Posted by: Zane Maser | March 10, 2013


The Creator creates it all.
Every life form—bird, fish, cat, or human—
is in itself a divine Macrocosm.
Each life is thus a cosmos analogous to the whole Universe.

The past few nights have been clear and crispy, with Jupiter a bright, visual marker in the starry heavens into the wee morning hours. It’s been gloriously dark at night with our current Balsamic Moon—the phase of the Moon related to an inward quiet, a time of emptying and endings from the previous Full cycle, preparing for the next creative burst when we slip past the New Moon in Pisces that culminates at 12:51 pm (PDT) on March 11. These days have been sublimely transcendent, with all the Piscean energy permeating the very cells of our being. Who could ask for more?


I’ve been rising earlier than normal to accommodate the morning hunger of our winter birds, a little flock variously composed of juncos, Audubon warblers, towhees, black-capped chickadees, and pushy scrub jays. With dawning light, some of them jet in full speed to grab their first, quick snack of the day, in expectancy of the well-stocked Birdie Diner. With their highly geared metabolism briefly satisfied, off they zoom to the next morning adventure on their daily rounds.

Feeding the birds is one of the sacred privileges in my daily rhythm. I call it a “love duty.” Not duty in the sense of some Saturnian hardship to grumble about, but rather a task of joy from the heart. “Due, owed, proper, and just” are among the meanings of duty, from the Old French deu. One’s duty is thus a serious—and fair—pledge of honor. I consider it my commitment to the birds and gratitude for the absolute wealth of pleasure I derive every day. It’s a promise to my feathery friends that they are assured high-quality choices of food when poking around in our Song Sparrow hermitage.

The most profound teachings about life are found in Nature.

The visionary teacher, White Eagle, pointed out that the “great work” we all hope to find and accomplish in our lifetime is actually, when spiritually interpreted, all the many, little, quiet acts done with mindfulness and love. There is no great work waiting outside of us or “out there,” in the hopes its largeness may catch the public’s eye and result in recognition or fame, though that happens for some. What we are all sincerely seeking comes from the still inner voice from our heart that whispers, “yes, this is what I feel I am called to do,” whatever that may be for us. As realization grows over the years, these are the true things that become increasingly meaningful and vitalizing. These small works are what get us out of bed in the morning, happy to serve again!

Moreover, Ancient Wisdom tells us our every thought, feeling, word, and deed are noted ethereally on the subtle Akashic records. If you could read the record thus far of the great work of your life, what would it say? Perhaps Marcus Aurelius’ counsel is worth our vigilant awareness: “Monitor what goes through your mind, for the soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.” Monitor carefully and be generous with those small gifts of thoughtfulness, goodwill, and peace you can share, for your soul becomes dyed with the color of your acts.

Remember, you are watched over by the Silent Brethren behind the scenes of life. They know every little act of kindness that is given from your heart—each smile and word of encouragement you pass on. Trust that all is well.

Wherever you are, begin to notice the birds. Watch their activity. Hear their songs. Send them love, for birds are heavenly emissaries whose great work is to teach us the Universal Language of Love.


Our Cosmo-nality is our common-ality.

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  1. Great as always! A wonderful reminder of all the joy in Nature! Thanks!

    • Thanks, Linda. Nature is grand!

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