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Two things cannot be rightly put together without a third;
there must be some bond of union between them.

For me, there are three central principles around which the Universal axis turns. These are the mystical principles of oneness, perfection, and love. Together, they form a powerful triangle, similar to the three primary aspects of being human—the body, soul, and spirit. Hands, head, and heart is yet another trinity. The Divine Presence exists in its three forms of expression as the Father, Mother, and Child, and some say an ancient revelation is secreted within this triune. The strength of the triangle is also the building block or foundational support of every structure on Earth.


In astrological parlance, the energies of the planets are linked to one another in what are termed “aspects.” These are geometrical angles, and, in the case of a triangle, the measurement is 120 degrees—reduced to the number 3! The triangle corresponds to an aspect called a “trine,” which signifies an easy flow of positive energy that is harmonious and fortunate, blending and peaceful, much like the gentle nature of Venus. Naturally related to creation (or creativity) and inspiration, a trine (or triangle) has the power to inspire and elevate. Jupiter’s number is three, so the two most fortunate planets carry this blessed “3” vibration. The number for Venus is 3 plus 3—the two triangles of matter and spirit in perfect balance. And in numerology, three is associated with joy, wholeness, and completeness. Perhaps the old wives’ tale of “all good things come in three’s” is a gem of wisdom.

Omne trium perfectum” is a Latin phrase
that sums up an ultimate Truth:
Every thing, which comes in threes, is perfect.
And, every set of three is complete.

In the end, oneness, perfection, and love are exactly interchangeable. Oneness not only suggests the strength of singularity but also the unity with every other thing. It is both self-contained and interconnected. It connotes the highest consciousness. Above all, it is wholeness and perfection. The entirety of Divinity expressing Itself is included, as it is impossible for any thing to exist in this Universe out of relationship with every other thing. Oneness is an unwavering Law.


Perfection is a pre-existent state. What begins as Original Perfection replicates Itself as perfection. We are born supplied with all the potential we need for a lifetime. It’s a matter of realization and then daily living our inherent perfection. If we look to Nature, She gives us instruction regarding our fullness and totality. Take a lily, for instance, or any flowering plant or tree. The perfect lily comes forth from within the bulb, not from any external source, as does the fruit of the tree. A bird’s egg or the web of a spider is inwardly generated and outwardly expressed as a faultless creation. It’s all a matter of flow and allowing the consciousness of the Perfected Life to live through us. Perfection is an unwavering Law.

Love is the fundamental essence; call it the base of the triangle upon which all else is built. “Love is the answer,” as the song goes. It is the keynote, the only true power, the only true relatedness. And it is self-renewing. The more we share our love, the more we have. Love is that attainable blending when the lion and lamb lie side by side in perfect harmony, as though the lion is the lamb and the lamb the lion. The same spark of Divine Light is hidden in the hearts of both, in the hearts of each of us.

In this oneness of Spirit, every person’s gifts and service add benefit to the whole. The Master Jesus spoke it plainly in the words, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Thus, what we reap is the inner fruit we envision, grow, and nurture within our self and thus give forth. This beautiful fruit is birthed from our Oneness, Perfection, and Love.


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