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Healing is a piece from the book “Patterns of Oneness,”

and it follows on from Connection.

Second printing 1994 © by Linda Saurenman

Zane: In keeping with the topic of my last post about the Spiral of Transformation humanity is currently undergoing, and the fact that we are all in this together as the new, planetary energy signature becomes more and more evident, the following section from my friend Linda’s book is beautifully relevant. We are all beings of the One Great Light, and connecting on the level of heart as though you are me and I am you is a gift of our divine inheritance. Each measure of healing is a measure that adds to the cumulative healing of humanity and Planet Earth. As one of us heals, we all heal—one by one by one. There is no such thing as an independent variable in a system based on interconnectedness.

You are the eyes and hands of God. Creation lives
through you and learns from you. What were you
born to be? Not to do or own, but to be?
What do you dream of, for yourself, and the world?
Stephanie Austin, astrologer

Linda: I channeled a great deal of material in the fall and winter of 1992-1993 in conjunction with my own energy work. Where the following words are italicized, “Spirit” is being directly quoted. The words of spirit move in and out of my words as if we are one. Ultimately, we are one. [In the next post], there is a guided meditation on “Connection and Healing.” You may find it helpful to read the meditation onto a tape, using any of your own words to customize and expand the ideas. When you are ready to meditate, relax, and listen to the tape.



Connection is an important aspect of healing. Healing on a spiritual level is about creating change. It is about growth, expansion, release and connection. As healers, we connect on a very deep level with ourselves, another and the Divine healing energy. Change and healing are a process, rather than an event.

We are healing the sense of separation from our Divine Source. This may not be what brings us to a healing to begin with. As a matter of fact, most often a threat to our well-being is the driving force behind a request for spiritual healing.

Humans carry a basic idea about who they are. The idea that they are separated from their Source. This is the idea that is behind all requirements for healing. The idea that you are different or separate from your Source is one that has its roots in planetary history. It springs from a great experiment. Humans are created in the image of God. This is true when they view themselves as a whole, something that they have not been able to do. When taken in their entirety, a human looks beyond the parts they identify with, and they begin to see that they are at-one with the Source of their being. Much as a child within the womb, there is a separate identity but all encompassed, supported and nurtured by its source. When the child is born, they separate and work to form an individuality that is their own expression separate from their parents. Humans, like a child, are born into the world of separation.

The desire to know oneness with the Source has to become a deep overriding desire. The desire pulls the person into the union. This desire spawns the intention to reunite and pushes the individual into the knowing of the Divine Union. A place they, in fact, never left.

From a body position, this appears to be a letting go, a surrendering, a relaxation. This is where the healer’s work comes in. They are a facilitator to help the individual bring more free flowing energy through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The flow of energy helps them to relax into the Divine self and receive healing from the Source. Each time the opening to the Source is revealed, an individual opens more to the bond that is there. An undeniable bond that brings growth, movement and expansion. The bond brings a knowledge, which becomes deeper and more secure with every opening. You know, truly, you are held and loved by the Divine.



We are all held and one in God. As such, we need to grow and express our whole. How can we be one in God and yet totally individual? This is an idea that is a continual puzzle. Spirit likes to tell the story of the farmer’s coveralls. Let the farmer’s coverall represent the All. Many threads make up this coverall. Each thread has a color and a purpose. The color and purpose create the individuality of the thread. The thread is part of a greater fabric, which creates the coveralls. The coveralls represent the All. The thread must stay strong, healthy and flexible to contribute to the All. When we recognize that our consciousness runs the length of our column of light, the thread, we recognize our individual ability to remain flexible, healthy and strong effects the health and life of the Whole. We are individual. We are the Whole. The ability of the individual to remain strong, healthy and flexible influences the ease with which the whole fabric can move, grow and change.

Patterns are another way we can see ourselves as part of the All and individual. The primary pattern is from our Source; it is placed into being using sound and light as its components. The pattern is changed and added to as our consciousness expands and grows. Each change results from a desire to express. We are these patterns manifest. The Divine Source is our deepest most fundamental pattern. We have access to all the patterns from our Source into our present consciousness. Like the farmer’s coveralls, we are part of a whole. We can be seen as the overall pattern from the Source or as the changes we have made to it. We are individual; we are the Whole. We may choose to recognize our wholeness at anytime. There are no preset steps. Each path we follow leads home. The length of the path is up to us.


Our understanding of the Whole affects our ability to heal. The healer must be able to help us see our concept of the whole in the moment. The healer, then, reviews our concept of whole when the energy first became stuck. The task is to expand consciousness beyond both ideas of whole, and allow a release into a broader awareness. The release will allow the pattern to move into a more fluid place and correct itself.

The dynamics of this action may be as simple as a “Hello!” to an individual or may require weeks, months, lifetimes of unraveling. The timing is dependent on two things: on the person who wants to have a healing and the universe. We can ask for a healing, hold the desire, being ready, willing and able to receive the healing, and it may just happen. We may not have to go any further than being willing to allow the changes to occur. We may want a healing, and find we are not changing. We find we are waiting until the world shifts. This has to do with the timely unfolding of the universe. This is not fate. The work, release and growth we do is for our self and it is for the whole. Each change in our patterns alters the larger pattern. When the larger pattern alters, we find we have the room to make the changes we have been working towards.

The healer is ready, willing and able to be a source of energy for a healing to take place. The healer must maintain the openness of their energy channel through their own growth and desire. The healer takes care of their energetic and physical bodies. The stronger, healthier and more aware of their own Divine connection and Wholeness a healer is, the greater clarity they have as a channel for healing energy. The care of all the bodies is important to the healer’s own growth and work. The stronger the bodies, the easier it is for the healer to be totally open to the love and light that is the core of healing energy. By doing this, they are acknowledging their Whole and their part in the All. They can transmit this knowledge and understanding during a healing.

The individual requesting a healing is co-creating the healing. A healing involves the person to receive the healing, the healer and the Divine connection. The healer is the channel through which energy may flow to help the person requesting the healing. The person who is giving the healing is an instrument for Divine healing energy and the person receiving the healing. It is important for both parties to recognize this. The person receiving the healing is an active player by bringing all that they are to the healing and participating fully from that perspective. They hold the desire for the healing. They are open to receiving the energy and maintain the willingness to change. By their participation, the person receiving the healing is helping to create it.

For the healer, a healing can deepen their connection to the Divine within. The clearer and deeper this connection, the more effective a healer becomes. The potency of a healer is their ability to transmit, without filter or interpretation, the energy available for healing. This gives the person receiving the healing the maximum opportunity to receive what they need to make their changes. Remembering that they, the person receiving the healing, are making the changes, not the healer.

The connection, of each of us in a healing, to our deep Divine Source acknowledges all of who we are. In this recognition, true healing can take place. A healing is generated from our own Divine levels and then allowed to move through the physical for manifestation.


A healer holds the harmony with their soul and directs light to be used as healing. With experience, the healer reaches beyond the Soul to a deeper level of their Divinity, and moves into harmony on those levels. The deeper they can reach and harmonize, the greater light available for healing.

The healer approaches the Soul level of the individual who is to be the recipient of a healing. They call forth a deep harmony from that individual’s Divinity. They ask that a resonance be created between the harmony they (the healer) are exhibiting and the Soul of the person to be healed. The two Lights join together. This is the Light of God. The Light may used by the experienced healer to work within the individual. This is why the person receiving the healing is said to heal their self.


All life is linked, all life is one, and it is not only the
evolution of spirit that you have to look to, but the
evolution of the physical body and physical matter
through the power of spirit which can flow through you…
the key to this unfolding is divine love, and this
divine love lies within each heart.
White Eagle

If you are ready now, you can go onto the meditative exercise on Connection and Healing.

Linda Saurenman is known for helping people re-discover their psychic and spiritual talents, for reading energy, and healing. She works as a channel, reader, healer, and teacher in Southern California. For the past 30 years, her work has been heart centered and focused on opening her students to their own guidance. Her greatest joy comes from her students using their spiritual talents to channel, read, and heal energy while finding their own information. In 1993, she published “Patterns of Oneness,” written in partnership with her guides. This small book is another avenue to bring students to an awareness of their deepest selves.

Besides her own guides, Linda has studied with many teachers. She learned about Astrology and Huna from Isabel Hickey in the early 1970’s. Linda honed her skill at reading energy and healing at the Berkeley Psychic Institute with Lewis Bostwich and Michael Tamura. She studied with Mary Margaret Moore and Bartholomew in the 80’s and 90’s, and is currently working with Natalie Gianelli, Dr. Peebles, and the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, as channeled through Wendy Kennedy and Nora Herold.

If you would enjoy reading the entire contents of “Patterns of Oneness,” Linda has it posted on her site. Or, if you are interested in purchasing Linda’s book, you can contact her at:

Her book is a little gem for those interested in letting their Light shine more brightly!

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This section on “Healing” is from “Patterns of Oneness” © by Linda Saurenman, 2012. First photo © by Chris Maser, 2012. The other two photos © by Linda Saurenman, 2012. All rights reserved worldwide.

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