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Human kind is now preparing for the great spiritual,
reconstruction, which is to come. …If you feel your world
is in a state of chaos, do not think of the so-called chaos,
or share in thoughts of darkness, fear, and doubt.
…Be positive, be constructive….
White Eagle, The Light Bringer

This past spring, with the volatile, transformative energies of Uranus and Pluto building into their first, powerful encounter (precisely “square,” or 90°, on June 24), we underwent a massive “concrete” makeover of our garden sanctuary. We had no idea of the magnitude of physical upheaval and disruption our project would entail! After nearly two decades of quietly creating a place of peace and beauty, we chose to embark on what would be a thoroughly intense, fast-forward deconstruction (Pluto) and an equally exciting, freeing renovation (Uranus).


Being right in energetic step with these two planetary forces of long-term change, the crucifixion of the old look (Uranus) brought an utter resurrection and revitalization (Pluto) to our Song Sparrow Hermitage. Our dear friend, Linda, described our demanding project on an upbeat note: “The sound of construction is the sound of creation!!! It is very exciting. Not always nice to the ears but it is creativity in action! You are shaking up the energy to bring it to a whole new level!” From our “concrete” revolution, we now have a more authentic, beautiful expression of who we are today.

Uranus is like a desert sandstorm. It rearranges things.
When you come out of it, you have a new perspective.
Chris Maser


As we all have had additional opportunities to exercise our muscles of greater suppleness and adaptability to the rapid and remarkable reconfiguring of our daily settings, Uranus and Pluto squared off again on September 19. If we accept and flow with this vital Planetary Upgrade we’ve experienced thus far and all the way into mid 2015, even if very painful and challenging at times, we can move with an enhanced effortlessness through the Divine Gateway of All Possibilities. Saying “yes” to our collective realignment as we move up the Spiral of Transformation puts us in sync with the new energy signature on Planet Earth, which is an emphatic “we are all one and the same.”

Certainly, there are countless examples of dramatic occurrences, small and large, that have transpired during 2012 in the personal lives of most of us and in the breakdown and consequent reshaping of our world. Almost everyone I know has undergone some sort of significant trial! Many people have dealt with death (Pluto) in some form or another. As we near the portal-opening day of 12-21, life continues its relentless shifts on broad scales in ways that we both choose consciously and in those events and circumstances that seem to come at us out-of-the blue (Uranus) without our intending them. Faith, willingness, and commitment to our recharged (inner and outer) landscapes are qualities that will soften the difficulties that Uranus and Pluto have set in motion.

Everything in the Universe must circulate—even concrete!

Looking back, as you begin your reflections on 2012, what are the myriad minor and major things that have occurred in your life and in the lives of those you know over this year of makeovers? What have you had to let go of from the past (Pluto) to move more easily into a future of greater awareness (Uranus)? What blessings have come in unexpected ways? How do you feel your life is a more genuine out-picturing of the person you truly are? Are you actually experiencing a deeper sense of grace and peace in your life? Consider the simple and perhaps more profound ways you have opened naturally to be in greater service to the whole of life.

Each of us has been granted a magnificent opportunity to be here during this turning point in the evolution of humanity and our Home Planet. Let us embrace this awe-filled moment and walk hand in hand in heart affinity through the Portal of a New Society based on respect, trust, service, peace, joy, and love.

A Three Planetary Look at Concrete Improvement


Sometimes, life and change are slow and imperceptible. Saturn, the Lord of Reality, demands patience, focus, discipline, and gradual mastery. Wisdom dictates that a careful plan and correct timing precede a successful outcome. Above all, no corners can be cut or crafted from poor workmanship. Saturn’s watchful gaze tells us to plant the seed of the fruit we wish to harvest.


Then, you turn your head suddenly, and a remarkable happening happens! Rounded, sleek corners astonish us with their flow and beauty. Innovative genius has been at work, moving with stealth behind the scenes, but erupts with alarming quickness as we realize we have stepped up to a higher level of awareness. The Enlightener, Uranus, slipped in and out, leaving evolution in his wake. The spiritual opportunity was seized, and we are renewed!


At other times, life has it raw moments of demolishment, when the pieces end up in a pile of broken debris, excavated to the depths, where the tree’s roots are exposed. Their persistent strength and penetrative ability have been hidden from view as the roots secretly encountered a foundational wall, eventually causing structural damage and breakdown. The purging god of the underworld, Pluto, exposes the darkness and weakened joints, the decay and obsolescence, the toxicity that must be healed. As an instigator of complete overhauls, Pluto first destroys, then cleanses and prepares for the rebirth into the fresh start of a new chapter.


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