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We’re in the terrain of the current trio of eclipses, as a Lunar eclipse culminates today at 12:57 PM (PST) with the Full Moon at 6° Scorpio/Taurus. A Solar eclipse occurs on May 9 and another Lunar eclipse follows on its heels on May 25. Today is also the annual power-filled, but peaceful, Wesak Festival of Lord Buddha—an evolutionary time when there is a great OUT-PUT of Spiritual Light that envelopes the Earth and all life as a divine blessing of loving IN-PUT.

Moreover, we are inching toward the third exact interaction of life-altering Uranus squaring the destructive, but regenerative, forces of Pluto on May 20. In the speed-up of time ushered in since the Winter Solstice, which marked the beginning of what’s been called the next Golden Age, life seems to change almost second-by-second in small and big shifts that temporarily flatten us out or lift us up. Time feels very different to me!

Our reaction—in the fast-paced moment—may be to breath shallowly. But awareness of the breath is of supreme importance; especially since the bottom one-third of our lungs absorbs two-thirds of the incoming re-supply of fresh air and vital energy into our body. Described by Indians as the “breath of life” or prana and by the Chinese as “strength” (amongst other meanings) or ch’i, it’s akin to consciously breathing in the Divine Breath—the sparks of Light—that interpenetrate our physical cells and consequently en-“lighten” us. We become lighter. Self-acceptance, of all that is, returns.

Underscoring this theme is Saturn, a strong player during the next few weeks for a number of reasons. Functioning at times as a call to be solitary, this wise teacher is perhaps requesting that we “disconnect” our connective tentacles, such as those to our cell phones, ipods, blackberries, and social media, for significant periods each day. Although these devices may have a valuable place in our culture, too many people rely solely on the copious out-put and guidance from others to determine their course, rather than sitting quietly, calmly cultivating their own magical “inner”-put and personally customized guidance. Only inward reflection and receptivity opens and deepens the space for epiphanies that rearrange one’s life in affirmative, insightful ways. Carolyn Myss describes the inner recesses as the “inner-net.”

The central issue is what we give out as the energy that precedes us. It is the sum total of our personal, karmic responsibility (Saturn’s domain). Whatever type of out-put an individual sends forth will inevitably rebound on the person who sent it. Spiritually viewed, what we do to another we actually do to our self in the soul repercussions that are generated. Such is the true Biblical meaning of “loving thy neighbor as thyself,” the one who in reality shares the very same Self or Self-hood component that we all equally share.

The instant such awareness becomes consciously realized is the moment our internal poles shift from the gimme-and-getting pole to the giving-generously-in-the-fullness-of-grace pole. Thus, we are empowered (Pluto) by our own interior illumination and brilliance (Uranus). In honor of the sacred Wesak Festival today, it is the same as saying our Buddhic nature arises in its entirety. This is the state of Heart Happiness wherein the singular OUT-PUT is LOVE.


In the optimal light of today’s Wesak Full Moon, Scorpio is the sign that often requires dramatic episodes of letting go and relinquishment of the lower forms of human nature for higher, more advanced expressions, releasing elements of our being that drain precious energy. As the modern ruler of Scorpio, Pluto’s central role in the current cosmic fingerprint reiterates this message. Pure Scorpionic imagery depicts, as its highest emblem, the magnificent eagle soaring above it all, viewing life impersonally. Controller of its destiny and master of the airways, the eagle is free and empty of self-concern, full and complete in itself. We, too, may one day attain to the spiritual mastery signified by the pathway of Scorpio, surrendering all and flying high with the golden eagles.


The Divine loves, writes, paints, sings, nurses, mothers,
cooks, teaches, walks, dreams, cries, smiles, shouts,
whispers through you and me.

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