Posted by: Zane Maser | June 9, 2013


Every moment includes Infinity.
The Infinite Presence is within us.
Nothing needs to be added.


The height of summer is soon upon us in the Northern hemisphere, on June 20, when the Sun flows into the sensitive Water sign of Cancer. This marks the powerful Cardinal point of the Summer Solstice and for those in the Southern hemisphere that of winter. On this annual day, the Sun is at its most elevated reach in the sky, lasting longer than any other day of the year, as it appears motionless crossing the horizon. This is termed “standing still” in its declination, which happens for three days twice a year at the solstices—a moment that also coincides with the axis of the Earth at its greatest tilt toward or away from the Sun. Magically, the Sun pivots or turns on the “N-S axis.” Its direction then reverses. Astrologer April Elliot Kent calls the Summer Solstice “the year’s reevaluation point,” while spiritually it is considered a time of reawakening to and revitalization by the Inner Light.

I’ve recently added a volunteer commitment to my weekly rhythm. It’s a wildlife rehabilitation center where injured and orphaned birds and some small mammals are treated and released back into their natural environments. The group of volunteers is a devoted and skilled bunch who give their time, energy, and love to assist the animal kingdom. The work is physically demanding and heart satisfying. I feel graced to be there, such is the privilege to serve these feathery, furry “little sisters and brothers” in their hours of extreme need and fear.

This experience has expanded my heart spaciousness in ways I couldn’t have imagined. It’s brought an even deeper sense of joy and well-being to my life. How many people get to have close encounters with “wild” animals that are so helpful and respectful? How many ever get to make a direct difference, and sometimes an immediate one, with interventions that return the animal to a state of health and self-reliance? Those of you in the worldwide legion of volunteering in some capacity for animals know exactly what I mean about the extreme measure of LOVE generated from such worthy endeavors. This gift, when broadened to the collective, compounds in its effect for good and raises the vibration of the entire globe.

Japanese iris

Now within the orb of the upcoming solstice, associated with the tender love of Divine Mother, I am having a point of realization. As powerfully rewarding as my volunteer experience has been, nothing needed to be added to my life! I already live in a Garden of Eden brimming with contentment and fulfillment—qualities of life only we can give to our self. The Garden of Eden consciousness is right where I am! Right where you are too. It’s created by what we continuously dwell on—thought by thought by thought—and thus become. The Divine Presence can manifest through us all the time, if we allow it. The Inner Light is always glowing bright within us, waiting inwardly to express outwardly in the effortlessness and grace of our lives.

As the Summer Solstice approaches, go into the quiet sanctuary of your heart as often as you can. Relax your body. Take a slow breath in through your nose, and then purse your lips, as though you are breathing out through a straw. Make each subsequent breath a little easier and deeper, releasing your self into the stillness. Continue this breath awareness for a minute or two. Then, settle into listening to the Silence. Allow the peace to enfold you and deepen as Infinity opens out. Presence is present. And any points of realization that are appropriate for you at this time will drift gently to the surface of your consciousness. Perhaps this practice may be for you, like the outward turning of the season from spring to summer, a moment of awakening, reevaluation, and revitalization. Whatever it is, feel yourself blessed.


June is known as the month of roses.
The Rose is the archetypal symbol of Love.
So precious is the essence of rose that it takes
10,000 roses to make a drop of liquid for the finest perfumes.

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  1. Thanks for another wonderful blog, Zane. You have reminded us how lucky we are to live in this wonderful world! Thanks! Much love Linda

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