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As a true aficionado, I love to watch a good Christmas movie. I’m always excited when we turn the corner on Thanksgiving, get out our festive decorations, and begin to watch what we consider to be the best of the many Christmas movies available. I have a number of favorites among the classics!

For me, these holiday movies highlight, in the clearest way, the archetypal themes that convey the worst and best aspects of human nature, of our puny and magnificent attempts at navigating this three-dimensional world. On a spiritual level, the central theme gravitates around how we have closed our hearts to others and to life, for whatever reason(s), and how we can choose again—in this present moment—to reach out, re-connect, and love once more.

Here’s my distilled list of the themes that are personified in such poignant ways in Christmas movies:

• If we resist the normal changes that occur in our life, many of them simply a natural evolution to the next stage, we suffocate our life energy and get dreadfully stuck.

• When our psyche fixates on survival modes that over-ride our sense of self-esteem and confidence, the result is an orientation that is entirely self-focused in a me, me, my approach to life. The little, egoic-driven self then attempts to control everything and everyone.

• Loathing and despising others, criticizing and berating them signifies those disassociated parts of our self we loathe and thus project onto another. If we attempt to sling it out of our self, we have the deluded idea it is in fact gone.

• Every major life scenario we find ourselves in has been created by us as an equal partner. We had some hand in it, even if unconsciously. So, in reality, there are no victims.

• In the karmic, self-chosen scheme of things, these are the lessons we have chosen this time in order to make additional strides toward mastering some specific soul learning.

• If there are any relationship links that are broken and/or dysfunctional in your life, take a baby step, if that is all you can handle at first, to re-connect with those you care about most. This brave willingness can literally renew your heart in ways you can’t even imagine.

• As we open our heart in softness and understanding to really see the person before us, in their circumstances and opportunities for growth, we realize it could as easily be us.

• The poor and outcast are me and you. How would I want to be treated if I were in a misfortunate state? Would you want to be the recipient of your self?

• We all mess up at times, so compassion for our fellow travelers is a heart-healthy choice.

• We all deserve a second chance from the falls we have taken that skinned our noses and knees or from unwise choices we made in a less mature phase. We all need extra support at these junctures of painful suffering in our lives.

• When we help another, we help our self. We are uplifted in grace by reaching out in sensitive understanding, assistance, and empathy for the boulder-strewn path of another. All judgment ceases to exist. All that remains is love.

• Forgiveness and reconciliation are what bring healing, redemption, and a return to wholeness.

• Joy is of the heart, not from any external thing or outer riches, though they too can enrich our lives when kept in true perspective.

• Riches reside in relationship wealth with our family (which includes our animal kids), friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

• If we don’t care about and for one another, what’s the point of living and of life?

• Every life-form or person is important. The humble sparrow is as significant in the eyes of the Divine as the mightiest king, scholar, or celebrity.

• The remarkable can be hidden in the unremarkable, but you have to be awake to notice it.

• The greatest acts are the most unobtrusive, simple, and humble. We forget our self in remembering another.

• Generosity of spirit is our natural state. Miserliness is a contraction of the being brought about by the deepest, unhealed wounds of our heart, which are often implanted during those first tender years of our life.

• The child in us is innocent, complete, and already perfect. Unconditional acceptance and love are the ideal diet through which to nurture a child.

• Our original goodness is present within every day of the year. The jolly spirit of Christmas is an inner state.

• How we choose to live 364 days of the year reveals itself on December 25th (or the equivalent of your holy day of the year). Is it some form of a frozen, “humbug” hell or a kindly heaven of mutual positive regard?

• Courtesy and kindness don’t cost a penny, but they pay big dividends. We get what we put out into life. It all returns in corresponding ways. Innate goodness brings its own kind. Forgiveness of anothers’ human foibles makes our own foibles forgivable.

• If you give to your capacity, whether 10 cents or $100 or more, it will return multiplied exponentially.

• Do what you can every day. You never know how short your time may be. Put nothing off that may make a huge difference for another. There is only now.

• On December 26th (or your holy-day equivalent), will you be satisfied with the person you were the day before? How might you begin anew to give and love more in the small ways that could turn out to be a lifesaver for another person or situation?


As a kindly recapitulation of the waning year, Christmas and the days toward the New Year are like a self-accountability ledger to mete out tender understanding of whether we have lived our heart-felt dreams, brought them into reality, or let them drift by foolishly.

Have you lived authentically as the person you truly are in the timeless center of your being? If not, what are you waiting for? For me, 2013 feels like a time of greater opening and clarity—my personal word or theme for the coming year, so I plan to embrace the moment! What single word or theme will you chose as we transition into a New Golden Year?

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