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Lately, I’ve been awakening in the wee dark hours. Feeling completely relaxed, words come into my mind in my opened state of absolute peace and unimpeded listening. The words have to be written down after they are repeated several times until they feel heavenly right. But if I delay in their transcription until I’ve arisen, they vanish in the light of day.

These particular words are ones that came through my filter. So, if it feels right for you, take these words into your own morning’s quiet time. Repeat them slowly, like a mantra, summoning Divine Presence into your consciousness. Continue to repeat them even more slowly. In this sacred space, you will feel more and more serene and emptied of outer thoughts. Internal harmony will fill your being. These words, or “hearing” you own personal variation, will take you deep, deeper, deeply into the Land of Oneness.

This type of meditative affirmation, at its highest purpose, is a form of loving our self unconditionally and of aligning with our True Self.

The following are this morning’s “inner” words. “God” is the word that came to me, but substitute your own personal choice for the name of “Great Spirit” if that better suits your sensibilities.

It’s all God.
All God. All God.
God alone. Only God.

God breathing my life.
God is breathing my life.
God in every breath.

God creating and guiding my life.
God is creating and guiding my life.
God in every creation and guidance.

God loving my life.
God is loving my life.
God in my life.

God lighting my life.
God is lighting my life.
God in my light.

God being me.
God is me.
God in me.

It’s all God.
All God. All God.
All good.


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  1. Your words are always up-lifting! THANKS! Linda

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