Posted by: Zane Maser | March 26, 2013


Pluto, god of all forms of transitions and death, has been quite active lately. Some people I know are having direct encounters with Pluto’s closing and opening of chapters in their lives. And, I’m having my own plutonian episode with a temporary health issue, something I’ve never had before. In my case, it is not an irrevocable change, as Pluto tends to bring, but a momentary snapshot I can alter through more conscious choices. Sadly, the others lost loved ones through physical death. A door closed for them. The new one will have its own timeliness.

Emotions are generally heightened right now. Mine are! Any pent-up stress can easily erupt due to the current cosmic dance of inflammatory Mars with disruptive Uranus (now separating) and today’s culminating square of Mars with the intensity of Pluto, further activating the touchy energy of the long-term Uranus/Pluto square. Fuses are ready to be lit, if we are unmindful for a split second. I lit one of those anger fuses this morning, in a moment of reactive misunderstanding. Remorse was the result.

It is in these trying moments that our sacred guardians arrive—unannounced. The Unified Field of Consciousness is always active. An emotion gets translated throughout the energy system of the Oneness of all life. The need heard. A guardian shows up, responding to the inner call.

Sacred guardians come in myriad forms. Some call them totems or guides. For Native Americans, it is the “medicine of animals,” as a manifestation of “unity with all our relations.”1 Every person has a spiritual affinity with certain animals. They function as our personal “power animals,” and, in our conscious, heart-to-heart relationship with them, we can come into greater alignment of body, mind, and spirit. Our animal guardians impart timely messages and reveal lessons that bring us healing, understanding, strength, courage, resilience, power, and the endurance to attain self-mastery. Every gift bestowed from a revered guardian connects us closer to Divinity and the realization that life is a sacred circle.

My dove

Finishing the morning’s dishes, a bit sad that my Mars anger had gotten the better of me again, I happened to look out the kitchen window. There, up on the horizontal branch of our maple tree, was a mourning dove calmly waiting for my notice. I gasped! Never had I seen my sacred guardian there! I felt its beautiful peace and harmony pour over me, bathing me in its gentle understanding and compassion for my humanness. Another dove caught my eye as it waddled down our bark pathway, poking along for little edibles. Then a third dove and a fourth came across the concrete. I was alight with joy! No medicine could have healed and restored me more than those blessed moments with my sacred doves. A calm stillness reigned again in my heart. I continue to be filled with gratitude for their gift.

Take a quiet moment now to recollect a time when one of your sacred guardians arrived at precisely the right moment. What feeling did it engender for you? Can you recall the healing balm or gift it brought?

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1. Jamie Sams. 1988. Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power through the Ways of Animals.

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  1. I love reading your posts. And yes today I saw a labrador retriever pup and a whole flock of people were going gaga over it. Good luck to you.

    • Thank you, Susan. Glad you are enjoying them. A labrador pup is truly something to go “gaga” over. Opens people’s hearts and that is marvelous! Best of fortune to you as well, Zane

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