. The result is healthy independence and respect for both the Self in another and our own precious Self.

On the other hand, when there is any form of dysfunction in childhood that runs the gamut from physical, sexual, and/or emotional neglect or abuse to abandonment, the young person becomes handicapped in the learning and subsequent healthy ability to set suitable personal boundaries. This impairment occurs along a continuum that runs from a mild lack of boundary preparedness with its minor indiscretions from time to time (both as being intrusive and permitting intrusiveness to the self) to extreme dependence or detachment. The majority of people live somewhere along this scale of propriety, each doing the best we are able at any given moment.

My husband, Chris, had a great character development practice when he was young. This mental exercise of conscious awareness taught him thoughtful consideration for others and accelerated his self-discipline and self-control. He was practicing self-mastery, as well as demonstrating the sanctity of his own and others’ personal space. His was the moment-to-moment, simple but not easy regime of pausing first to: Think before you speak or act. Is it kind? Is the question or comment necessary? Is it my business? His habitual spiritual routine was to first master self and his own thoughts and tongue before the intrusive offense is committed. Plus, no needless karmic debt is incurred!

Those amongst us who now walk the Path of Self-realization and the luminaries of great teachers and Master souls who have already attained the Peaks of Perfection all must undergo rigorous training to be highly sensitive and respectful of the secret heart and inward feelings of each individual life. At a higher stage of development and initiation, the ordeal is to learn to stand guard over all thoughts and spoken words that are in any way probing until the aspirant finally achieves no unloving trespass upon another’s tender heart. With no trace of intrusion possible, a Master soul possesses the ultimate, courteous regard for another’s perceptions, beliefs, and values, for their chosen way of living, and for their religious or spiritual viewpoint. In every gracious encounter, a Master knows they meet the Lord in the other. Theirs is the recognition that the Infinite Spirit is the only life there is. The Divine Consciousness becomes visible as your consciousness and mine, ultimately realized through a holy, perfected life.

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