Posted by: Zane Maser | January 20, 2013


The paradox of choice is we’re swimming in choices,
but we have no choice. We have to choose.
Whether we make a choice or renege,
it’s still a choice of consequence.
Chris Maser

Since January began, two close friends have experienced significant losses due to loved ones passing on—one was expected, the other was sudden and staggering. Yet another friend has grown immune to the drugs that were holding his cancer in relative remission. On Friday, after several nights of freezing temperatures, our neighborhood awoke to water pouring down the streets as a main water pipe ruptured. Many of the homes surrounding ours that have basements were flooded with both water and the “black water” of sewage waste ruining everything in its wake. Neighbors rallied to help neighbors. In countries like Syria and Algeria, much of the population is exposed to war-like conditions, conflict, and the extreme circumstances of terrorism and its aftermath. Heavy snow and frigid temperatures have temporarily closed some airports across Europe. Hardships abound, on many levels.

Life takes us on its ups and downs. We can choose either a reactive position that screams “no” or respond consciously to what shows up. Despite the challenging moments and periods we all undergo from time to time, there is an Inner Light of Joy that can sustain us, filling us from the inside out. Life can be a stupendous adventure to navigate with courage and boldness, while being grateful for its many twists and turns of learning. It’s not all easy or fun, but for the heart that allows the energies of life to simply move freely—and resists not—will get bumped a whole lot less!


Unable to mask it, our personal outlook towards life precedes us wherever we go. As Emerson declared, our attitude can thunder so loudly we can’t hear what the person is saying! In the Teachings of Abraham, he describes it as our “vibrational proclivity,” which is our repetitive patterns of thought that become the mindless beliefs that guide us as though we are on automatic pilot. For many, their predominant vibrational signature is something that is an unconscious background noise of their existence. Their inward lack of harmony affects others as well.

Even when life throws us a curve ball or a fast-thrown ball, we can always choose to lighten up! A sales clerk at our favorite grocery store is a marvelous example. Whenever I ask him how he’s doing, his jolly response is “awesome!” He goes through life in a stu-pen-dy! fashion. His buoyant energy always lifts me and makes me smile, so that I look forward to encounters with him. He’s like a joyful pitcher of water pouring his happy energies out to all who come within his energetic field. His exuberance bubbles forth in a heartening circle to brighten and cheer the world around him, which in fact is his immediate universe. In doing so, he daily enriches the Universe as a whole!


The optimistic outlook he radiates is descriptive of all the synonyms of stupendous: excellent, marvelous, wonderful, remarkable, phenomenal, fabulous, fantastic, tremendous, sensational, breathtaking, wondrous, superb, brilliant, staggering, out of this world, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, of surpassing belief. “Stupendous” comes from the Latin stupēre—“to be amazed” or “to be stunned.”

Let us ask ourselves what the world would be like if we were stunned and amazed, in lighthearted joy, at the wondrous gift this life, this moment is? If someone asked you today how you are doing, what would your response be?


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