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I am standing on a mound close to a wide, meandering river. Its channel flows through gentle, elongated S-curves. This place is serene and beautiful. The spirit of Divine Presence resides here, as It does in all places. Holy ground is here, where I stand—as it is everywhere else.

There are other people here, too, walking closer by the river. As I watch them, I feel something amazing! What speaks to me is their complete, internal harmony. I sense no strain, stress, agitation, contraction, or fear whatsoever in any of them. In body, thought, and emotion, theirs is an absolute ease, relaxation, tranquility, expansion, and joyful radiance. There is nothing missing in this sublime state of consciousness—no lack whatever. They mirror the trust of the river in its grace-filled existence.

Take a few moments to breath quietly and “take in” the essence of being with the river. See it with your inner eyes. The restful movement of the water can be heard within your inner ears. The fragrance of this place brings its own peaceful vibration, one that can nourish, regenerate, and renew you right down to the cellular level—each cell with its own center of divine intelligence and knowing that all is well. Take into your being the river of endless supply. It is the Source of Life, the energy of unimpeded flow and allowance.


I am beside the river now. As soon as I am alone, I glance furtively from side to side, making certain the coast is clear. Hiding my water bottle as best as I can, I bend down quickly to fill it with the sparkling water, intending to stash some just in case I require it in an unexpected moment. Who knows when I may be far from the river when the need arises for a sustaining drink? I wouldn’t want to be without. Some nagging fear motivates me to hoard the water should I be far from the source.

The realization of what the other people walking by the river already know has yet to permeate my consciousness fully at the deepest level of the heart. My worried act of water storage belies my faith, so I haven’t yet truly gotten what the others get in understanding. The river’s provision is constant, consistent, limitless, eternal—no matter how far we journey from the external river. The quality and quantity of the spiritual river is never diminished, no matter how may people drink from it time after time after time. Our relationship with this River of Supply is omnipresent, everlasting, and indivisible. Only we can separate ourselves erroneously from it, but the River still underlies all existence.

During dreamtime, a few nights back, I experienced firsthand this very river and the indescribable consciousness of the people living there. I entered the peace not of the often-impoverished mentality of this world, but the peace of our full spiritual fruitage. The River exists. We can embody this divine consciousness the moment we fully allow it to take us into Its loving embrace.

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Text © by Zane Maser, 2013. First river photo © by Chris Maser, 2013. The other two river photos from Wikimedia Commons; the last of these is attributed to Dorothy Carse. All rights reserved worldwide.

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