Posted by: Zane Maser | February 2, 2013


The twelve houses are, in their own way, just as important
as the [zodiac] signs, indicating as they do the areas of life
in which the influences of the planets and signs actually
manifest in the conditions of day-to-day life.
Simon Bentley, Homes in the Heavens

Lying in bed this morn, dozing in that relaxed but heightened liminal space between sleeping and awakening, I saw an image—quite spontaneously. The brief moments spent in liminality are that sacred place of waiting and transition, literally a threshold, from its Latin meaning. Here, we invite important messages from the night’s dreams and/or symbols and images that arise unexpectedly to move with us into the conscious light of day. If we are blessed, we may already know the meaning of such mysteries from our psyche’s nocturnal wanderings. If not, we must attempt to unravel them.

The vivid image that caught my attention, as slumber receded, was a sturdily built, European style pram, otherwise known as a baby carriage. Stepping closer, I was shocked to see a tiny baby nestled amongst the cozy, warm blankets of its buggy!


And just what am I to do with a baby girl, who seems now to be quite settled within my consciousness? I don’t know a thing about caring for such a wee one, never having raised a baby myself in this lifetime. I’m going to need A LOT of help! HELP!!!


Then I was aware, in such a wonderfully fluid movement, of being shown through the various, basic areas of a child’s life. Surprised by the little hand that now took mine, to be my trusty companion, we begin to slowly perambulate around a circle with its twelve distinct divisions. In a sense, it’s like a training manual. She shares that these twelve segments of life are called “houses” or “places” (as the ancient Hellenistic stargazers referred to them). Each house describes the fundamental processes that signify specific “fields” of human activity.


They are based on the daily (24-hour) cycle of the Earth rotating on its axis. If we look skyward, these twelve houses symbolize huge sectors of the heavens, thus differentiating both space and time. When lowered to the level of earth, they represent the physical embodiment upon which a whole life is created. Each house can reveal not only the brilliance and greatness of gifts we’ve already earned but also what needs further development during the present incarnation. This symbolic circle depicts our natal horoscope—the circle with its twelve spokes united in the Center of Consciousness. The circle contains the full spectrum of human life in all its dramatic experiences and richness.

These are the houses that the Lord hath made.
Let us rejoice and be glad in them.

Taking care of her physical being and bodily vitality seem a good place to begin, like what do I feed a growing infant and how do I clothe her in a pleasant and appealing fashion. How do I support her sense of self or identity that will constitute her basic personality and characteristics for which she will later be known for when someone first meets her? Will her temperament be animated and self-expressive or quiet and self-contained? Helping her to gently unfold her own individuality, like a blossoming flower, seems like the best foundation for this most important First House of Self. She looks up and melts me with her smile. And, I wonder how she will someday view the world—from eyes glowing with love, I hope.

With my confidence growing, I have a gut feeling I can access my inner and outer resources—and resourcefulness—as well as my natural talents to make this small one feel secure and comfortable in her physical being. Is there anything more valuable to spend my financial well-being on than her personal care and growing self-assurance, so that her sense of self-worth is lovingly intact for the good life she so richly deserves? Because I value and respect myself, I am well able to value and respect her. We have traveled the territory of the Second House of Resources and Orientation toward the Material World. This is the realm in which we decide how and where to expend our overall energetic budget on the things we value based on our values.


Time passes. I bet she’s curious about our immediate surroundings; so today we’ll explore this diverse community to meet the neighbors, some relatives and cousins, and perhaps the mailperson. Bicycling to the city park will be fun, too, in order for her to get acquainted with children her own age, as there are no siblings to interact with. Their minds as busy as little bees, they’ll be chattering, giggling, and questioning each other as they swing back and forth. It will not be long before they become fast friends, sharing the diversity of their favorite books, perhaps even entering the same school as classmates. Soon, she’ll be entering the tech-savvy world of today’s kids, wherein all forms of communication and mental processes are among the concerns of the Third House of Daily Interactions. But, for now, I’m encouraging her to enjoy childhood innocence while she can, without the continual, mindless preoccupation of “texting and tweeting.”


Meanwhile back within the privacy and protection of our safe haven, there is no place quite so protective as a stable home base, within which the rooted sense of parental love and family are shared. Each person is like a satellite revolving around a familial core. Here, the child can begin to discover their inner depths during times of quiet contentment while feeling deeply secure. Family traditions and ingrained, emotional patterns mold and sustain us during our upbringing, those origins passed through the generations as a thread of continuity and recreated as we move out into the waters of life. In our innermost being, “home” is the psychological and physical underpinnings around which a life is built, even to our dying breath. In this sacred child-mother moment, however, the little feminine hand in mine gives me a squeeze, because she feels she warmly belongs within the enclosed space of the Fourth House of Hearth and Clan—those who in our private life impart the strongest, indelible influence.

Then on some luminous day, we’ll dash out of the house to take a break, expending some of our spontaneous energy to romp and play in the sunrays! It’s time for carefree skipping and other innocent child-like pleasures, such as imaginative games, sports, and parties. If we’re not willing to risk making our dreams come true, with all our heart’s desire, how can we find out what we most love to create? It’s okay to shine in our individual, special way and step onto center stage for some well-earned applause, growing into our true self while gaining in confidence—of what we first generate from within our selfhood and then manifest outwardly. This is the Fifth House of the Happy Hearted Child and of Innate Creativity. Later, when the young girl stretches toward adolescence, I’ll tell her, “your heart will awaken to feelings of affection, romance, and love, but that particular tomorrow is a long way off, so let’s enjoy the spontaneity of this sunlit moment now.

After our wonderful burst of silliness and relaxation, we’ll return to the more basic tasks of everyday reality with its discipline, routines and rituals, responsibilities, and work (on that yet-to-come day in her vocational future). Being really conscientious and good at something, after honing our aptitudes, is its own satisfying reward! If we take care of the practical, daily business of good nutrition, habits like walking the dog or keeping our body supple through a devoted practice such as yoga, and seeing how we might support someone in need through doing a useful service, then we can create ordered patterns of life that nurture our health, mind, and spirit in positive ways over the long-term. Considered the Sixth House of Self-Improvement and Helping, this is the area of life much like an open book that reveals how to live on a day-to-day basis regarding self-care, competence, and giving-ness that improves life for others. The quality of self-refinement in our own life is the quality we are able to contribute to the community—the same boat we all share.

Hurray for us, my little adventuring companion, we have now traversed the lower half of the circle, the six houses that are below the horizon (those invisible houses under the ground on which we stand). These houses are considered the “night-time” half of the circular wheel, denoting the more personal, private, subjective, and receptive sectors of our lives. This half points not only to our immediate environs but also to our inner being wherein we come to know our inward essence, as well as what potential our unique capabilities might become if we are positively focused and diligent.

So, we move upward spatially and above the horizon—termed the chart’s horizontal axis, which divides it into equal upper and lower halves. The upper half of the circle includes zones seven through twelve. In these houses, life takes on a more objective and extroverted flow in terms of an orientation toward social and collective endeavors. For the most part, personal significance and fulfillment tends to come from outer achievements gained in the public, community, and spiritual arenas.


Now a young woman with a good sense of self, my companion and I are well prepared to meet others in one-to-one connections and relationships of like affinity, in addition to how we interact with the general public. This is the Seventh House of Unions and Partnerships. These include all types of “essential others” who mirror back to us our positive and “shadow” aspects—how we shine and what qualities of character we may lack. The intimate companions we are naturally drawn to may function as an alter ego—the person(s) we greatly admire or whom we feel would complete us. In this house of blending, we enter into such committed relationships as with a spouse, business partner, or very close friends (including those with clients, competitors, adversaries, and even enemies), who give us the opportunity to learn the art of cooperation, compromise, and harmony. When there is deep rapport, the bond is one of respectful equality and shared love. In the idyllic partnership, we are both self-contained and intertwined—always looking out for the well-being of the other’s backside!

Trekking on now to even deeper regions of the psyche and heart, my sidekick and I enter the Eighth House of Intimacy and Transcendence. In this intense domain of exchange, we encounter the subtle, inward places of life that require our ultimate faith, trust, and ability to surrender, so that we can mutually share jointly held resources. Many of these signify the most personal energies of life, such as power and manipulation, temptation, moments of upheaval and change, shared assets, legacies, and sexual union. The catalytic processes of this house require some stripping away of the old for the advent of the new—the little deaths of things, conditions, relationships, and the out-lived parts of our self we must relinquish in order to develop fully. As an arena of multi-dimensionality, this place is also connected with clairvoyance, initiation, and the Path of Discipleship. Self-empowerment and the awakening of spiritual consciousness—making the intangible tangible—are the true mastery and inheritance denoted by this powerful house of evolutionary transformation.

The essence of the next sector of life—the Ninth House of Expanding Wisdom and Consciousness—encapsulates, as part of each soul’s joyful quest, a multiplicity of experiences that are intended to broaden our perspective on the universe and its Timeless Truths. Here, my young pal’s beliefs and ideals will be tested as she discovers the meaningfulness of life and its events, in part through her willingness to encounter new and unfamiliar horizons. This aspirational area of the chart relates to adventurous stretching, both mentally and physically, through advanced subjects like philosophical pursuits, law, religion, mysticism, spirituality, and faraway travels, where foreign cultures are experienced. Teaching, writing, and publishing about the wider world are a natural consequence of what lies beyond the commonplace life that has been enlarged, perhaps by also tapping into higher forces and levels of life that lie behind outer consciousness. Imbued with spiritual undertones, this sector of life was once called the “House of God,” and thus is considered sacred territory. It is linked with finding a higher purpose in this life. And so, my friend’s tour continues.

Taking the happy buoyancy of the Ninth House with us, we reach the prominent top of the circle. Call it the limelight! It is the most visible Tenth House of Social Identity and Profession, considered the pinnacle or culmination of the chart. Equipped with the tutelage from our parents and family, here is where we create a public image in the external sphere of achievement and recognition. This arena is related to the life direction, professional contribution to society, to excellence, reputation, and honor, including issues of how we deal with authority internally and externally. Exemplifying one’s highest potential, it is the sector of life that revels the wherewithal to find a meaningful place within the community. This area of “destiny” symbolizes the natural inclinations in both my companion’s vocational and spiritual life and represents her service to humanity through these vehicles. This influential house is associated esoterically with the Masters and the Hierarchy—much like attaining the summit of the mountain from which she will clearly embrace her dharmic duty and calling. Thus, it is the legacy each of us bequeaths the future based on our steadfast strivings in the present to become somebody of respectful standing.

Considered a very fortunate house, we step together into the Eleventh House of Friendships and Group Endeavors. In the widest context, it is the “Global Community.” This future-oriented arena of life pertains to fellowship with friends, peers, teammates, groups and organizations, and their activities. It includes the desire to belong to and network with a social community of like-minded individuals, environmental and humanitarian interests, along with far-reaching objectives. A willingness to mix and mingle in shared endeavors that better the quality of life on all levels is amongst the altruistic aims—and joys—of this collective sphere of life. Healthy, personal projects and priorities are what give my maturing young lady the momentum to become something greater than the person she is today, which, in a superb stroke of genius, also moves her into a larger realm beyond the personal sense of self. Now, through envisioning a better world, we can together bestow our unique talents as gifts to the society of which we are an intrinsic part. What we send out to uplift the common good returns to us in many forms of loving reward.

The Twelfth House of Solitude and Self-Confrontation is the most introspective zone of the chart, which relates to all hidden and secret matters, those that are often met inwardly and privately. Unknown “enemies” are found here—those adversarial ones in the external world and more importantly the disowned enemies of our subconscious fears and darkness. This domain of vulnerability, where we tend to “closet” our “blind spots,” requires quiet, meditative moments of seclusion in order to apprehend the principle of diminishment of the personal ego and submission to what is infinitely larger than the earthly self. As a mystical and sacred gateway into the Inner Kingdom, this arena comprises the many unconscious ways we tend to self-sabotage ourselves. The consequences my maturing friend and I create can include weakness, dependencies, difficulties, losses, restrictions, inhibitive influences (both internally and externally derived), and extreme sacrifice.

Known as a karmic area of life, suffering and confrontation with our shadow elements may ultimately lead to initiation and self-compassion, because, in the end, a spiritual purpose is gained through the lessons of limitation and dormancy often required by the twelfth house. In moments of deep anguish, self-doubt, and disintegration, the soul is cleansed and healed, gaining the experiential knowledge that sorrow and joy are two sides of the same self-transcendent coin. Thus, this house concerns spiritual intentions and the interior quest to return to Source, to inner strengths, and also unselfish service to humanity. As the final portion of the chart, it is about the endings, in one form or another, that are necessary in order to evolve and move onto the next stage of the spiritual journey, having earned a higher rung of mastery for our next lifetime. In this closing stage of the circle, my companion and I are together earning personal freedom through acts of selflessness, soul yearnings for Unity, and finally by the grace of God.

The End is the Beginning

The little girl and I have now traversed the entire circle of a life with its grand adventures. Our journey’s duration of 24 hours around the wheel of experience also signifies 360° from beginning to end, only to begin again on another new spiral. What if, at some point in evolution, there is no imaginary or real line that divides earth and heaven, but rather in this awakened state of being we lose all segmentation to once again realize firsthand the perfect interpenetration of all life. For now, however, we’ve passed through a brief encapsulation describing the essence of the major departments that comprise each life—a guidebook for the art of living. Accompanied by the tiny girl who was nestled in that envisioned baby carriage, her heaven-sent message is: Let us make a concerted effort to live all the aspects of human existence with a greater degree of consciousness, renewed strength, confidence, joy, and love.

Perfect we are created from the Divine Heart.
Perfectly we dance through our many rounds
from beginning to end to beginning.
Perfect we are created from the Divine Heart.

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