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When we awakened this morning, a white blanket of snow lay upon the garden. Snowflake by snowflake had gently fallen to earth, each adding its beautiful substance to the cumulative effect. Snow happens only to the degree that every snowflake adds its gift to the whole creation. In this way, each flake is both its own and the collective pinnacle of perfection.


An early morning landscape of snow is an expression of the power that silence contains. In fact, silence is the greatest power, because it is the timeless present when we move into the spaciousness of our true Self and reconnect most closely with Spirit. When all movement ceases, we realize we are part of the Universal Heartbeat—rhythmic, ceaseless, and complete. Arriving here, we are able to hear the Sound of Presence. We know with every atom of our being that there is nothing else but this Great and Powerful Silence. We are at the Center.

During this celebratory time of year, since the passing of Advent Sunday on December 2, which is known to mark an inwardly focused period of soul preparation, we are about to welcome the arrival of the Winter Solstice on December 21 when the Sun enters Capricorn. This year’s Solstice has been scheduled Cosmically to be a momentous, transformative event! Both the 21st and 22nd have been predicted by over 30 ancient cultures as the greatest moment of individual and planetary Awakening since the last Age (or Great Year) that commenced 25,920 years ago according to the Long-Count calendar in Maya cosmology.

The planetary and galactic alignments with the Great Central Sun and Beyond are meant to be the opening passageway for humanity’s evolution into an expanded experience of the Light. A New Great Year (of another 25,920 years) will begin then when each person is given the opportunity to contribute their gift fully (like the snowflake) to the birth of our New World. This is the easing into the long-awaited Aquarian Gateway.

In the next few days, as the crescendo of Divine Light continues its outpouring upon the Earth for the Solstice and Festival of Christmas, it is crucial to spend as many moments as possible in inward silence. These precious moments of quietude, suspended from the bustle and frenetic pace of holiday activities, can further amplify the transformative energies available right now for a planetary rebirth. The holy, silent sanctuary within our heart center is truly the most powerful place we can be—a dazzling snowflake in our own right and a part of the harmonious blending that creates the pure snow of a new day.

Moreover, a joining within the Silence is where a very shaken humanity—since the excruciating losses that occurred in Sandy Hook last Friday—can most powerfully unite in prayer, healing, and absolute resolve to create the New World. One light by one light we lighten the agonizing burdens of one another, and Light the New Way. A Great Year is upon us!


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