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Choosing to be in divine alignment is the purest refinement.
Chris Maser


In my astrological birth chart, the three inner planets of Mercury, Venus, and Mars all reside in the fast moving, let’s-get-it-done-as-quickly-as-possible sign of Aries. So, oftentimes, my motto is “okay, what’s the next thing to be done?” Known as the sign of the doer, someone like myself with a strong Aries component in their chart tends to be in forward motion with little patience for idleness, constraints, or detours. Ruled by Mars, the planet of independent action, the Aries individual is the daring one who needs the freedom to dash up ahead of the pack, blazing the trail to the Mountaintop, the first one to witness the pristine panorama. An Aries, as a member of the Cardinal signs of initiative and goal-orientation, likes to move the ball fast, but to stop long enough to experience the pure state of beingness can be a novelty for their restless mentality.

The Aries part of me does a lot of joyous living on the physical, outer level of life, but when it comes to making the commitment (and then keeping that commitment!) in my day for the quiet space—the real space of the inner world—I tend to run out of time! Plus, when I do sit for those periods of luscious renewal, my Mercury-in-Aries mind is often of the ilk of too many minds!! Fortunately, there are other components in my chart, like the Sun in mystically inclined Pisces, which are in many respects more akin to the real world of the inner dimensions than the harsh, superficial rush of the outer landscape. This transcendent side of me that stands on a spiritually secure platform says, “What’s the problem? What’s the hurry? What’s that fragrance of rose I smell? Not to fret, because all well; Divinity present.”

One of the central principles of the iconic “Course In Miracles” is: we tend to be 180° off target when our consciousness is focused solely outwards, an orientation that is based most frequently on fear. Thus, our lack of ease and absence of serenity comes from the insecurity of thinking we would miss out if we didn’t move and have our being in the competitive, worldly sphere of life. We are precisely on target when our consciousness is focused on an inward foundation, a spiritual orientation that is based on love and trust, such that we no longer depend on any human effect or any worldly way of living.


Here we rest and have our being in the Creative Source of Life—a journey to our Core Self that requires no time, distance, or separation. But, it does require setting our priorities aright. This realm beyond all thoughts and words is what Deepak Chopra describes as the “field of Pure Potentiality.” Abraham Maslow, the humanistic psychologist who was an early pioneer of “self-actualization,” might call it the farther reaches of our inner selves, where there is “the loss of placing in time and space” and we experience “great ecstasy and wonder and awe.” Nothing is missing. Nothing is limited. All exists in perfection.

We fear to know the fearsome and unsavory aspects of ourselves,
but we fear even more to know the godlike in ourselves.
Abraham Maslow, born with the Sun in Aries

A man who has rocketed to stardom since experiencing both the godliness in himself and the Presence of the Divine, what he terms the “Om,” is neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, author of the current bestseller, “Proof of Life.” You may already know about his story, where he came back from a near-death coma of seven days. Somewhere in this space of time, he experienced the timeless, larger realm of Pure Consciousness, Peace, and Love. He heard the Word of Creation echoing without end: om, om, om, om… His first words upon waking from this dimension of eternal awareness were “all is well.” “Heaven is real,” claims Dr. Alexander. His surety came from sharing a large portion of his interior journey with a young woman who at one point spoke to him in a wordless message. From his own telling, he says:

“The message had three parts, and if I had to translate them into
earthly language, I’d say they ran something like this:
‘You are loved and cherished, dearly, forever.’
‘You have nothing to fear.’
‘There is nothing you can do wrong.’”


To Dr. Alexander now, “God” is a totally inadequate name to express the Omnipresence he experienced firsthand or to express the glory of the heavenly world. He feels “Om” (Aum) does some small justice for this indescribable Being that expresses unconditional Love only, continuously, pulsing Parental care throughout every atom of this vast Cosmos. The sacred, interconnectedness of all life is apparent. In such a higher state of realization, all ignorance and fear dissolve, especially of death, which is simply a transition from an outer to an inner place of absolute nurturance.

According to every Sage and Master, this remembrance of our Original Essence can happen during spontaneous moments (as with Saul/Paul), in contemplative prayer, in the midst of an out-of-body experience (drug or health induced), or while in deep meditation—all means that take us out of narrowed awareness and inward to our spiritual center. The outer mind recedes to a secondary place, while the mind in the heart opens into the beauty and fullness of timeless Truth. Only within the heart space can we access and realize the world of Heavenly Light and of Eternal Life—the Aum Space.

Cease to speculate about God, and find that all-embracing
Good within you, then you shall see the emptiness
and vanity of speculation, knowing yourself one with God.
James Allan, British philosopher


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